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Sacred Bleeding: White Moon & Red Moon Cycles Explained
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Sacred Bleeding: White Moon & Red Moon Cycles Explained

red moon and white moon cycle

What are the white moon and red moon cycles, and what do they symbolize for you?

For starters, it’s called a moon cycle because a woman’s menstrual cycle is said to be in sync with the moon.

The moon represents the feminine, while the sun represents the masculine. Together, they create harmony.

An average moon cycle lasts around 29 days, just like the average time it takes a woman to complete a whole cycle.

There are four main phases of each, which correspond to one another. This is what a typical menstrual cycle looks like and how it links to the phases of the moon:

  • Bleeding phase (New moon)
  • Pre-ovulation / follicular phase (Waxing moon)
  • Ovulation phase (Full moon)
  • Pre-menstrual phase (Waning moon)

In ancient times, a woman’s cycle was honored and celebrated, while her bleeding phase was ritualized. Women of all ages came together in sacred circles and moon lodges. Getting your moon (period) was seen as a beautiful gift.

Bleeding would be a time for resting, journeying inwards, and tuning in to your intuition. Letting go of anything that didn’t serve you, resetting, and starting anew.

But the Patriarchy felt threatened by the power and magic that these women held within, which only magnified when they came together. So what was once seen as beautiful and pure became stigmatized and seen as taboo.

Women around the world today see their period as a hassle, a burden, and sometimes even a curse. Our sacred cycle has been belittled to no more than a means to reproduce.

But I can feel the energy beginning to shift. She is rising. We’re starting to fully awaken to the fierce power of our body and reclaim the magic of our moon.

White Moon And Red Moon Cycles Explained

The terms white moon and red moon symbolize the different ways a woman’s cycle is currently flowing with the moon. And this will often change throughout a woman’s life as she enters different phases.

You can figure out where your cycle currently is by starting to track it. Either use a traditional diary method (day 1 = the first day of your bleed) or one of the many apps available, like Natural Cycles. Use a website like time and date to see where the moon currently is, where you live, and where your cycle is in relation to her. If you have a fairly regular cycle, a pattern will emerge for you after a couple of months.

Tracking my menstrual cycle  has given me so much knowledge and insight into my body’s natural rhythm. I feel empowered knowing exactly where I am in my cycle. Knowing what may be going on physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually at that time and why. And being able to plan my days, weeks, and months in harmony with the natural flow of my energy.

If you want to track your cycle, I’d highly recommend Natural Cycles. I have been using this app for 5+ years as a natural form of contraception, and it has deepened my understanding of my sacred cycle. You can use the code REVOLOON15 for 15% off your first annual subscription.

The White Moon Cycle

white moon cycle

The white moon cycle is the most common and is linked to the new moon. If you’re on a white moon cycle, you bleed around the new moon and ovulate around the full moon.

Because this cycle mirrors the traditional cycle of the moon and mother earth, a woman with a white moon cycle is said to be in the Mother phase of her life. Either she wants to get pregnant and start a family or focus on nurturing and raising her children.

This is because the full moon is considered to be the earth’s most fertile time. So when a woman goes through the most fertile stage of her cycle simultaneously, both energies align and are magnified.

If you’ve found yourself on a white cycle now, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in the “mother” phase of your life. A white moon cycle could also indicate you want to give more energy to yourself right now. This may be your intuition gently reminding you that you need more love and care right now and to devote your resources inward instead of outward for a while.

White moon women were often favored by the patriarchy (and still are today) because all their energy was generally focused outward on the men and children in their life.

What does a Red Moon Cycle mean?

red moon cycle

The red moon cycle is less common than the white moon cycle and is linked to the full moon. If you’re a woman with a red moon cycle, you bleed during the full moon, ovulating during the new moon.

In ancient times these women were the priestesses, the healers, the witches, and the medicine women. In contrast to the white moon, these women are focused on channeling their creative energy inward.

Women with a red moon cycle have a deep desire for self-actualization, self-growth, creativity, business, mentorship, and development. Everything they learn and experience helps empower them from within, enabling them to empower the women around them.

These women may also be mothers and raising children. But they are focused on and passionate about being in sacred circle with their community and teaching and leading others.

The red moon cycle is also said to offer a deep connection to a woman’s sexual energy. Powerfully potent energy that the Patriarchy has tried (and continues) to disconnect us from.

A woman on a red moon cycle is a woman of great power. So it was these women who were labeled witches; and punished, vilified, and ostracised from society.

What if my bleed keeps changing between the white moon and red moon cycles?

This is completely normal for some women. I cannot say for certain what this means for you, as every woman has her own experiences and journey that she’s on. But this alternation between a white moon and a red moon cycle is sometimes known as a Wise Woman Cycle.

There isn’t much information on it out there, and it can be a little disorientating, continually shifting this way. But if you’re open to working with what comes up for you, you’ll experience new insights into your own sacred cycle as well as the moon cycle and the subtleties of the different combinations we can experience.

Being able to experience the gifts and wisdom of both cycles so regularly can be beautiful—if you choose to lean into it.

It’s absolutely nothing to worry about. Embrace your natural rhythms. Immerse yourself in the magic of the moon. Open yourself to the wisdom that awaits you.

Is one cycle better than the other?

No! There is no better or worse when it comes to your sacred cycle. There is simply one or the other.

There’s a common misconception that a red moon cycle is inferior because it doesn’t align with the natural phases of the moon. But I promise it’s not.

There’s also the worry that your energy will be higher and lower at the wrong time of your cycle. More expansive at the new moon—traditionally a time to journey inward and rest. And more internal at full moon—a time to expand, flourish and celebrate.

But this isn’t a problem.

It’s how you choose to work with your energy and the energy of the moon that matters.

I have been on a red moon cycle for the past four years—ever since I began tracking my cycle.

When I first found this out, I wanted to know how to “fix” it and get my cycle back in sync with the moon. I didn’t realize that it didn’t need fixing, and I was already very much in sync with her.

But then I started to read more about the white moon and red moon cycles. I began to deepen my understanding of my own cycle, as well as the moons.

