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Our Soul Work Is Never Over
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Our Soul Work Is Never Over

soul work

Even when you think you’ve come leaps and bounds, and moved mountains on your way to the woman you are today; the truth is, our soul work is never over.

Not for you. Not for me.

I still have days where I wake up feeling insecure.

I still have days where I’m triggered by something someone says or does.

And I still have days where I compare myself to other incredible women I see out in the world doing brilliant and beautiful things.

I’m fully open and honest about this, because I want women to know that it’s okay, it’s normal, to find yourself having moments of struggle and periods of pain. Even after year of soul work, learning, and healing.

I have no intentions of selling you a quick fix that doesn’t actually exist. I’d love if you could simply read an article or book, and have all your deepest insecurities and fears just disappear into thin air.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work this way.

My point is this: our inner soul work is never over.

Every time we learn, grow, and take another soul stretch, we’re required to elevate further, and deepen our practice.

Every day, I choose to show up and do the soul work I need to do to support the way I want to feel, and to lead and empower other women through their own inner journey.

If you’re choosing to commit to doing this work each day, there will inevitably be days where you slip back into your old ways, or find yourself faced with shadows you thought you’d already overcome.

Some days will be challenging, and others even tougher. This is normal, and to be expected on this journey; and I encourage you to be patient and compassionate with yourself along the way.

You’re attempting to shift and upgrade a decades of conditioning, limiting beliefs, and learned behaviour that have only been holding you back, and keeping you living small; so don’t expect instant results.

This ain’t no slimming shake.

Because of the nature of the world we’re living in, we’ve come to expect everything to happen instantly.

We want money, fame, knowledge, success, a relationship, and a fit body overnight. Corporations are acutely aware of this, which is why they sell us products and services that promise to work their magic in an incredibly short period of time.

But anyone who has ever bought such a product will know that their promises are empty.

It takes real time to learn to love yourself, embrace your authentic self, and tune in to your womb wisdom; when every message you’ve received until now has discouraged such acts. Remind yourself this is a lifelong journey, and not a destination you’re supposed to arrive at within a week, a month, a year, or even a decade.

You will still find me, every so often, pulling out a notepad and scribbling down pages and pages of all the insecurities and traumas I can think of since my earliest childhood memory, which are still lingering or bothering me; and bringing them to the light.

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You will still find me scrolling on my phone and being triggered by something or someone, bringing awareness to my emotions, and figuring out the root of them.

And you will still find me working with my own set of mentors and teachers, taking many online courses, and attending Priestess retreats and yoga trainings around the world; so that I can deepen my practice and continue to honour my loved ones and serve my clients a little better than I did yesterday.

This is what soul work looks like.

It doesn’t matter how much we learn, and how much we grow, we are all still students. Most of the people who have seemingly mastered their craft, will tell you that even they still consider themselves to be students. This is the only way to master anything, especially something as complex and misunderstood as the female psyche.

There is no clear set of instructions I can give you, which you can follow step by step to guide you on this journey; because your journey will be different to mine, and different to every other woman’s.

This is the beauty of being human – the same beauty we’ve found ourselves at war with for thousands of years, struggling to love and accept.

But know this – your inner voice is enough. Trust your own inner guidance, and allow her to illuminate the way on the path ahead.

You are being called by the wise women to come home.

It’s time.

Can you hear the call?

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