María Isabel De Orduña-Zequeira (Beba)

She was born and still lives on the island of Puerto Rico. She is one of the youngest of 28 first cousins from her mother’s side, hence her nickname. Some of the roles that she loves from her life are: mother, partner + lover, daughter, sister, cousin, niece, soul sister, and life companion to her tribe. Usually barefooted, she is a foodie, a dreamer, movie lover, a self-proclaimed forever student, and is finally sharing with the world the writing she had always kept to herself. She is a meditation teacher in training, intuitive living guide & conscious parenting advocate, but always self-aware that she is learning as she goes. She enjoys leading and being part of sacred feminine healing circles. She wants to use her voice to address all the growing pains, the shadows we need to integrate, the lovely spiritual growths, and all the colors and flavors that life has to offer. She writes about what calls on her to be shared with the purpose to connect with others and heal together.

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