I realized that being on a red moon cycle made complete sense for where I was (and still am) in my life today. My focus is on continual self-learning and inner growth. I’m deeply in communion with creativity. I’ve been growing and nourishing a business that centers on empowering women.

Can I see kids in my future? Maybe someday. But right now, my attention and energy are elsewhere. And that’s beautiful. The same way desiring to be a mother and devoting your energy to nurturing your children is.

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When my energy is low during the light of the full moon, I draw my attention to illuminating and expanding internally. And when my energy is high during the darkness of the new moon, I channel that into shedding whatever needs to go, resetting, and creating new, supportive intentions for this cycle.

What if your cycle doesn’t follow the white moon or red moon cycles?

If you don’t follow the white moon or red moon cycles, there are a couple of other possibilities.

The Pink Moon Cycle

This means you bleed when the moon is waxing (transitioning from a new moon to a full moon).

A pink moon cycle may represent a transitional phase in your life. When the moon waxes, it’s going from darkness and reflection to light and expansion. So, this may mean you’re leaving a period of rest or shadow and coming into your strength and power.

pink moon cycle

The Purple Moon Cycle

This means you bleed when the moon is waning (transitioning from full moon to new moon).

A purple moon cycle also represents a transitional phase but in the opposite direction. When the moon wanes, it’s going from fullness and strength into reflection and rest. So this might symbolize you entering a quieter stage of your life or exploring your shadow self.

It could be a time to get clear on what’s no longer serving you and needs to be released or a time to retreat into your cocoon. And this is vital before you can emerge again, revitalized, and ready to spread your wings and soar.

What if I have an irregular cycle?

Don’t worry—many women have irregular cycles for a number of different reasons. This is due to an imbalance of hormones in the body, which is caused by various factors like diet, exercise, quality of sleep, stress levels, birth control, and environmental toxins.

Seed cycling is a natural way to balance your hormones, and can also be really effective if you’re transitioning off birth control. But this practice should not be done in isolation. Eating a healthy diet, getting enough good sleep each night, and reducing your stress levels as much as possible will all help you regulate your cycle.

Honor your bleeding

Regardless of what cycle you’re in, I invite you to reclaim your moon and the days when you bleed. Give your body what it needs during this time—particularly the first two or three days, which are the most intense.

For a long time, we’ve been taught we need to be like men if we want to be treated as equals, but our real strength can be found in what makes us different. Not weaker or stronger, just different.

So don’t try and “power” through, and carry on functioning as normal if you’re experiencing discomfort or resistance. This is your body speaking to you.

Give yourself permission to do what feels good for you. That might mean working from home, being on your own, having a space day or two, canceling plans with friends, and slowing right down.

You may find you crave alone time or company with your girlfriends. You might really want to move and stretch, or you might want to curl up into a ball and sleep. Chocolate might be what you have for breakfast, or you might not have an appetite at all. And you might want your boyfriend not to touch you, or you might be really hungry for sex.

It’s all okay. Bleeding is both beautiful and sacred. It’s emotional and liberating. It’s power, and it’s magic.

And it’s time we reclaimed it.

Got a question or a comment on the white moon and red moon cycles?

Post it in the comments section below!

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  • Hi I’m kind of new to learning about this and I’m kind of a beginner at being Wiccan but I was wondering what it means to have a period on a full blood moon and then have a period 27 days later on a regular full moon?

    • Hi Zora!

      Bleeding regularly on a full moon means you are on a red moon cycle. This is typically a time where you will be channeling your creative energy inward, working on spiritual growth, and perhaps using your gifts to help others.

      I wonder if this resonates with you?

      Shani x

  • * standing ovation * AMAZING article!! Thank you so much, sistar, for sharing this much needed knowledge with the world! I’m a menstruality advocate and have been working with my cycle (which has been going between white and red moon and shifts alot) since 2019, but this is first time I have across this particular layer of it. Been working with more “inner seasons” side of it, but not necessarily understanding the connection to the moon the way this article explains. I have been a red moon for sometime now. And have never felt so seen before as some of the key features of being on a red moon cycle. Particularly being a mother and raising children (I have 2 young girls) and still being mainly focused on empowering other women and women circles. I often feel guilty that my inner priorities are aligned with that, but its like a deep calling I cannot turn off. I’m working on helping shift this world out of so much distorted masciline energy so hopefully they (and all future women) don’t have to go through what I did. Disconnection, systematic disempowerment is real and destructive to us.
    Again, thank you for your work! Blessings 🙏🙏🙏💛💛💛

    • Hi Kay 🙂

      Thanks so much for your beautiful message & sharing ❤

      You are welcome and I’m so happy you found your way here to Revoloon!

      Do not feel guilty – this is your mission, your soul purpose in this lifetime. This is why you are here. And doing the work you feel called to do will not only benefit you but also your daughters and the wider collective.

      Let the guilt go.

      Shani x

    • Hi Madeline – start tracking your menstrual cycle (day 1 = the first day of your next period). At the same time, track the moon cycle (there are lots of apps to do this or head to Then come back to this article and you’ll be able to figure out which cycle you’re on right now 🙂

      Shani x

  • I witnessed the strawberry moon while driving last night; however once I arrived to my destination the moon changed to white. I’m on my cycle at this time and have not barred any children yet. Have you witnessed the moon changing from red to white in a single night?

    • Hi Kenisha!

      The moon doesn’t actually go red when it’s a Strawberry Moon – June’s full moon is called a Strawberry Moon because this is traditionally the time of year when all the luscious berries start to ripen.

      You might be talking about a Blood Moon which occurs when Earth’s moon is in a total lunar eclipse. During the actual eclipse the moon will appear a reddish/brown color, but in the transition to and after this point it will be it’s normal pearly color which is why you would see the color change from red to white in this way in the sky.

      I hope that helps!

      Shani x

  • Wish I knew about this when I was younger but now I’m post menopausal approaching my 60th birthday and I can’t imagine a woman’s ability to understand her intuition and power ends with her menstrual cycle. So what say you about moon cycles in post menopause and how would this align with a luteal phase?

