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Journey To The Place Where You Dare Not Go

What is on the fringes, burning deep just beyond your imagination, begging to come forth from the deepest waters within?

Here you can meet with a melody of light and dark, a place where you dare not go, but yet feel so gut-wrenchingly drawn too and you don’t yet know why.

This space where your soul longs to go, allures you in, but something unnameable holds you back from this new-world, where belonging is felt. Where your beautiful-beast within is allowed out—even welcomed—and your vixen heart rages with tears that flood the earth in your magic.

Have you ever stepped foot into your fringes, where light and dark were both deeply felt and cradled, and understood as one?

Who dares to dwell under the waters, with their beautiful beastly ways and their vixen heart?

What emerges in this space where total acceptance is united with self and the world?

Where has your life lead you—is this where you want to be?

What is just beyond reach, maybe you’ve never given it thought, maybe it’s something so obvious that it’s never crossed your mind, maybe it’s something you are doing already. What is on the fringes, the cusp of your longing in this world?

Hag, Priestess, Wild Woman; where is your most palatable self constricting the construction of your wild ways?

This may not require thought, but it will require a warming. Warming yourself up to lift the veil, let yourself be seen, and let that part of you bring her less than palatable performance into this world.

She is home in you, but she can also lead you, if you let her go; let her swim-see-hear-and construe the world in an experience that is solely her own.

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She will come back, offering you abundance; sight that has vision to the lingering place that the soul has yet to be. Take a deep belly breath now, the world is experiencing an expansion.

The fringes. The cusp. The edge.

It’s the place where change, true change happens. You may have yet to be there, but your soul has scraped this longing; and with it, your very belonging in this world.

Ready yourself by warming yourself, let yourself settle into new rhythms, play a game of chance and let a coin toss decide your next move.

Take the step and bring in the new with complete surrender to this space where impossible meets possible; and your next experience, creation, lover, is waiting on the other side of the veil.