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Read This If You’re A Woman Wanting More From Your Life
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Read This If You’re A Woman Wanting More From Your Life

wanting more from life

As soon as I hit my 20s and landed my first job, life for me was just about living for weekends.

High-profile restaurants, extravagant food, flashy outfits, and everything glitterati. A few years ago, this was the definition of a good life to me.

I flew my money in and out of my bank accounts, which had no return on my well-being. That phase of my life was tasting the sweetness of financial independence for the first time. The word “investment” sounded more like an investment in making life as happening as it can be.

After all, what else can a woman want when she is living the best possible life on her own?

But a few years into my 20s, I started missing the thrill of having a greater ambition in life.

Women around me of younger age were giving TedTalks. Once, I happened to listen to them at a friend’s request. That was the day realization struck me like a pendulum.

For a long time, although financially independent, I was living my life in my comfort zone. Although I was earning money, I felt a need for something more than what I had. That day I reflected on the choices I had been making in my life. The word enough seemed to stretch beyond the horizon.

Growing up, I left that girl wanting to touch the stars somewhere in the past, learning to be satisfied with what life decides to give her. My male friends who were once beneath my academic qualifications were getting ahead of me. That moment was like someone had shaken me awake from a deep sleep.

As a woman, some say it’s enough if we are making money and can support ourselves. And if we look around, the percentage of female leaders in any field is way less than men in leadership roles.

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Don’t get me wrong, if you are a woman satisfied with your current life, that’s okay. But, if you are a woman wanting more, believe me, the doors won’t open until you knock on them.

This world is still adapting to women wishing to take a seat at the table in every field, and unless we go for it, we won’t get it.

Back home, I drew a vision chart for myself and took two days to draw out a blueprint of my envisioned dream life. Slowly, I outgrew all the places I once thought were enough for me. Sometimes, I missed certain steps and opportunities, but I was on top of it most of the time.

I landed a job in one of my target companies, got selected for a few prestigious fellowships, started a project of my own, and invested in the future rather than weekends. I received admission from some prestigious universities for future study. And I was slowly paving the path for a tomorrow, which I carved out intentionally for myself. I wanted to rule my life this time.

I am now choosing who and where I want to be, and I know nothing in the world more happening than that.

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