    • Hi Jocelyn!

      Your intuition and power does not end after your cycle ends – you enter a phase where you possess perhaps the most wisdom and intuition you ever have – a culmination of all your years of experience.

      Post menopause, you won’t be able to track your internal menstrual cycle as it has ended, so I recommend looking to the moon phases. The waning moon will be your luteal phase, the waxing moon will be your follicular phase, and so on. You are still deeply connected to the rhythm of nature post menopause – this never ends.

      I hope that helps!


  • Thank you Shani for this information, I used to think its weird that I alwYs get my period around full moon. My grandmother who was a village medicine woman told me its a gift but never really explained it to me. She told me she will explained it when Im ready. But she died before she could. I will always have my period during eclipse blood moon and full moon. I thought it was weird but thankfully with the information you provided. I have been enlightened. Btw, I’m in medical field and always though I was just following grandma’s path. But now its clearer. 🙏😊

    • Hi Katherine!

      You’re welcome and thank you so much for sharing this beautiful story with me about your Grandmother – she was clearly a wise woman well versed in the gifts of the feminine ❤


  • Moreso some information and I don’t really have anyone who understands,
    I’ve been trying to get pregnant, been tracking my cycles for almost two years. The entire first year I was red moon. I thought everything was good. This last march-a year to the day of my period coming back everything changed, my body did a 180 and now I’m in a steady white moon cycle
    I don’t really know a question that I’m trying to ask-I’m seeking knowledge

    • Hi Bee!

      Thank you for sharing your story with me 🙂

      If you’ve been trying to get pregnant, and this is what you truly want, then it makes sense you’ve switched from a red moon cycle to a white moon cycle. In a white moon cycle, you are most fertile when the moon is also in its most fertile phase (full moon) which means there’s a powerful alignment of energy directed towards love, nurturing, and birthing.

      I hope that sheds some light on your experience with your cycle ❤


  • Hello, thank you for this wonderful article ❤️. I have a question please, during the winter I am in the red moon cycle and during the summer I switch to the white moon cycle. I’ve been tracking my period for years and my body always does this. I was wondering if you knew why and if the seasons have any influence? Thank you 😊

    • Hey Lynne 🙂

      Happy to hear you enjoyed reading this piece about your moon cycle!

      That’s amazing – my guess would be that it is very much a seasonal reaction. Autumn/winter is known as the dark time of the year which mirrors the archetype of the witch, the priestess, the medicine woman. In contract, spring/summer is the light half of the year, and also the most “fertile” time of year – plants & flowers shoot up and bloom, animals mate and give birth, and there’s a huge amount of maternal energy in the air (which does not necessarily need to be directed to children – it can be directed toward anyone and anything that calls you).

      I hope that helps Lynne ❤️

      Shani x

      • Hi there! Just wanted to say that I switch between seasons every year too! I couldn’t find much info online about that or many other women who share the experience. I moved to a place with very distinct seasons 3 years ago and ever since, I shift to bleed with the new moon in winter and full moon in summer. It never fails to amaze me how it nudges back and forth throughout the year and without fail by mid winter is new moon and mid summer is full moon. Our bodies are amazing.

        • Hi Victoria!

          Thanks for reading and sharing your story ✨

          That’s super interesting, and yes, our bodies are incredible!!

          I wonder if maybe it’s because you end up living noticeably differently between these two seasons?

          Shani x

  • Like clockwork I bleed on a new moon. Even when I’m 3-4 days into my sugar pills, my body waits for the new moon. I resonate much more with the Red Moon profile though. So interesting how we all align with nature.

    • Hey Jordyn!

      Thanks for reading 🙂 Yes, it’s fascinating isn’t it?!
      It sounds like your body is very tuned in to the natural rhythms of Grand Mumma Moon & Mumma Earth ❤

      Shani ❤

  • Hello!

    I was wondering, if my period starts 9 days after a full moon, does that put me in a full 🌚 cycle or am I transitioning to another?

    • Hi Nisheka!

      Thanks for your question 🙂

      Bleeding 9 days after full moon puts you in the Purple moon phase – a phase of transition.

      When the moon wanes, it’s going from fullness and strength into reflection and rest. So this might symbolize you entering a quieter stage of your life or exploring your shadow self. It could be a time to get clear on what’s no longer serving you and needs to be released or a time to retreat into your cocoon.

      Shani ❤

  • I’m wondering what it means that I had a complete hysterectomy several years ago and have no recollection of where in the moon cycle I bled.

    • Hey Cynthia!

      Thanks for your question 🙂 Don’t worry about where you bled before your hysterectomy – it doesn’t matter. If you’re looking for a cycle to ground you now in a rhythm, follow the lunar cycle 🌙

      Shani ❤

  • Whats happens if you go from Pink Moon cycle to Purple moon cycle then purple moon cycle to pink .. I’m In between both my moon would start on waxing and then another month it’ll start on waning .. does that mean i’m both pink and purple moon cycle , what does that even mean? Is there a name for having a cycle that goes from pink cycle to a purple cycle?

    • Hi Elizabeth!

      If you find you’re oscillating between a pink and purple moon cycle it generally symbolizes that you’re in a period of transition, and moving from an outward focus to an inward focus, back and forth like this. It could be that you’re feeling indecisive or being pulled in different directions – I wonder if either of those resonate for you?

      If you want to get your moon cycle to re-align again the best thing to do is to follow the moon, track your cycle, moon bathe – here’s an article that you might want to check out:

      I hope that helps!

      Shani ❤

  • Wow. Thank you for explaining. I am a blessed mother of 3, including identical twin boys. I got a calling this year to find my spiritual self. I’ve been immersed in readings and teachings from spiritual leaders wolrdwide . Today I invested in myself and paid for a course with a channeler I have been following. I’m TEN days early on the first full moon of the year. I know I am being called to do something, I don’t know what it is yet but the energy is flowing. I’m going in the right direction. Thank you, thank you, thank you…

    • Hey Jessica 🙂

      You are so welcome! I love that you’re investing in your growth and learning – such a powerful thing for anyone to learn to do.

