Florencia D. Lamela

I am an Argentinian living in London with a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design who loves smart humour, the sound of rain and philosophical discussions. I can’t go a day without listening to music, and I can go from Classical music to Rock and Roll faster than a blinking of an eye. Music has become a passion for me, just as much as Writing; they keep me sane. Words put together beautifully and meaningfully make me smile. I love gathering things I hear or read that catch my attention: lyrics, song titles, dialogues, quotes, jokes, even sarcastic comments. I enjoy walking long distances and sitting in front of a view, surrounded by nature, in the company of a loved one. My idea of a perfect working day would be sitting by the window, listening to the rain splashing against it while writing and drinking coffee or mate (a friendly Argentinian drink).

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