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Men: If You Really Want To Help Us, Here’s How You Can “Make Women Great Again”

make women great again

Make Women Great Again.

It’s because of stories like this that I avoid the news at all costs.

But seeing as you guys are feeling so giving right now, I thought I’d capitalise on your generosity while I’ve got it.

So I pulled together a little list of all you can do to help us women-in-need-of-a-clue out.

To help women be great again, y’know?

Here it is.

Stop blaming women because you’re pissed you’re no longer able to use & abuse us at your whim

When you’re used to privilege, equality feels like oppression.

So I get why you’re pissed. It sucks to be you.

And I know how scared you must be at the thought of losing all your power and control over women.

Because then you won’t be powerful or in control.

You’ll just be a guy.

A guy who’s no longer allowed to sexually harass his female co-workers and keep his job.

A guy who’s no longer allowed to rape a woman, tell the jury she was drunk, and avoid prison.

And a guy who’s no longer allowed to say and do whatever he pleases, and get away with no more than a slap on the wrist.

Stop believing the hideous lie that women exist solely to please men

Somewhere along the way, someone taught you that a woman’s job is to please you as a man.

I’m sorry, but everything you were ever taught is wrong.

When we wind up cooking and cleaning and taking care of the kids and running the entire house while working a full time job — it’s not because that’s our job. It’s because somebody has to do it. And you won’t.

When we get dressed up, and do our hair and make-up — it’s not for your benefit. It’s for us.

Similarly, if we choose to not shave our legs, and skip the Hollywood wax — it’s got nothing to do with you. It’s not your business.

You know those breasts you complain about being bared in public because you just can’t help but stare and get turned on?

They’re not for you — they’re to nourish our baby.

And that vagina you think was made solely for your pleasure?

It’s so we can give birth to said baby. So we can keep the human race going. So we can teach the next male generation how to love and respect women, and save this world from utter despair and destruction.

Stop perpetuating rape culture

If you want to make women great again, then stop with the bullshit.

Stop spouting vicious and humiliating garbage like it’s not possible for a woman to be raped.

Stop asking how much she was drinking, or what she was wearing, or why she didn’t fight him off and say no.

And stop saying she was asking for it.

You have no business in belittling the act of rape.

Stop teaching women not to be raped, and start teaching men not to rape.

Stop taxing us for bleeding each month

The average woman will spend close to £5000 on sanitary products in her lifetime.

Here in the UK, 5% of that is tax. And although many states in the US axed the tax last year, there are still many that haven’t.

Many girls and women struggle each month to afford to bleed. And that’s just in developed countries.

Why is it that tampons are taxed while Viagra isn’t?

Oh, that’s right. Silly me, I forgot.

I forgot that it’s a basic need for a man to be able to get a hard on and get it up until the day he dies. I forgot that women’s periods are optional.

Stop making & watching violent and degrading pornography

More than 80% of porn videos contain violence against women. These videos depict degrading and humiliating acts at women’s expense, which have now become the norm rather than the exception.

Slapping, spitting, choking, and rape.

This is not what sex looks like. This is what violence and a complete loss of humanity looks like.

Pornography has sexualised inequality between men and women.

And who’s almost entirely responsible for making it?


Pornography pays little to no attention to female pleasure. It teaches you that female pleasure is yet another thing that exists solely for your benefit.

You’re learning about sex from porn, and everything you’re learning is WRONG.

If you want to help women, then stop objectifying and dehumanising us by making, watching, and re-enacting horrific, degrading pornography.

Stop believing you have the right to control women’s bodies

Why is it that you believe you have any right to a say on anything that concerns our bodies?

We choose when we have sex.

And we choose how much sex we want to have.

We choose if we want to take birth control.

And we choose if we want an abortion.

These are our bodies. Not yours.

It’s time you started paying more attention to the poor choices you’re making, and less to the choices we’re making.

Stop using insulting slang words to describe women

Stop saying holeslit and cunt. Say vagina.

Stop saying titties and boobs. Say breasts.

Stop saying my woman, bird, and Mrs. Say partner.

Stop saying bitchwhore, and slut. Say woman.

Start understanding that men are not strong, and women are not weak

Why is it that in 2020, women are still having to fight against sexist laws and attitudes that are ingrained in societies worldwide?

Because there are still men who believe they are better, stronger, smarter, superior simply because they were born with a penis. And those same men believe that women are inferior and weaker because they were born with a vagina.

And those beliefs make them think it’s okay to oppress and exploit women.

But the truth is, men are not strong, and women are not weak.

We’re both different. But we are two halves of a whole.

The masculine needs the feminine, and the feminine needs the masculine. And not the toxic kind.

Start believing women when they say, #MeToo

Find me a woman who enjoys having to say those words.

The stats say that 1 in 5 women will experience sexual assault or rape in her lifetime. But we all know the real number is much higher.

There’s no pleasure to be found in our deepest pain. But for some reason, there are guys who think we enjoy dreaming up these nightmares, then reliving them in public.

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It’s estimated that only 2–10% of rape claims are false — which is no higher than any other crime. But these figures often get inflated, which is why many women don’t ever report sexual assaults.

Not to mention the way they’re poorly treated by the police and made to feel like they’ve done something wrong.

On top of that, the number of rapes and sexual assaults which are never reported or prosecuted is far higher than the number of men wrongly convicted because of a false accusation.

So quit claiming feminists are out to get you.

Quit glorifying the careers of men who have chosen to rape.

Start believing women when they are forced to say, #MeToo.

Start being selfless in bed

At least 1 in 3 women suffer from sexual dysfunction. Many older women give up on having sex entirely because it’s bringing them more pain than pleasure.

That means something is going very, very wrong when it comes to sex.

It requires two people to have sex, so enough with the one man show.

Don’t skip the foreplay anymore. And when you think you’ve spent enough time on her, keep going.

Pay attention to her body, and listen.

Don’t push her to do things you’ve seen in porn that she doesn’t want to do.

Ask her what she wants.

Be gentle. Start seeing her as a human being.

And start thinking about she can get hers, instead of how you can get yours.

Start treating women as true equals, and support them instead of trying to tear them down

Understand that equality is not a big ask, and should be the norm. But somewhere along the way, the scales became heavily unbalanced dipping in men’s favour.

Start speaking to, and about us, with respect.

Support our fight, and help us feel like true equals.

Join us feminists. Because equal rights between men and women should be a basic, birth given right.

We’re not asking you to take a step down. All we’re asking is that you help us up, so that we can stand side by side.

There’s enough in this world for everyone. Scarcity is a lie. Abundance is the truth.

Start owning up to the mistakes that the collective man are making

Some men are proud feminists.

Some men truly believe in women’s rights, and equality.

And some men already understand that a better world can be found by empowering women.

They’re ashamed by the mistakes that the collective man are making.

They’re willing to put their hands up and say that something’s wrong.

And they’re willing to march with us, and try and put things right.

That’s all women really want.

And that’s how you make women great(er) again.

So yeah, I guess we do need your help on this one.

Are there any men out there who are ready to rise to the challenge?

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