      Sending you much love on your journey.

      Shani ❤

  • This has just made me cry. I’m currently ttc, having done so for over the last 4 years. Obviously tracking my cycle and when I saw that the white moon is someone in their mothering phase I burst into tears as this week only I’ve downloaded a moon app and found that I ovulate on a full moon and bleed on the new moon and I never knew. It was heart warming to see and I don’t know what this means for my journey but it spoke to me deeply 💗💗

    • Hi Natalie 🙂

      So happy this piece spoke to you deeply ❤ Every woman deserves to know the inner rhythms of her body and how she is inextricably linked to the Earth and the stars 🌟

      Shani ❤

  • This is such a beautiful article and webpage I just stumbled on.
    After my first child, my periods came back after seven months on 6 week cycles, swapping cycles everytime. It aamazed me that it regualted one month before my childs first birthday, so I bled exactly on her birthday. It felt so beautiful to be that in sync. Now I am sitting pregnant again not long after after ovulating on the new moon.
    Very keen to see what a pregnancy cycle looks like the second time around. Will she pop on the 9th new moon, or the full moon before or after.
    Thank you again for this beautiful article!
    Imagine if at least half of the women synced back to our ancient ways, it would reflect in so many things. Earth bless to all and thankyou pachamamma.

    • Hi Cassie-Marie!

      Thanks so much for reading and for your lovely words on our publication – this means a lot ❤ I’m so happy you found your way here.

      What a beautiful story of synchronicity and feminine magik. I am wishing you all the best with your second pregnancy – your children are blessed to have a mother who is tapping into her sacred rhythm and can show them this path early on.

      Sending you much love,
      Shani ❤

  • Hi! So, it’s a very strange thing to me to realize as I’m reading this that my cycle tends to stick to the white moon cycle(I start on the new moon, every month, unless I’ve taken various forms of hormone therapies or have taken in herbs or anything else that tends to cause hormonal changes), BUT that the description of the red moon cycle is what is the absolute truth for me, right now, as well as my personality. However, I do have some of the white moon characteristics sprinkled in there, as I’m a mother of 4 and love my children dearly. I am in a new phase of life currently, though. I am coming from 13 years of being a stay at home mom, during which time my husband(now ex husband) and children were my ONLY, SOLE focus, to being in a corporate work environment and coming into, and finding, my own power as a woman and person, in a very different way than I’m used to. I’m financially independent for the first time ever, and not under the thumb of a man, financially and otherwise, for the first time ever . People are intensely drawn to me and they even frequently comment about how something about my energy and vibe is very powerful and strong and strongly attracts people/energies to me. And my intuition and spirituality(I’m realizing/becoming intentionally aware of the fact that I’m a witch, and am choosing to start practicing and expanding on this. I’m also an empathetic and a healer.) are along the lines of the red moon phase, as well. Do you have any idea why this might be? It’s very intriguing to me.

    • I’d also like to add something I forgot to mention above, but I only get to see my two youngest kids one day a week, when I’m off work on Sundays, now. And my two oldest ones(teenagers) live out of state with their dad and I only get to see them Christmas and summer. That’s due to many factors but my work schedule plays a huge part in the situation with my two younger ones. But I have to work like this in order to regain more custody. I was done extremely dirty by my ex husband during separation and divorce, and am still currently trying to recover from what he did, almost two years after the fact. My custody situation is a direct result of that. So I’m forced to spend the majority of my time working so I can afford to go to court to get them back. I sell cars. Hours are long and work is tough. I love it, though, at the same time! I’m in a very strange place. Any insight you may offer is helpful. Thank you 😊

      • Hi Mallari,

        Thanks for reading and for your comments!

        It could be that perhaps your true focus is still motherhood and your children right now, even though you’re devoting a lot of time to walking your spiritual path and reclaiming your forgotten power as a witch. This would make sense to me as you’ve mentioned you’re in the middle of trying to regain more custody of your kids – your focus is still there. It would be really interesting to see what happens to your cycle once you regain the custody you’re hoping for and start seeing your kids as frequently as you’d like to.

        Wishing you all the best on your journey.

        Shani ❤

  • I am typically in red moon cycle. Both of my sons were also conceived in red moon cycle. I have noticed that when I am really focusing on spirituality a lot I tend to sync up with the new moon. I’m currently in my 5th cycle ovulating on the new moon in a row. When I get off balance spiritually my cycle also falls out of sync.

    • Hi Erica!

      Yes, this is really common – when we’re focusing on inner growth, spirituality and evolution, we find our way into a red moon cycle. It’s great that you’re tracking your cycle and so aware of it so you get a nudge when something is out of balance 🙂

      Shani ❤

  • Hi!

    When I conceived my son I was in the white moon cycle. My period then returned and I shifted between white moon and red moon cycle. We are ready to try for baby #2, but I have been in the red moon cycle for the last 3 months and we have had two failed trying to conceive cycles. I’m still aligned in the red moon cycle and I’ve read that it’s hard to conceive during a new moon. Looking at my period tracker app, I don’t shift back to white moon cycle until September of 2022 but we love a baby far before that. Any suggestions to getting pregnant during a red moon cycle? Is it still possible? Or do I need to shift back to white moon cycle? In which case how do I do that?

    • Hi Diane,

      Thanks so much for reading and sharing your personal story with me 🙂 There’s no absolute that says you can’t get pregnant on a red moon cycle, I believe this is more to do with your health, your energy, and your intentions. So if a baby is what you want, keep focusing on that, and it will manifest itself in your life in some shape or form. Also, just because your period tracking app says you won’t be back on a white moon cycle until next year, that doesn’t mean it will be that long before you are. You might find your cycles shift subtly (a few days late or early here and there) and before you know it you may be back to a white moon.

