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The Freedom To Choose Your Own Beliefs & Faith
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The Freedom To Choose Your Own Beliefs & Faith

freedom to choose your faith

I would like to believe that there is a higher power, an omnipotent, and a universe out there way beyond our comprehension.

They are the ones who navigate us towards the right path. They are the ones who lead us to a better place, and they are the ones who take us to the world of wonders that we would ever experience to see in our lifetime.

However, I wish not to associate myself with any beliefs, principles, ideology, or religion. I believe this will limit my capacity to accept many wonderful teachings and lessons that can be learned from different kinds of disciplines. This freedom and variety will encourage me to be more open-minded and become a self-learner and a critical thinker.

The liberation of my own voice is something I have developed over the years, earned after all my hard work.

It is no one’s business to question my decisions and choices.

At the end of the day, all we can do is surrender to those circumstances out of our control. What is left in our hands is the belief and faith that somehow everything will be alright.

The belief and faith you want to hold onto while on this earth should be your personal choice and journey. No one should govern, rule, or dictate to you.

The path towards your own truth is not a paved one. But the pain and suffering will all be worth it when you know that whatever steps you have taken are based on your personal choices.

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Bravery to walk on your own is underrated in a world where everyone is encouraged to follow the crowd.

It is scary, it is risky, it is lonely, but this does not mean that it won’t be meaningful, important, and worth it.

We should all respect individuality. Our job as humans is to try to embrace unity despite our differences.

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