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Discover The Spiritual Meaning Of The April Full Pink Moon
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Discover The Spiritual Meaning Of The April Full Pink Moon

april full pink moon spiritual meaning

In ancient times, before our man-made solar calendar, the only way for people to keep a record of time was through the lunar cycle. And because the full moon is this big, bright ball of light that illuminates the entire night sky, this became the moon phase with which they tracked time. The moon phases also provided valuable guidance on the seasons, when to sow and harvest crops, and when to conceive.

The “pink moon” doesn’t just apply to the full moon in Libra that is happening in a few days. It applies to the entire moon cycle, from this full moon to the next, which is approximately 29 days.

Here are the common names for all the full moons throughout the year:

Keep reading to learn more about the April full pink moon and what it symbolizes.

What is the april full pink moon?

It’s easy to get confused by the name pink moon and think that the April full moon is pink in color, but sadly it’s not! It gets its name from spring herbs, plants, and flowers that bloom around this time in North America, such as moss pink and wild ground phlox, as well as cherry, magnolia, and crabapple blossoms. The full moon illuminates her radiant light down on earth, and these beautiful blooms reflect these gorgeous sweet-pink hues back.

In ancient times, this full moon was confirmation that spring had fully sprung. It’s also sometimes called the full sprouting moon, the fish moon, and the egg moon. In Chinese astrology, the pink full moon marks the start of the solar cycle (Chen). Meanwhile, Easter (a Christian version of Ostara) is always celebrated on the Sunday after this full moon.

When is the april full pink moon in 2024?

LA, United States: 23rd April at 16:48

London, United Kingdom: 24th April at 00:48

Sydney, Australia: 24th April at 09:48

Click here for the exact time of the full pink moon 2024 where you live.

What sign is the full pink moon in?

The April full pink moon is in the sign of Scorpio, opposite where the sun is in Taurus.

This means that the full moon will have Scorpio energy but will also be affected by where all the other planets are in the solar system (including the sun). So the key theme for this full moon will be rooted in the Scorpio-Taurus axis.

If you want to create a full moon ritual to celebrate the pink moon, you can use the sign of Scorpio to guide you and inspire the elements in your ritual.

The spiritual meaning of the full pink moon

1. Open your heart

The spiritual meaning of the April full pink moon is centered on love of all kinds. That includes friendships, relationships, self-love, and passions—anything that opens your heart and brings joy, connection, and love into your life.

So think about what those things are for you. How can you open your heart to welcome more love and create more space in your days for love?

It’s not just about receiving love but giving it too. How can you express love more freely while ensuring you are giving from a full cup?

2. Reflection

The April full pink moon is also a time for reflection, particularly through the lens of your relationships. Are your relationships nourishing, supporting, and inspiring you as you walk your soul path? Or are they stunting your growth and draining you?

Speaking of your soul path, what path are you on, and does it feel aligned and authentic to who you are and where you want to grow? Are there any changes you need to make, small or major, that will help you move closer to your path? And how does your path affect the people around you and the wider collective?

Make time for reflection on all areas of your life. See what feels out of balance, what feels energizing, what needs to be reworked, and what needs to be released for your highest good and the highest good of all beings.

3. Fresh starts

Another spiritual meaning of the April full pink moon is new beginnings, which aligns with the energy of spring. In nature, this is when flowers bloom, animals give birth, and everything has woken out of a long winter slumber. Hope and possibility fill the air.

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Now is the time to start a new project, change your diet, switch up your workout routine, make new connections, and take conscious action toward your deepest desires and dreams.

4. Spiritual growth

The April full pink moon is also a wonderful opportunity to connect with your spirit guides and higher self and download any divine guidance or wisdom. You may need to let go of something (a pattern, a behavior, or even a person) that no longer serves you and the evolution of your highest self.

Use the expansive full moon energy to create positive change in your life, even if it feels uncomfortable because growth always does. Remember that it’s okay to fail, so give yourself permission to do so and the courage to try again.

5. Rebirth

The April full pink moon symbolizes renewal and rebirth. It’s a reminder that we are constantly changing, dying, and giving birth to our new selves, just like all of nature.

Is there a part of you that needs to shed and die so that a truer version of you can be born? You may feel around this full moon the urge to shed anything that no longer feels in alignment with where you’re growing. If you do, lean into it.

When we release what’s no longer serving us, we allow the new to flow in. Be willing to say goodbye to something safe, comfortable, or even good for something even better. I don’t mean that in a grass-is-always-greener way, but if something doesn’t feel like it fits anymore, that’s a nudge from the Universe to rework or release it.

How to work with the full pink moon

If you want to celebrate the April pink moon with ritual, I’ve collated some simple ideas below. Take and leave what you like, and add anything else that you need. Trust your intuition and make it a full moon ritual that is unique to you.

Here are some april full pink moon rituals to try at home:

  • Connect with nature and the energy of spring (try a walking meditation or earthing in your back garden)
  • Cleanse your altar and redecorate it with a fresh breath of spring air (try some fresh spring flowers in a vase)
  • Create space to connect with your higher self
  • Do something creative (paint, sing, bake, garden, sew, draw)
  • Make a crystal grid
  • Practice self-love
  • Make some moon tea infused with spring herbs

Celebrate the april full pink moon

How will you celebrate the April full pink moon? Share your thoughts, comments, questions, and full moon rituals below!

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