      However, if being on a white moon cycle is really important to you right now, and you believe it will help you with what you wish to manifest, you can check out this article:

      I hope that helps and I wish you all the best ❤

  • Hi Shani,

    I am so happy that I have come across this article! I am trying to restore my cultural and spiritual knowledge (Northern Europe) and have been studying ancient Celtic pagan traditions and magic. These cultures placed a high emphasis on women, the concept of the “triple goddess” in particular, as well as syncing spells with the phases of the moon. It then dawned on me to do further research into the menstrual aka moon cycle..I have been trying to track my cycle for a while, but haven’t found a great method for it. I am not a fan of using technology. What works for you or do you have any recommendations?

    Thank you and keep doing great things!! 🙂

    – Susie

    • Hi Susie!

      Thanks so much for reading and for your lovely message 🙂 So happy to hear you’re diving deep into re-discovering the Goddess path!

      Yes, the best way to track your cycle if you want a non-tech method is to create a simple diary using pen and paper. The next time your period starts, the first day of bleeding will be day 1. Write this down in your diary, and keep on logging every day of your cycle (and numbering it) until you start to bleed again. You can include notes on how you feel, changes in energy, changes in discharge etc. And if you want to see where the moon is in relation to your cycle, you can head here: to find out. You can go even deeper and add a journal entry each day of your cycle if you want to. This is actually the best way to track your cycle and will really help you connect to it and understand it on a more intimate level.

      I hope that helps!

      I personally use Natural Cycles (a digital app) as a form of natural birth control which requires me to track my cycle each day, but I also keep a journal to help me stay in sync with my natural rhythm and understand myself better.

      Shani ❤

    • Hi Susie!

      Just ran across your comment as I’m learning more about red and white moon cycles myself, and I’d like to add I learned to chart my cycles with a method known as Taking Charge of Your Fertility. Its similar to Natural Cycles and teaches how to use a paper chart for tracking our cycles. Sensiplan is another popular and well studied method. I hope you have been growing and loving leaning into your cultural heritage. 💛


  • How do I find out what cycle I am. I’m confused on this. And would love to learn more and it and myself!

    • Hi Ashley!

      To find out what cycle you’re currently on you’ll need to start tracking your cycle. You can do this using a period tracking app (there are lots to choose from) or you can use pen and paper. The first day your period starts is day 1 of your cycle, and ovulation typically happens around halfway (day 14-16) – but an app like Natural Cycles can pinpoint this for you.

      If you bleed when the moon is dark, you’re on a white moon cycle. If you bleed when the moon is full, you’re on a red moon cycle. And you can re-read the article for other variations. I hope that helps!

      Shani ❤

  • I started bleeding on the 10th of this month on the 4th day of the waxing moon, but im ovulating around the time of the full moon ( started ovulation about the 17th) after having about 4 days worth of a period. Do you have any insight on what moon cycle this represents? White/pink?

    • Hi Kirsten,

      Hope you’re well and thanks for your question!

      I probably need a little more info from you. Is your cycle regular? How long does it usually last? It sounds like you had a short follicular phase (the time between the first day of your period and the day you ovulate) – shorter than average.

      Your bleed is currently in sync with a pink moon cycle, but since you’re ovulating around full moon, this is slightly different to a pink cycle and suggests you have an irregular cycle. This is common for a lot of women, and can be caused by a number of different factors.

      If you have any more questions or want to add anything, just reply to this comment and I’ll try and help you as best I can 🙂

      Shani ❤

  • Thanks for this article! I remember someone speaking about this. Do you have a book with the source of this info? I’d like to read more about it and I’ll be sharing this article with my clients.

    • Hi Tazima,

      Hope you’re well and thanks for reading!

      This work is not science, it’s magic, wisdom and spirituality rolled into one, originating in ancient times, which is why sharing sources & stats is challenging (and arguably irrelevant). All of this knowledge has simply been passed down from one generation to the next. It has been buried and lost for such a long time since the rise of Patriarchy, but with the internet, we can now share this knowledge on a much larger scale and reach more women than ever.

      If you want to read more about the moon and women’s moon cycles there are a few books you can check out including Red Moon, Moon Time, The Great Cosmic Mother, and Wild Power. I am also in the middle of writing my next book which is going to be centered on this topic 🙂

      Shani ❤

  • Thanks for the insight. I went off birth control a couple years ago which I believe has lessened the duration and intensity of my depression. I found myself naturally on a red path with the full moon. A lot of crazy synchronicities occured during that period of time… especially reoccurring numbers…33, 36, 11. I felt crazy and tried to follow the signs…they led me right into the lions den. Then I had an epiphany. All the puzzle pieces fell into place and I found my strength and resolve. I felt really stupid for missing the warnings thinking they were leading me instead…idk, best I can figure is they mean to stop, think and trust your instincts. I cycled red for 2 years in which that time I quit my job, moved across the country with my boyfriend and began my new career as a professional artist.
    I recently visited family and when I got back I started on the new moon! I was annoyed and attributed it to stress which can bring it on early. I fully expected it to go back.
    It did not. I’ve been feeling off for the last week, fatigued and emotional. I feel better now it has an explanation. Now I guess I’m in the white moon phase. It makes sense considering I’m settled down in a home now and next month we will no longer have roommates. Next autocorrected to Nest…hmmm.

    • You’re welcome and thanks for reading and sharing your story with me!

      Yes, trusting our intuition as women is so powerful, and not always encouraged, but the more you tune into this and use it, the stronger that sense will become.

      It’s completely normal to change from a red moon to a white moon throughout our lives. And yes, I think settling down in a home could be a reflection of your change in cycle as you’ve entered a new stage in your life 🙂

      Shani ❤

  • Wow! Glad I found this, I lost a pregnancy back in December when I was on a white moon cycle- iv been on a red moon cycle ever since my surgery. However last month my period didn’t come, I thought I could have been pregnant as we have been trying but I am not, turns out my period just synced itself back to a white moon cycle and it’s on its way… CRAZY!! what does this mean for me? Maybe now I’ll fall pregnant again? Mind blown

    • Hey Teagan,

      Thanks so much for reading and sharing your moon cycle with me 🙂

      So sorry to hear about your loss. Trust in your body and divine timing. Keep living and leading in harmony with your natural cycle.

