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7 Life Changing Reasons Why You Should Go On A Women’s Retreat
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7 Life Changing Reasons Why You Should Go On A Women’s Retreat

why you should go on a women's retreat

Writing this article on why you should go on a women’s retreat has been on my mind for a while.

When I started planning my first women’s retreat back in 2018, I wasn’t prepared for what would happen when I arrived at the beautiful villa in Unawatuna, Sri Lanka, in late Feb 2019, and opened sacred circle on the first day.

And I was even less prepared for what would happen as the days went on, until we finally parted ways.

These women changed. And I changed with them. 

It was always my intention to create an experience that would have the power to create shift in these women. I wanted to help them work through whatever was holding them back in life, and reunite them with their power.

But I never fully expected or believed that would happen. Because, how could I know that it would?

Leading a retreat was completely new to me. And I couldn’t predict how the week would play out.

But it was both humbling and soul tingling to witness the transformational journeys these women went on.

They will carry this experience (and the effects of it) in their hearts forever. And I know I will too.

Here’s why you (and every woman) should go on a women’s retreat – at least once

1. Every one of us needs time to pause, reflect, and recharge

Most of us are living and leading busy, chaotic lives – sometimes out of choice – and this leaves us stressed, overwhelmed, and exhausted.

How many of us allow ourselves ten minutes each day just to sit and do nothing? When was the last time you made yourself and self-care a priority?

It’s so important to take care of yourself, and top up your well frequently to avoid physical and emotional breakdowns.

Even the word retreat, evokes peace and a sense of calm. From the moment you arrive, you’ll slip into a mode of relaxation and reflection. This is because you’re taking yourself out of the environment that you associate with stress, and into a new environment that is designed to help you relax.

You’ll return home feeling lighter, and restored.

2. You will push past your own fears and limitations

One of the main concerns women have about retreats is the idea of travelling on their own to somewhere they’ve (probably) never been before.

Then there’s the worry about turning up, and thinking you might not fit in with the other women, or feeling isolated.

On top of that, who knows what activities or sessions you’ll be taking part in each day. You have no idea what might come up, or what you might be forced to confront within yourself, and how that will make you feel.

And this is exactly why I think you should go on a women’s retreat. Because the act of overcoming these fears, pushing past your self-imposed limitations, and embracing discomfort will show you your magnificent strength and power.

By reserving your spot, booking that plane ticket, and turning up, you’ll have already expanded your mind and opened your heart.

3. The stillness will change you

On my retreats, we begin each day with a meditation session and yoga class which I lead. This is followed by a break for breakfast and relaxation, then a group workshop, then another break for lunch and relaxation, then usually a fun group activity, followed by dinner and more space. And then we end the evening with a heart opening soul circle.

This spacious itinerary and the specific activities within it create plenty of moments of stillness. Time to sit and do nothing but be fully present in the moment.

And it’s this stillness that allows creativity to visit you. It’s this stillness that shifts your perspective, and helps you see things clearly in new colours, or perhaps different shades of the same ones. It’s this stillness that will create space for powerful awakenings and internal shifts.

This stillness will change you.

4. Why you should go on a women’s retreat: You will empower yourself from the inside, out

At the heart of what I teach women is the truth that everything they need is already theirs. And everything you need is already yours.

Many of us believe that the key to changing our lives and finding our way to greater success is out there.  In a job, a relationship, or a beautiful house that we can’t yet afford.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth is the key to changing our lives begins with changing ourselves on the inside. The way we think, the way we live, and the way we love. And this is what a great women’s retreat will teach you.

Once you realise this, you will begin to reclaim your power, and really feel it filling your heart and body. And this is how you find your way to everything you’ve ever wanted.

5. You will form special connections & life-long friendships

When a group of strangers come together in one place for a week, you cannot predict what will happen. Especially as everyone is coming from different parts of the world, and bringing their unique personality and individual experiences with them.

But when you choose to go on a women’s retreat, there’s one common thing that unites you. And that is, you are all here.

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What are the chances of that happening?

I believe that everything we experience in our lives is a result of a desire our soul has.

That means, when you turn up to a first date, a workshop, a retreat, or even a pottery making class – there is something your soul wanted to experience there. And your soul is already energetically linked to the people who you share that experience with.

This is why the women you end up meeting on retreat will often become a significant part of your life. I’ve watched as women have turned up as complete strangers, then left with a powerful bond that will continue long after the retreat is over.

6. You will heal

When women come together in sacred circle, it creates a potent and powerful energy which offers a sense of support and safety.

Everything you share is done so in confidence. And this often creates an environment where women find the courage to open up and share something deeply personal, and be witnessed and heard by the circle. This alone can be incredibly therapeutic and healing.

If you do attend a women’s retreat, you can expect to feel a roller-coaster of emotions the entire time. You will learn, laugh, cry, scream, shout, sing, release, and you will heal.

7. You will leave the retreat as a different woman

You will arrive on day one, not really knowing what to expect from the experience. And you won’t realise as it’s happening; perhaps you won’t even realise until weeks or months after you’ve returned home, but this experience will have changed you.

It will change you in ways you cannot begin to imagine. In ever so subtle ways, and BIG ways. You will turn up as yourself, and you’ll leave as an entirely different version of that woman. Because everything will have changed. The way you think, your outlook, how you feel, what matters, what doesn’t matter at all, your mind, your body, and your heart.

I have watched as women turn up to a retreat as a shadow of themselves, then leave with a fire in their belly, a roar in their throat, and a fierceness in their heart. I have watched them leave as different women.

Stronger women. Bigger and bolder women. Women who know their worth, and are ready to rise. Women who have reunited with their power, and are ready to unleash their wildness in the world.

This is the beauty and magic and divine possibility of a women’s retreat.


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