Megan Moret

I’m a graduate of the University of New Orleans where I earned my bachelor’s degree in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. During my college years, I studied poetry, non-fiction, and Fine Arts. My passion is writing music and personal essays. I started writing when I was 12 and my mom passed away. It was hard for me to communicate to my dad how I felt at the time so I decided to start writing him letters and we would pass them back and forth... down the hall lol! He still has those letters. From there, letters turned into poetry, poetry turned into essays, and pieces of essays turned into music. I believe I release my emotions when I write them down on paper and I leave it there. I’m still learning as I go. I’m growing and changing every day and this space I’m in now is about healing and I can tell I’m slowly transitioning into a place of peace. So that’s what I’m writing about now, the space of healing and it’s bumps and bruises along the way. It’s been a long road and sometimes it’s hard being a super emo and super sensitive girl because we feel everything so strongly. But, I’m learning that maybe , just maybe my emotions just might be my superpowers.

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