      Shani ♥

    • Perhaps unwarranted, but I’ll give you my advice re: pregnancy.
      Let it go, give your body some time to grieve. Some time to heal.
      I had to terminate almost 2 years ago and I’m still healing. I think, when you’re trying so hard to work towards something, it’s easy to forget what your body needs in favour of what your mind wants. Forget it now and concentrate on yourself and your beloved. Next August might be a better time to pick up that goal again.
      I’m sending this with love


  • I seen this comment section at 44 comments so I had to ask the question… I normally get my cycle on the day of a full moon or the day after.. however my cycle started for the second time this month during my ovulation on this full moon . What does that mean ? To ovulate and bleed on a full moon

    • Hi Andrea,

      Hope you’re well and thanks for your question!

      I’m curious to know was the second period a full-on period, or was it spotting? Sometimes spotting can be confused with a regular period, but it’s much lighter.

      If you did experience two full periods within a month, it could also be the pill at work (if you’re on the pill). I know the progesterone-only pill sometimes has this effect.

      But if it’s none of the above, there are a number of other possible explanations: you haven’t ovulated, the onset of menopause, stress, illness, weight gain/loss etc.

      Do any of these feel like they could be a possibility for you?

      Shani ♥

  • Thank you
    I noticed that my period synchronized with the full moon recently. I wondered what it means and here you are. Thank you.
    I am, today, focused healing myself, bettering myself. I am on a very personal path of discovering spirituality. Does it mean my energy is inward or outward? What do you think it is?

    Also, today is the first day of my period, it’s full moon in Aquarius and I am an Aquarius Moon. How cool is that? Nature is so fascinating when we take time to observe around us

    Thanks for sharing

    • Hi Volann 🙂

      You’re welcome, and thanks for sharing your thoughts with me on your sacred cycle ❤ Yes I agree, nature is incredible, and the fact that we are a part of this beautiful cycle as women makes me feel very connected to our planet 🙂

      With regards to your energy on a red moon cycle, it could be one or the other or both. You might be focusing your energy inward on developing and growing yourself, or you might be focusing your energy outward by teaching, mentoring, and leading in some way.

      Happy full moon!

      Shani ♥

  • I learned some new things from your article – thank you so much for putting out this content! I honestly had 2 full periods this month which quickly shifted me from red to white moon. I’d been red for many moons, and now this??

    I would also like to make a comment about tampons. I highly suggest (that’s an understatement) organic tampons. I don’t know what are in the other ones but their fibers come apart easier, so I imagine they shred off into the vaginal canal causing who knows what hormonal and other irregularities. They’re straight up toxic, imo (or intuitive knowing). Organic is a few dollars more, and worth every penny. I can’t believe I used those others ones for my whole life.

  • This is soo crazy cool and I love my moon cycle! I am 44 and still consistent and healthy! I sync’d with the full moon last year and have been consistent, until this month! I am a Leo, with a Leo moon and i just sync’d with the waxing Of the Leo moon for the first time this month! I’m in Constant awe of our bodies and how they tell us exactly what we need ! Thank you for your insight on these cycles! I’m excited for the shift! 😘❤️❤️

    • Hi Sarah!

      Hope you’re well 🙂 Thanks for reading and for your kind comments – so happy you enjoyed this article!

      Our bodies are amazing and I love that you’re connecting to your own power ❤️

      Even after your period stops, the moon will still be there for you to flow with.

      Shani ♥

  • Thanks for this article. Exactly what I needed to read.

    I’ve always been a red moon cycle woman. Even though I’ve devoted my life to my children and their education. I’ve always felt conflicted and frustrated, not understanding why. But now I do.
    Then about May or June this year, my period suddenly switched. I knew something was up. I’ve known for a while that our cycles are linked to the moon phases but it’s so difficult to find proper information on this hot topic! Most women I know of are completely oblivious to this topic. It’s just an unpleasant thing they have to endure.
    Anyways, switching to a white moon cycle is a bit inconvenience for me and once again I find myself irritated at the fact because now I actually need that tenacity and strength I’m so accustomed and familiar with. You see, my children are on their own journeys finishing school and leaving the house as well as I’ve entered pre-med after one long and difficult journey. But once again, I understand why my period switched.
    The past few years have been difficult and hard to handle and I needed the strength to be able to survive and have some semblance of a life. Now I’m a bit more self-focussed. I’ve been on a journey of healing and getting to know myself better.
    Our cycles are precious and quite a gift. A friend of mine said the one day that women are in a privileged position where they shed excess blood every month. This supports the liver and allows for much in the physiological body to restore. It always stayed with me and I ‘m silently grateful for that opportunity.
    Thank you for what you do for us. How you educate us and empower us.

    • Hi Ananda,

      Hope you’re well and thank you for your message 🙂

      Yes, our cycles are a beautiful gift and unfortunately, this knowledge and inner knowing have been lost over time. But more women are waking up to these gifts.

      Don’t worry about switching from a red moon to a white moon cycle – trust that this is a sign of transformation in your life and change that is happening or needs to come.

      You are most welcome – I am so glad you found your way here and to what you needed to read 🙂

      Shani ♥

  • Hi! Thanks for the article <3 not to be rude or anything just genuinely interested. Is there any historical evidence that women's cycles synced with the moon (and could you list it) because I've found plenty that suggest that women in modern society don't. I've read articles that blamed this on contraception pills (I've also found researches on women who weren't on them and still didn't sync with the moon). This articles suggested that taking this pills harmed not only the consumer but everyone around them as their urine contaminates the water which we all drink and therefore are affected. The author like you claimed that this moon cycles existed in the ancient times. Please if you have any evidence of this share it with me. I would be more than happy to read it.

    • Hi Ava,

      Hope you’re well and thank you for reading and for your comments/questions.

      Yes – there is quite a lot of historical evidence about the moon being linked to women’s cycles – in particular, the many ancient rock formation sites that were used to track the moon. I would recommend diving into a book called The Great Cosmic Mother, in which you will find a ton of resources and information on this.

