Kayla Kostyniuk

Kayla is a 20-something wild soul living in Manitoba, Canada. She is a self-proclaimed, quintessential ‘Canadian girl’ - she plays ringette + hockey, and is a diehard hockey lover, she prefers the country over the city any day, and she chases the sun during the summer months, always doing something outdoors. She is a dog mom to an adorable cockapoo named Duke, and in addition to her budding writing career, she is also a full-time sales associate at a sports store in her hometown, and a fiber artist with a small business alongside her mom. Kayla was diagnosed with an incurable form of arthritis in December 2017 and was diagnosed with mental illness at the age of 20. She is very passionate about educating others on chronic illness and mental illness and considers herself a strong advocate and ally. Her hope is to leave people better than she found them, lead with her empathetic + loving spirit, and live the life she has always dreamed of.

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