Analei Skye

I believe a life isn't being lived unless you're making your own rules. No pre-boxed life path for me, please. I prefer bare feet to shoes, wild hair blowing in the wind to tied up neatly, iced coffee to hot, one ride-or-die friend to a million acquaintances, salty to sweet, deep conversation to small talk, the book is always better than the movie and I follow my heart over my head-always. I'm an experiential writer. When the muse nudges and a character is born, I follow them down the rabbit hole and experience alongside them. Writers are my tribe, and the written word is my journey. Welcome to this wildly messy, highly entertaining, painfully awkward, meanderingly focused, surrendered to the infinite thing I call my life.

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How To Move On When You Don't Want To - She Rose Revolution
How To Move On When You Don’t Want To