      What you may have read are articles that say “women’s menstrual cycles are not linked to the moon” and these are based on scientific research that has been carried out. I’ve read these too. They are mostly based on the fact that a lot of women don’t have a “typical” 29-day cycle. However, all women are different and many of us experience different cycle lengths due to various different factors (health, lifestyle, medication etc.). This doesn’t mean we are not linked to the moon. This is in our nature. The moon has four phases, as do we. She has an inward phase and an outward phase, as do we. She has a fertile window and a non-fertile window, as do we.

      The contraceptive pill can affect your cycle, but this is a separate issue (you can read more about that here).

      I find many women are searching for “evidence” on the moon/menstrual cycle link, but the problem is this is not a science. This is wisdom, it’s energy, it’s nature. It cannot be explained by science. It requires intuition and trust, which is difficult for us to do as we’re taught to value logic above everything else in our current society.

      I hope that helps in some way, and please let me know if you have any more questions 🙂

      Shani ♥

  • This is the second time that I have come across this article and at during separate timeline of at least 2-3 years ago. The first time I was on the red moon cycle and then now in the white moon cycle. Wow! I guess it is time I get to start trying to make a baby.

    Maybe I am some light that a woman can go between both, or maybe an alchemist perhaps. I am always enlightened by the wisdom of others. Thank you for this article.

    • Hi Moissa,

      Hope you’re well and thanks for reading 🙂

      If you’ve found yourself on a white cycle now it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in the “mother” phase of your life. A white moon cycle could also indicate you’re wanting to give more energy to yourself right now. This may be your intuition telling you that you need more love and care right now, and to devote your resources inward instead of outward for a while.

      It’s common for most women to cycle through both a red moon and white moon cycle throughout their lifetime.

      I hope that helps!

      Shani ♥

  • Hi Shani

    From the moment I started tracking, 3 months ago,I was once on a red moon cycle and moved to a white moon cycle. I am 33 and since 3 years I am focusing on self-growth and building projects. I do not wish to be a mother in the near future as I am focusing on myself. Can you suggest if the change in the cycle from red to moon create confusion within my mind and body? Would you know what other impacts could being on a white moon have on my creativity that I am putting outward at the moment?

    • Hi Jagjyot,

      Hope you’re well and thanks for your question!

      If you’ve found yourself on a white cycle now it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in the “mother” phase of your life. A white moon cycle could also indicate you’re wanting to give more energy to yourself right now, which would make sense as you’ve mentioned you’re focused on self-growth. This may be your intuition telling you that you need more love and care right now, and to devote your resources inward instead of outward for a while.

      I hope that helps!

      Shani ♥

  • Thank you for this article! I was not aware of such terminology – white & red cycles. I tend to always get my period on or around the full moon, and have felt that something was wrong with me, asking why my body was not synced with the moon. The insight this article provided was so nourishing! Based on how I craft my life and what I feel my purpose is, it’s no wonder I have a red moon cycle!
    Again, my gratitude to you for sharing this information!

    • Hi Rheannon,

      You’re welcome and thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts! So happy this information has helped you welcome your own cycle and start working with it instead of pushing against it. There is no right or wrong, and chances are your cycle will change a lot over the moons and years to come depending on where you are in your life.

      Shani ♥

  • Thanks Shani! This is the third time since my bleeding has been in sync with the full moon, with my own self discovery journey – this post resonates so much and I wanted to thank you for sharing it with the world 💕

    • Hi Teagan,

      Hope you’re well, and you’re most welcome! I love that you’re learning more about your own sacred rhythms and enjoying the phase of life you’re in today 💕

      Shani ♥

  • Yes, I love this article. There is so much wisdom in our cycles, especially when we bleed. We need to claim this back to us as sacred.

    The medical community has been distributing more birth control that “prevents” the bleeding. It’s heartbreaking to hear this.

    • Hi Jennifer!

      Thanks for reading and for your kind words 🙂 YES absolutely – this is the reclamation of all that has been lost.

      Birth control has given women much freedom in terms of preventing unwanted pregnancies, but we haven’t been informed about the damage that does to our bodies and natural rhythm. There are so many natural alternatives now that can work just as effectively (like Natural Cycles) and allow us to still have real periods and enjoy the gifts our cycle brings.

      Shani ♥

    • Hi Courtney!

      Thanks so much for your message 🙂 Do you mean your bleed alternates between a new and full moon and back again, or you’re bleeding roughly every 2 weeks on both the new and full moon?

      Shani ♥

  • Thank you for this blog! I’ve always wondered why my period syncs up with the full moon and not the popularly considered sacred new moon. Now I know my mine is sacred in it’s own beautiful way! Thank you!

    • Hi Dina 🙂

      You’re welcome, and thank you for reading!

      Yes – our moon cycle is powerful and sacred no matter where it falls, or how regular or irregular it may be. I love that this has helped you reclaim the beauty of yours, and helped you understand more about yourself as a woman.

      Shani ♥

  • Hi I have recently switched from the red moon to the white i am focused on healing work with energetic work as well as training to be a trauma counsellor. I have two children as well as although I feel my gift is to help snd heal snd found the red moon cycle fitting for me this nee change has led me to some curiosities.

    • Hi Amanda!

      Thanks so much for sharing your story with me – so happy you found your way to She Rose Revolution!

      The change you’ve experienced from a red moon to a white moon indicates you went through a period of transition, and even though you’re still very much focused on helping and healing externally, perhaps subconsciously you’re wanting to give more of your energy to your children at this time or even to yourself.

      I hope this helps. No matter how your moon cycle changes, trust that you’re where you need to be.

      Shani ♥

  • Hi all!
    I’m looking for help… I’ve always been in touch with my spirituality growing up, I’m 18 now. My period keeps changing from Red to White cycle. What does this mean?
    I come from a long line of witches and healers, could this have anything to do with it?

    • Hi Kristina,

      Hope you’re well and thanks for reading ♥

      This is completely normal for some women. I cannot say for certain what this means for you, as every woman has her own experiences and journey that she’s on. But this alternation between a white moon and red moon cycle is known as a “Wise Woman Cycle”.

      There isn’t a lot of information on it out there, and it can be a little disorientating continually shifting this way.

