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Into The Wild
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Into The Wild

This garden used to be her favourite place of all.

The way the blades of grass all stood neatly in line, touching shoulders. The flowers each had their time and place to bloom. The same birds flew in, wandered, pecked, then took flight.

Towering trees lined the edges, keeping everything that was meant to be in, in, and everything that was meant to be out, out.

She used to spend hours hand picking daisies, then weaving them into delicate necklaces. Running around playing chase with her sister. And peering into the pond in the hopes of spotting a frog or two.

Sunshine yellow butterflies would flutter around in the summer, and if she was lucky, one would land next to her on a nearby leaf. As if the butterfly chose her.

Autumn would wash the garden in a deep layer of crispy, crunchy leaves in rich shades of amber, pumpkin, and chestnut.

It was a place where magic truly lived. She was sure of it.

But with every day that passed, the garden seemed to grow a little smaller.

The trees around the edges began to close in. The space to run, narrowed. Colours that used to be captivating, appeared dull and lifeless. And all wonder and possibility that once lived here, vanished in a swoop of the wind.

But her heart still longed for magic and wonder, and extraordinary things.

And it was in that moment she knew. She knew she had outgrown this garden, and it was time to venture into the wild.

It was time to open the gate. To leave behind the familiar, for the thrill of the unknown.

Her soul was ready to walk a new path, through the overgrown grass, the prickly brambles, and the enchanting forest.

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To forage for edible mushrooms growing from the earth, to bloom alongside the wild flowers where they may, and to walk with the wolves under the fullness of the moon.

She was ready for vast spaciousness and the weightlessness of freedom on her shoulders. She was longing to fly like a caged bird.

So one day, she opened the gate, and dared to walk through it. Her heart beating in equal measures of fright and euphoria.

And even though she was daunted by what may lay ahead, she knew what awaited her was more beautiful than anything she may leave behind.

Into the wild she went.

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