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aries full moon ritual 2023

Full Moon In Aries Ritual 2023: Fight For Your Soul Purpose

The full moon in Aries 2023 brings fire and awakens your inner warrior, but with the sun in Libra, we are called to find a balance between our purpose and passions and…

harvest full moon spiritual meaning 2023
The Spiritual Meaning Of The September Full Harvest Moon
new moon in virgo ritual 2023
New Moon In Virgo 2023: Declutter, Love & Grow


hathor egyptian goddess

Who Is Egyptian Goddess Hathor + Her Role In The Venus Path

Only recently have I delved into the mysteries and magic of ancient Egyptian Goddess Hathor.…

new moon in leo ritual 2023

New Moon In Leo 2023: Open Your Heart & Shine Brighter

The new moon in Leo 2023 promises to bring fire and courage to your heart…

best aries stones and crystals

17 Best Aries Stones And Crystals For Fire & Focus

Is Aries your sun sign, or do you have a lot of Aries elsewhere in…

what is the law of detachment

Demystifying The Law Of Detachment

If you’re attracted to spirituality and connected to your soul even in the smallest of…

nobody knows you better than you do

Nobody Knows You Better Than You Do

“We know what’s best for you.” A common phrase that was spouted frequently by my…

how to trust the universe

How To Trust & Co-Create With The Universe

“Just trust the Universe” has become a cliché thrown around, often when we’re hoping to…

full moon in aquarius ritual 2023

The Full Moon In Aquarius 2023: Individual Meets Collective

The full moon in Aquarius (also known as the Sturgeon moon) is just a few…