      But if you’re open to working with this and what comes up for you, you’ll experience new insights into your own sacred cycle as well as the moon cycle, and the subtleties of the different combinations we can experience.

      It’s absolutely nothing to worry about. Embrace it. Immerse yourself in it. Open yourself to the wisdom that awaits you.

      Shani ♥

  • This is brilliant~ thank you so much for this explanation Shani.
    I’m in a feminine healing course right now and have been struggling with the fact my cycle falls on the full moon instead of the new moon. I was going to use Ovarian breathing to focus on shifting my cycle to fall on the new moon instead but your description here of the associated life phase and ‘healer’/outward energy is so spot on. I am not currently in relationship but I would like to one day have another child. Right now I’m working on healing myself, self healing and actualization so perhaps this is exactly where I am supposed to be at this phase in my life.
    Thank you for helping me feel like I wasn’t alone or ‘off’ in some way. This guidance was perfect finding for me today. I’ll use the full moon tomorrow charge my crystals and yoni egg instead while I go within. ~namaste

    • Hi Nikita!

      Hope this message finds you well ♥

      Thanks so much for reading and for sharing your story with me. I’m so happy this has helped you realize that where you are with your cycle today is exactly where you’re meant to be. Every woman’s moon/menstrual cycle is completely unique and constantly evolving (as we are) – trust that your cycle is a reflection of who and where you are right now 🙂

      It makes a lot of sense to me that you bleed on the full moon with what you’ve shared with me about your life, and a red moon cycle has its own powerful gifts, just as the white moon cycle does ♥

      Embrace your beautiful cycle – we have spent far too long feeling shame, pain, and fear around something that is so natural and sacred and our birth-given right as women.

      Sending you much love & happy full moon!

      Shani ♥

    • Hi Jami,

      Thanks so much for your question!

      Do you mean you’re bleeding twice a moon cycle (roughly every 14 days), or do you mean your bleed is changing each cycle and coming around the new moon, then the full moon, and alternating like this (approx. every 44 days)?

      Shani x

  • I found this to be so true for me. I was always on a red moon cycle in my 20s and in a healing/medical profession.

    Around the time when I meant my current partner in my early 30s, my cycle shifted to the white moon cycle and I got pregnant soon after. Now after 2 pregnancies and breastfeeding for 5.5 years, I just got my period back and guess what, it came back right on the new moon!! (17 months postpartum). So cool!

    • Hi Jenna!

      Hope you’re well and thanks so much for reading and sharing your story ♥
      It sounds like your rhythm is very in tune with Mumma Moon. And yes, you’re right, it is such a magical thing when you realize the synchronicity!

      Sending you much love ♥

  • Do these moon cycles affect fertility? I was once on a new moon cycle, but the last few months I’ve been on the red moon cycle. I have two children, but may want more. I am concerned this change means my fertility isn’t as strong. Thanks!

    • Hi Shannon 🙂

      Hope you’re well and thanks for reading and for your question!

      The moon cycle you’re currently following can be an indication of where you are fertility-wise right now, but not necessarily.

      Traditionally, a woman following a red cycle is focusing her maternal energy outward rather than inward; while a woman following a white moon cycle is said to be aligned with the mother archetype. That being said, so many women will have experienced getting pregnant on a red moon cycle, and struggling to conceive while on a white moon cycle.

      The change in your moon cycle isn’t necessarily an indication of fertility, it’s more an indication of where your energy is currently being focused. Maybe there are some projects that you’re ready to start or grow right now. Enjoy this new phase that you’ve entered. When the time is right and you want to have more kids, chances are your cycle will begin to gravitate back towards a white moon 🙂 And of course, this may not always happen – you can get pregnant anytime, it’s more an indication of where your heart is, and the phase of life you’re in today.

      I hope that makes sense and puts your mind at ease ❤

      Shani x

    • Hi Kathy 🙂

      You’re welcome! I hope this has helped you understand your sacred cycle a little more, and if you have any questions just reach out!

      Happy belated full moon!

      Shani x

    • Hello Shani 🙏
      What a wonderful article! 💗
      My periods arrive on a full moon; which corresponds exactly to my present situation 🙂 the thing is I get severe period pains.. almost unbearable.. especially this month (April 2021, I ended up at the emergencies!). I have had scans done but nothing in particular has been found that’s wrong, it’s so frustrating! And I suppose good at the same time…! Apparently there could be a supposition of endometriosis ; I have an appointment with an endometriosis specialist mid September..
      I feel though that my body is trying to tell me something. With your resources and precious knowledge, do you possibly know why my periods are so painful?
      I’m connected to mother earth, practice yoga and meditation, and in a continuous phase of self-development to expand my knowledge of the mysteries of the universe. I have had some difficult times in my past though, could that be related?
      I would love to enjoy my red moon cycle but all it is, is severe pain 🙁
      I look forward to hearing from you 💚

      • Hi Zoé!

        Hope you’re well, and thanks so much for your kind words and for sharing your personal story with me ♥

        Sorry to hear you’re experiencing a lot of pain around your bleeding time. What I’ve found in my experience is this is often the result of us repressing our own cycle and not honoring it enough. Of course, this is hard given the patriarchal structures that bind us on a day-to-day basis. For example, we have to carry on with our responsibilities – work, childcare etc. even though we should really be resting – at least for the first 2 days of our bleeding.

        I wonder if you are giving yourself enough time to rest, and if you are slowing down between ovulation and your bleed enough? The second half of the cycle is a returning inward, and our energy depletes all the way through to our bleed. If you’re not already, I would invite you to give yourself permission to be still more and rest (as much as you can). See if this eases some of your pain.

        And you may also be interested in this article for soothing the pain you do experience.

        I hope that helps, and I would love for you to keep me updated if you’d like to 🙂

        Shani ♥

    • Hi Eliza,

      Thanks for reading!

      If you’re looking for scientific evidence of the moon & menstrual cycle, I’d recommend checking out a book called The Great Cosmic Mother – there’s a ton of research in there as well as a big list of other sources and references 🙂

      Shani x

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