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The Beauty Of Being 24 And Lost
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The Beauty Of Being 24 And Lost

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When I pictured myself at 24, I pictured a girl who had it all figured out.

A girl with drive, ambition, and a couple degrees up her sleeve.

I pictured a girl who knew exactly what she wanted and a girl who was on the path to creating the life she had once always dreamt of. I pictured the car I would have, the clothes I would wear, the places I would visit and all the new people I would meet. I pictured myself graduating school, moving out of home, and sharing a tiny two bedroom apartment with my best friend. I pictured myself settling down and somehow meeting my future soulmate in the most romantic way possible.

But then suddenly you’re 24, and you realise that the easiest way to meet someone is by swiping right on Tinder. You realise that the loan you took out for that brand new car was not worth it, and that the money you spent on designer clothes is money you will never get back. You realise that you might forever be single, and you might never move out of home. And you might never get out of debt, or never stop feeling lost.

But trust me, it’s okay to be 24 and to feel lost.

It’s okay to be 24 and not have your shit together yet.

It’s okay to change your mind, to try different things, and to see what you like best. It’s okay to have lost that passion for the things you were once so passionate about. It’s okay to have lost the drive for the job you once worked so hard for. It’s okay to have regrets, to cut your hair too short, to get silly tattoos and spend too much time partying.

It’s okay to eat pizza for breakfast, to gain a little weight and to not fit into those jeans you love anymore. It’s okay to change your taste in music, in clothes and even in boys. It’s okay to have multiple relationships because you’re too afraid to settle for less than you deserve. It’s okay to fall out of contact with friends, for that way you realise it is only the ones worthy of your time that stick around. It’s okay to make the wrong decisions, as sometimes they lead you to the right ones.

That is the beauty of being 24.

The beauty of being lost at an age where you once imagined you would have it all figured out.

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In fact, this is the time to figure it all out.

This is the perfect time to figure out what you want in life, who you want to be and how you want to live. This is the time to experiment, to try new things, meet new people and make new friendships. This is the time to be brave enough to make those bold decisions you were once too afraid to make. This is the time to be indecisive, to make mistakes and to learn the hard way. This is the time to wake up in the morning next to a guy who’s name you forgot; to spend your weekend partying and spend your Monday mornings sleeping in. This is the time to purchase that one way ticket, pack your bags and travel solo. This is the time to make some of your greatest memories.

This is the time to just enjoy the beauty of being 24.