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In today’s self-help book market, there are more men writing and publishing books, with more women reading them.

But the stats show that women prefer to read books written by women.

Women want to hear from someone who has walked in their shoes; and can offer inspiration and wisdom based on their authentic experiences.

Women want to be led by other women who understand their struggles at a soul level, and can guide us on our own path.

We are tired of being told how to be, and what to do as women, by men who have no idea what it actually means to be a woman. And we are tired of not being heard.

The patriarchal publishing industry as it stands today is broken. That’s where She Rose Revolution steps in.

We are giving women the opportunity to discover their voice, write a bestselling book and have it published by us.

wild women writing

Here’s how our process works:

We require all our authors to first enrol in and complete our Wild Women Writing program.

This is an immersive writing journey designed to help you unleash your creativity, find your voice, and get crystal clear on who you’re writing for, and the unique message you came here to share with the world.

We’ll take you from where you are now, to a completed draft of your very first book. You’ll then have the incredible chance to have your book published with us.

Wild Women Writing offers us time and space to get to know you and your book and work on it with you. And it gives you everything you need to write a powerful, soul-stirring book.

If we both decide it’s a good fit, there will be no upfront publishing costs for you. We will take care of the whole process (editing, formatting, cover design, publishing the book etc.) and we will split all future profits 50/50.

Our focus is on books written by women, for women. Anything that focuses on educating, inspiring, and empowering girls & women is a great fit for us – this includes non-fiction, poetry & fiction.

So, if this opportunity is speaking to you, we invite you to check out our Wild Women Writing journey and apply to join our writing program today!


Shani & The She Rose Revolution Team xo

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