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The Power Of Women’s Circles: Share, Connect & Heal
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The Power Of Women’s Circles: Share, Connect & Heal

the power of women's circles

The power of women’s circles used to be known and felt throughout the world. 

Feminine wisdom used to be passed down from one generation to the next. Grandmother to mother to daughter to granddaughter and so on.

Instead of God Mothers and God Fathers, there were Goddess Mothers who would also take on the wise woman role. These women would guide their Goddess Daughter on the path of feminine wisdom.

But the witch trials in particular were a period in time where women began to distrust one another.

Forced to turn each other in, out of fear of having the finger pointed at themselves, this persecution created devastating rifts, pain, and trauma through entire communities of women.

All of that trust, sisterhood, and wisdom, was lost.

This is why there’s a deep rooted mistrust that can still be found and felt amongst groups of women today. This is the origin of the cattiness, gossiping, and backstabbing that we have all been both victims and perpetrators of.

Our inner patriarch tells us not to trust other women, and often we don’t even know where this has come from.  

But when we rise above this, and come together as women, we become the strength and support we are all craving in our hearts.

This is one of the reasons why I choose to host and lead women’s retreats.

The effects reach far beyond that of an ordinary retreat, because it’s so much more than that – it’s a sacred sisterhood.

The sacred power of women’s circles

It’s a safe and supportive space for women to come together, share their truth, and be witnessed and heard; without any shame, guilt, or judgement.

We come together each day to share, learn, laugh, cry, connect, heal; to feel deeper than we ever have, and to simply be our authentic selves, and be celebrated for that.

I’ve been witness to women in circle committed not only to their own healing, but the healing of the women sat beside them, too.

I’ve watched women show up to retreats as total strangers, and leave as close friends with incredible bonds that have the power to last a lifetime.

This is the power of circle.

When we show up and sit in sacred space with women, we are met with a mirror to the deep, inner wisdom we hold within ourselves. And in turn, we can be a mirror for others.

This is where you’ll have the biggest ah-ha moments, be reminded of who you truly are, and the woman you came here to be.

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Stepping into circle feels like returning home

It doesn’t matter whether you choose to hop on a plane and join a women’s retreat across the world, host your own Moon circle, organise a Goddess gathering for women in your area, or simply connect with the powerful women in your life regularly.

Even if you can’t make it to a circle, you can create your own sacred circle at home. Once it’s complete, you can share your intentions and the wisdom you received with one of your sisters.

Building a supportive and empowered community of women inspires other women to reclaim their feminine wisdom. It offers a safe sanctuary for sharing and healing. And this is something which we all can benefit from both as individuals, and the greater collective.

This is another way for us to return to our wild, feminine nature.

It’s not about rewinding the clock. And it’s not about trying to mirror how women lived thousands of years ago in the hunter-gatherer era.

But more a case of exploring how we currently live. Finding more supportive practices and people that fuel our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, instead of depleting it.

Because this is your birthright as a woman.


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