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April Solar Eclipse + Second New Moon In Aries 2023: Let Go
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April Solar Eclipse + Second New Moon In Aries 2023: Let Go

april new moon in aries solar eclipse

We celebrated the first new moon in Aries in March, but prepare for take two because the second new moon in Aries (April) 2023 is almost here. It’s joined by a solar eclipse, which means the flavor and energy of this new moon are different from most.

Eclipses (solar and lunar ones) bring revelations with them. Like a tornado, they shake everything up, expose us to things we have been hiding from, and push us toward evolution.

The energy of a new moon

New moons are typically about new beginnings, fresh starts, and setting new intentions.

But, with the solar eclipse happening in the last degrees of Aries, this new moon is one of endings. Don’t be afraid to close a chapter—without endings, there can be no new beginnings.

When is the april new moon in aries 2023?

LA, United States: 19 April at 21:12

London, United Kingdom: 20 April at 05:12

Sydney, Australia: 20 April at 2:12 pm

Click here to find the exact time of the new moon in Aries 2023, where you live.

The solar eclipse begins on 20 April at 01:34 (UTC time) and will last just over five hours.

What are the solar eclipse and april new moon in aries 2023 about?

1. Time to see the truth

The solar eclipse and April new moon in Aries bring fiery, warrior energy with them. It’s guaranteed to be intense and maybe a bit unsettling, but this all depends on your resistance to meeting and accepting the truth.

Can you remain open to the divine messages that want to come through? Are you willing to face the truth, even if it points to something deeply uncomfortable and scary? Your instinct may be to run and hide from the truth, but the solar eclipse will make this difficult. Better to listen and be open to the truth rather than linger in a lie that will eventually crack open.

2. A wave of healing energy

This solar eclipse in Aries squares Pluto in Aquarius. Pluto is the planet of life, death, and rebirth, as well as healing and transformation. Without healing, we cannot move forward and grow.

Spend some time reflecting on what you need to heal (trauma, anger, guilt, grief, regret) so that you rise and start a new chapter.

3. What has already died that you have not accepted?

As I mentioned, although new moons are usually about new beginnings, this April new moon in Aries is woven with endings.

The solar eclipse will point to what has already shriveled and died in your life. The only reason it is still there is because there is resistance to letting it go. You aren’t ready to accept this ending because it’s tied to your identity. It’s comfortable, safe, and familiar, and to let it go would be uncomfortable and daunting.

Whether it’s a relationship, a job, or a behavior, it’s time to accept that it’s over and no longer serving you or your highest good. The truth is, you already know that, and this eclipse will illuminate this truth.

4. What do you need to become who you’re meant to be?

You may have spent months, perhaps even years, clinging to things that are not in alignment, but in the process, you are sacrificing your own growth and preventing yourself from walking your soul path.

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This April solar eclipse and new moon in Aries are focused on your evolution. They will help you move into alignment with your purpose and mission. But to get there, you may need to leave some things behind. People, titles, labels, habits. Remember that even if it feels painful in the moment and like the death of who you are and everything you know, it is for your highest good and the highest good of all.

What do you need to release or say no to so you can say yes to yourself?

When you let go of certain things, you invite change into your world. Change is always coupled with transformation. Yes, it will feel scary. Yes, you will have to walk bravely into the unknown. But on the other side, the next chapter of your soul path awaits you.

5. Allow yourself to grieve

Whenever we say goodbye to people, jobs, or places and close a chapter, we must give ourselves the time and space to grieve. Even if we are the ones choosing to leave something (or someone) behind, grief is inevitable. And if you don’t allow yourself to grieve, your emotions will build and explode in frustration and anger.

So let yourself be sad. Cry. Scream. Journal. Heal.

Let this solar eclipse give you the closure you need to move on.

Are you ready for the solar eclipse & april new moon in aries 2023?

What truth are you being called to face, and what chapter do you need to close on this solar eclipse and April new moon in Aries?

Share your reflections and stories with me in the comments below.

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