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I Crave Real Friendships
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I Crave Real Friendships

I crave real friendships

I crave real friendships.

My heart will no longer welcome the ones who deal in halves. The ones who are waiting to watch me fall. The ones who say they will, but don’t. And the ones who aren’t yet ready to remove their mask, and show the world all of themselves.

I crave friendships built on a foundation of love and trust and integrity.

Real friendships where you can unapologetically be who you are, and embrace the magic of your true colours, without judgement. The ones where you can scream yes without fear, and roar no without guilt, and change your mind. And you can stand in the vastness of your power like a Queen, without making her feel smaller.

Friendships where you do all you can to lift each other up. Where you build bridges and realms and wings so you can soar, instead of tearing down. The kind that soothe your mind and nourish your soul and fill your well up to the brim. Company that leaves you feeling lighter and calmer, instead of weighing heavy on your heart.

I crave real friendships.

The ones where you can both speak your truth, and call each other out on bullshit. The ones where people show up and stand by your side and hold an umbrella over your head during the storm.

The kind where you can say no, he’s not good for you, and yes, you deserve better. No, I don’t like what you’re doing, and yes, you should follow your heart. And, I don’t know what to say or what you should do, but I’ll be here for you no matter what.

Friendships where you can talk about life and love and death, without censoring. Where you can bare your soul and pour your heart out like a waterfall. And it doesn’t make them recoil or retreat, it makes them open to you like a flower in bloom.

Friendships that transcend years, or colours, or tribes, or faith. The ones that celebrate differences, instead of shaming them. The ones that feast on fierce wisdom instead of idle gossip.

The ones that feel safe yet daring, familiar but extraordinary. No matter where we might be in the world, or how many miles stand between us, I want friendships that feel like home.

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Friendships that feel like we’ve met in a previous lifetime, and somehow found our way back together again. Because our souls are entwined with an invisible cord that can never be cut loose.

These are the friendships my soul is craving.

These are the friendships I want. And these are the ones I need.


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