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This Is For You When You Feel Like Giving Up
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This Is For You When You Feel Like Giving Up

when you feel like giving up

To the one who feels like giving up. Trust me, I know what it’s like.

To always see the darkness, and forever struggling to find the light.

The things in life that once made you smile, can no longer be found.

Because when you resorted to the negativity in your life, your world quickly came crashing down.

Now you wake up every day, feeling numb and empty inside.

Putting on a brave face, and holding back the tears you try so hard to hide.

Feeling excluded from everyone around you, and constantly living in a world of your own.

Until feelings of loneliness and depression rest in your heart, and call it their home.

You struggle to speak up, and tell people how you’re feeling.

Unaware of the help they can provide, and the step they offer towards your healing.

So instead you spend your nights crying, all alone by yourself in your room.

Wondering when your time will come to an end; and praying to God that it will come soon.

I know you have thought about it many times; what would life be like if you were gone?

Well, the sun would still shine, the rain would still fall, and the world would still keep moving on.

But the people that love you the most in this world, will suffer the hurt everyday.

Wishing that they had done more to help you, and that you could see there is another way.

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So please hold on to this gift of life, because it is not yet time to go.

I hope you keep an open heart, and open mind, and let people share in your pain and sorrow.

Have a look around you, and try and find all the reasons you can to smile.

Because this is a life you won’t get back, so why not make it one worthwhile?

Speak up, reach out, and get help when you need.

I promise you that things will get better and this pain will pass; all you have to do is believe.

If you’re in the US and need to speak to someone about suicide, click here to contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

If you’re in the UK and need to speak to someone, click here to read more and contact the Samaritans.