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The Woman In My Life Is Me
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The Woman In My Life Is Me

the woman in my life is me

I am the woman I run to when my world turns inside, out. The woman I can count on to dry my salty tears, uncurl my spine, and lift my chin. She showed me how to walk tall.

I am the woman I needed as a little girl, to remind me everything would be okay in the end. And the woman I still need today reminding me to keep going, for this is just the beginning.

I am the woman I live for. The woman I climb out of bed for each morning, and later kiss goodnight. The woman I drink in new air for, and refuse to let go hungry.

I am the woman who came before me. The woman who ran with the wolves, spit fire through her mouth, and bathed naked in the moonlight. Mother, Sister, Goddess, and everything between.

I am the woman I love the most. The woman I want holding my hand and skipping a beat in my heart. The woman I need to pick me up and fly me high to the stars, and thud back down to earth with a scream.

I am the woman I dream of becoming. The woman who is willing to say no without guilt and yes without fear. Stretching her soul every day. The woman who dares to fill the space she is meant to.

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I am the woman in my life.

The woman in my life is me.

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