Nada Chehade

Nada Chehade upset the town when she swam against the tide. But it felt so good, she can’t stop swimming against it. Born and raised in the UAE, Palestinian at heart, Canadian by immigration, with misogyny everywhere – Nada finally grew the ovaries to speak up, and its all thanks to a bunch of wonderful lady strangers on the internet. An army of women who cheered her on from the other side. She is the upcoming author of The Great Escape. That’s not the title, but you get the gist. She is on a mission to shoot down double standards and eat negative connotations like, cat lady, for lunch. More importantly, her dream is to create an army of women, like sleeper-cells, who can be activated on-demand: Ladies in the Toronto area, a woman was slut-shamed online and needs your help, I repeat, this is war! Who’s coming with me?

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