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No One Screams “I Didn’t Do It” Louder Than A Man Who Did It

men who abuse women

No one screams “I didn’t do it!” louder than a man who did it. Just look at R Kelly, Andrew Cuomo, and Weinstein. Sexual offenders have no remorse; that’s why they are so dangerous.

There is a bully in my life who follows me wherever I go because I know too much. This guy has been sitting in his mother’s basement plotting how to take me down instead of getting a damn job.

Bully is a nice word to describe him. He’s an incel, Red-Piller, an extreme misogynist who weaponizes his religion to slut-shame and degrade women. Mind you, he wouldn’t dare lay his hand on a man but sure loves to beat up the women in his life—including his ex-wife. A guy who has nothing to show but his toxic masculinity.

Yeah, this guy is trying to extort me for $25,000 because I confronted him a year ago about the revenge porn he produced. I’m not sure how he conjured this figure, but my bank account burst out laughing. By the way, I only confronted him because HE reached out to me on email about some random shit, so I replied, “fuck off, rapist.”

He proceeded to send me a three-minute video threatening to “beat me and kill me.” I politely said I would bring an army of women to laugh at him, which threw him over the edge. His balls shriveled up from the threat of a giggle.

A whole year later, he decided it was a good idea to try to intimidate me over that email. He claims that calling him a rapist on email with no one cc’ed on it has defamed him. You know, he lost tons of nonexistent business opportunities because of a private email.

Boohoo, a sexual abuser, feels defamed.

So, he did what he does best—double down on being a whole ass criminal.

He googled me, found a random woman I’ve worked with on Medium, fabricated a story that I was conspiring to defame him on her publication, and asked us to scramble $25k immediately for the emotional turmoil I have put him through.

I swear, rapists have no morals.

The subject line of his email was: DEMAND LETTER SEPTEMBER 30.

It’s funny how men know how to joke, slut-shame, beat, and sexually abuse women, but the moment you confront them about it, they become whole ass lawyers, “I summon upon you heretofore…”

Guess which other rapist posed as his own defense lawyer?

Ted Bundy.

By the way, he wouldn’t dare send such an email cc’ing a random man I work with. Oh no, he is counting on women being intimidated. I am assuming he did it to try and humiliate me. What a failed criminal indeed. The audacity of this scrote. Thank you for the content.

Of course, like any real lady, the editor he cc’ed—an innocent bystander—reached out to me without needing any explanations. She could tell he was incel from the email. She wanted to support me. I appreciate her so much.

The next day I went to the police station to report it. But I knew what would happen. Nothing. It would be the second time I go.

Extortion. Intimidation. Harassment. Threats. Fabricating stories and impersonating a lawyer. Sexual abuse. Revenge porn. Involving an innocent 3rd party…. but nothing.

Not this time, at least. Perhaps I would need to be killed before anyone grasps the danger that lurks amongst us. I was advised to block him. He was blocked; he involved the third party for this precise reason.

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Men seem to think sexual offenses are limited to holding someone down and penetrating them, completely ignoring the PLETHORA of sexual abuses out there.

I wanted to act shocked and say I will never understand how men who abuse women walk around with their heads high. But when they have a whole society, the police and apologists supporting and codling their behavior, it produces a bunch of entitled preditors who keep getting away with shit.

They cross boundary after boundary and operate in a perpetual grey area. Yet, society doesn’t seem to want to get them off the streets. Those guys get so used to being “respected” while being absolute trash bags that they carry their facade in their demeanor and pose like human beings in public.

You know, until someone comes along and rips their masks off and their “manhood” feels threatened.

Isn’t it high time we put incels on a predatory list? To flag them as “violent misogynists” so that women who work, live, and breathe around them have a heads up? What about apologists? Can we do something about them too?

Extortion. Intimidation. Slut-shaming. Name-calling. Revenge porn. Violence.

I decided to write this story in honor of domestic violence month and finally stand up for myself. But mainly, I wanted to give the biggest shout-out to the editor who checked up on me three times to make sure I was OK.


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