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This Is Life
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This Is Life

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This is life. And it won’t always be fair. Sometimes, you’ll have horribly rainy days. Days that a cup of tea cannot fix. Nothing will seem to go right. You’ll fall out of love. It will be messy. People will screw you over. And you’ll struggle to keep your faith. You’ll face rejection, and an army of haters. The world will begin to feel like a scary place.

You’ll lose best friends. And loved ones you care deeply for. Some will be gone forever. Tears will roll down your face, and you won’t be able to make them stop. You might find yourself wishing you could switch places with someone else. Anybody else.

Life won’t go the way you’d planned. Someone will break your heart into a million shards. Maybe you’ll break theirs too. You’ll find yourself lost, and alone. You’ll lose hope. And you’ll fuck up. Multiple times. You will fall down, hitting rock bottom. And you will fail.

You will think that life couldn’t possibly get any worse than it is right now.

Then you’ll realise that this is just life. This is what you signed up for. And nothing can break you – unless you allow it to.

The truth is, you’ll fall in love again. You will. But with a more careful heart.

And this time it will feel right. It will be life changing. You’ll make new friends. Maybe you’ll make a new family too.

When you find your will, you will find your way. You will begin to see that your life will be what you decide to make of it. Days are only rainy ones, if you don’t create your sunshine. You will finally say no to being a victim of your own life. You’ll say your goodbyes to anyone and anything toxic. You will rise up, and stand strong all on your own. And you’ll be a better person for all of your strife. Each scar will hold its own special lesson.

You’ll learn to treasure the unexpected twists and turns that make up your unique journey here. You’ll realise facing your fears is the only way to truly feel alive. And you’ll learn to trust in the timing of your life. Knowing that the universe has a way of giving you exactly what you need at the right time. Life will teach you that your existence here is fleeting. That you are not invincible, and nobody is. Every day here is nothing short of a miracle. And in knowing that, you see that miracles are not rare. For they happen every day.

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