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The Power Of Writing Things That Scare You
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The Power Of Writing Things That Scare You

writing things that scare you

Writing things that scare you is not easy.

Fear is something that holds us back in all aspects of our lives, and writing is no exception.

Fear is what stops us from quitting our job to start that business we’ve always dreamed of.

It’s what holds us back from asking that man or woman on a date, even though we really want to.

It’s what causes us to procrastinate and be lazy when it comes to our goals and ambitions.

The root of it all is fear. A fear of failing. Of not being good enough. Or perhaps a fear of being far more powerful and brilliant than we dare to imagine.

But if we can find the courage to confront our fears, and look them in the eye, they can no longer hold power over us.

How to face your fears, and write about them

When I talk about writing things that scare you, I mean those things that lurk in the shadows of your subconscious; holding power over you.

Your insecurities and self-doubt. Any experiences or memories that still conjure shame or embarrassment. The things you think and feel but often censor.

Confronting and writing about these emotions is how you can bring them from darkness into light. And by exposing them to the light, they can no longer hold any weight over you. They won’t hold you back, or continue to play in a loop in your mind.

When you write about things that scare you, you free yourself from those fears. And you encourage your reader to free herself too.

I’ve written about things like my battle with my physical appearance, being bullied at school, and even my fear of being raped.

I couldn’t have done that at the start. But each day I took a small step forward and wrote something that forced me to go deeper.

Each time I write, I try to push myself a little further. To see if I can walk a little closer to the edge of my own self-imposed limitations as a writer.

And each time I do this I feel lighter. Freer. Like I’m taking my power back.

The power of writing things that scare you

When I first started writing and sharing my articles on various online publications in 2016, I wasn’t pushing myself.

It was taking a lot of effort and courage for me to even begin writing again, so I was easing myself into it gently.

Over time, I naturally began to write pieces that required me to connect with my heart and emotions on a deeper level.

My articles became far more personal and intimate. I was sharing some of my darkest moments and deepest scars with millions of strangers.

And although it was a little bit daunting, it was more exciting and liberating than anything else.

It helped me make sense of my own pain, and heal any wounds that were still wide open.

This is the power of writing things that scare you.

It forces you to meet all of yourself, and push the boundaries of what you feel comfortable with. And each time you do this, you become a stronger writer. 

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And one of the most beautiful things about this is it creates a piece of writing that is infused with authenticity. When you pour your heart out onto the page, people can feel it.

It has the power to really move people, and help them overcome their own fears, and heal.

This is the secret to writing an article or a book that changes someone’s life.

It’s not about gimmicks or keyword stuffing – it’s about writing with courage and showing your reader that they are not alone.

Showing them that someone else is going through the same thing they are, and that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Writing things that scare you not only has the power to change your life, but it has the power to change so many other lives too.

You finding the the courage to confront what haunts you, helps other people face their own shadows.

It gives them permission to release the shame, blame, and pain they’ve been carrying for a lifetime.

So I invite you today to write something that scares you.

You don’t even have to publish it if you’re not ready to. That’s okay.

The act of writing it is what will help you move beyond fear, and grow as a writer.

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