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Are You Really Living? Prove It
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Are You Really Living? Prove It

shani jay

Are you waking up contentedly naked next to your favourite human in bed, and thanking the sun and the stars that you get to live this with them?

Are you throwing the duvet off, and jumping out of bed without your alarm clock giving you a nudge?

And are you waking up early, just so you can spend an hour breathing and journaling and moving your body — just because you can?

Do you choose to love and approve of the reflection staring back at you in the mirror, or do you go to war with it?

Are you taking the time to cook yourself a delicious breakfast of fluffy, blueberry pancakes with a hot pot of jasmine tea, before you head to work?

Does today make you wanna throw your hands in the air, turn the volume UP on your favourite song, and celebrate the fuck out of the miracle that is this life?

Are you making time to cross cities, seas, and continents; drinking in exotic cultures, flavours, and faces?

Do you go out to lunch and count calories on some bullshit diet app, or do you listen to your body? Do you say fuck diets, I’m going to move and nourish my body with what it needs, and not see food as good or bad — just food?

Are you still lovingly touching and kissing your partner the way you did when you first met? Are you still both showing up for each other, and committing to your relationship, because you love and honour each other’s souls?

Do you spend a random Tuesday morning climaxing, limbs tangled up together, and find you’re still mesmerised by the pleasure and magic of every second?

When your heart tells you to quit your job, leave that person, and book that plane ticket — do you listen? Or do you ignore and bury those whispers?

Is what you’re about to do today to please them, or you? Do you do what you want to do, or what others tell you to do?

Do you tell people what you’re really thinking, how you’re truly feeling, at any given moment? Or do you find yourself stop-gapping with small talk?

When someone asks you what you do for a living — are you happy with the honest answer you get to give them?

Do you ask someone’s permission to take that vacation, get a raise, or take a sick day? Or are you in control of your own life, your own choices, and your own destiny?

Are you learning new things every day? Are you seeking out books, workshops, and teachers, so that you can understand just a little more today than did the day before?

When you step outside, do you see the colours of the leaves on the trees, the flowers in bloom, and the brilliant blueness of the sky?

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Do you worry what others might think or say about you? Or do you live your life entirely on your own terms; owning your thoughts, words, and actions, and making no apologies for them?

Are you waiting for the day you can retire and finally start living your dreams, or are you choosing to live them now?

Do you confront your deepest fears regularly, then make plans to face them, one by one? Even when your heart is beating out your chest, your knees are trembling, and your voice starts to shake — because on the other side of that fear is expansion and growth.

Do you make lists about all the beautiful things you’re grateful for right now? Not thinking about what you don’t have, or what’s not working— but everything that is.

Are you slipping into bed with a fullness in your heart? The kind of fullness that comes only from living fully in your heart.

Are you really living?

Prove it.

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