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17 Ways The Aquarius Moon Woman Beats To Her Own Drum
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17 Ways The Aquarius Moon Woman Beats To Her Own Drum

Aquarius moon sign woman

Are you a moon in Aquarius woman? This post will explore what a moon sign is and all the key Aquarius moon traits so you can understand yourself better and play to your strengths.

What is a moon sign?

Your moon sign refers to which astrological sign the moon was in the exact minute you were born. Grandmamma moon changes signs roughly every 2.5 days.

Your moon sign symbolizes your true personality, which most people don’t see until they know you deeply. The moon rules the tides (water) and is a feminine energy, so it makes sense that your moon sign rules your emotions, shadows, and subconscious. Everything that cannot be seen by the eye.

The Aquarius moon sign

Aquarius is an air sign closely tied to ideas, communication, and social interaction. It is also a fixed sign which tends to give Aquarians their focus and perseverance.

Many of the Aquarius moon woman traits below are similar to that of an Aquarius sun. The key difference is that these traits will most impact your feelings and emotions.

17 Ways the Aquarius moon woman beats to the rhythm of her own drum

1. She’s highly original & innovative

An Aquarius moon sign woman is known for being eccentric and unorthodox. She sees the world, people, and situations in a unique way. Not one for following the crowd, she ignores tradition and social norms in favor of authentic self-expression. Expect to see an Aquarius moon woman setting new trends rather than copying them.

As a creative sign, this woman might have a unique fashion sense, taste in music, or passion for making art that makes a real statement.

Nothing makes this woman feel more content and whole than being true to herself and her unique quirks. And when she does this, people are naturally intrigued, inspired, and drawn to her.

2. She’s fiercely independent

Women born under an Aquarius moon are fiercely independent souls. They love their own company and need alone time to maintain a sense of freedom and independence. Sometimes, this can lead to them being seen as cold or distant, but it’s nothing personal.

Most people aren’t as comfortable or happy alone as these women are. Mainly because they don’t feel like they have anything to prove. They’ve always done their own thing regardless of what everyone else is doing.

3. The Aquarius moon sign woman is objective

Aquarius is an Air sign, and this moon sign leads with her head over her heart.

One of the key Aquarius moon traits is that you deal in fact, concept, and logic rather than intuition and passion.

It’s not that you aren’t emotional, but objectivity, evidence, and information are how you make decisions and draw conclusions.

You’re not one to let your emotions rule you and can easily look past these and see the true story in front of you, as opposed to the fictional one your ego might be painting.

Whichever decision or path the evidence points to as best is the one you’ll take.

4. She lives her life to the fullest

Although she enjoys her own company, an Aquarius moon sign woman is naturally extroverted and loves life. She loves having new adventures, living life to the fullest, and making the most of every day on this earth.

She can easily get excited about the smallest things and believes there’s a lot to be excited about. One of her core values is putting her head to her pillow at night, knowing that she squeezed all the juicy goodness out of the day.

5. She’s open-minded & welcoming

An Aquarius moon woman has an innate ability to relate to all kinds of people from different walks of life. Rather than noticing their differences, she can focus on their similarities and what connects them and establish common ground.

This makes her a born networker, and she’s likely to spend time with numerous social groups. Because she is so original and unique, she tends to be extremely welcoming and inclusive of different people and makes room for them in her social circle.

Her strong interpersonal skills and desire to explore new ideas make her one of the most interesting conversation partners. She loves to share what she learns with her friends and is eager to explore new perspectives.

6. She’s a natural nurturer

An Aquarius moon woman places high importance on her friendships. Although she may not be maternal when it comes to wanting children of her own, she tends to take on the mother-hen role in her friendship groups.

She loves to care for people, she makes it her mission to fight for justice, and she sees herself as a nurturer. It’s not something she thinks twice about; it’s something she does on autopilot.

7. But she can feel like an outsider

Women with their moon in Aquarius can often feel like they’re different or living on the outskirts from a young age. It’s difficult to explain the why or how, but they instinctively sense that they are different from everyone around them.

If left unchecked, this can lead them to withdraw from authentic emotional connection and experiences out of fear of rejection. She might be the one to reject people first, to avoid rejection later down the line.

Remember, these thoughts are in your subconscious. When you confront them and get to the root cause of why you feel this way, you can heal this learned belief that is holding you back from emotional intimacy.

8. The moon in Aquarius woman is a grounded dreamer

Aquarians are known to be dreamers, with their heads bursting with new ideas all the time. But unlike Pisces moon women who are deep, creative dreamers with their heads in the clouds, Aquarians bring grounded energy to their dreams.

They have the focus and practicality to assess an idea or thought and use logic and evidence to decide whether it has potential and is worth investing time and resources into.

This can make them some of the best business leaders of the zodiac because they’re visionaries who are also practical and down to earth.

9. It’s in her nature to be of service

Another powerful strength of the Aquarius moon woman is her need to serve and improve others’ lives. This is deeply rooted in her nature. So much so that when people thank her and express gratitude for her help and service, she has a hard time receiving it and believing it’s worthy of that appreciation.

In her heart, she’s just doing what anybody would do. The thing is, she usually goes above and beyond what most people do. This can escalate to the point where she sacrifices her own needs and puts other people ahead of herself to the brink of burnout and exhaustion.

Next time someone thanks you for something, let yourself receive the compliment. And remember to make yourself a priority and pour back into your cup. You can’t give the best of yourself unless you feel nourished and cared for.

10. She needs freedom to roam

An Aquarius moon sign woman needs to feel free, whether in her work, home, or relationships.

It may be common for you to regularly move from city to city (and have a job that requires you to do so). This gives you the adventure you seek and feeds your curious mind and your appetite to be around all kinds of people.

As an air sign, you’re likely to prefer living somewhere light and airy, like a home that rests on top of a hill or a lofty apartment. But anywhere that allows you to explore new cultures and cuisines and seek inspiration is a good place to call home.

11. She’s naturally curious

One of the reasons why an Aquarius moon woman has so many friends from different walks of life is because this satisfies her curiosity. She is deeply interested in what makes people tick, especially if they hold beliefs, values, and skill sets vastly different from hers. While others may be intimidated by those differences, they ignite a flame in her.

This woman is known to follow her curiosity to the end, leaning on logic and facts as a roadmap to help her navigate the way.

12. Aquarius moon traits – she loves a challenge

Because she’s fiercely independent, if you give this woman a task or a challenge, she will go to great lengths to figure it out and overcome it. But she won’t just get it done; she will knock it out of the park—that’s just who she is.

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This appetite for challenge also means she loves a healthy, heated debate with friends and even total strangers. And if she believes in something and the facts support her belief, she will go to great lengths to argue her point of view.

Once she stands up and speaks out about a cause close to her heart, you’re unlikely to find her backing down!

13. She seeks a friend rather than a lover

A woman with her moon in Aquarius isn’t nearly as concerned with the feelings of love as she is with friendship. That’s why anyone who hopes to be in a romantic relationship with her for the long haul will have to be her best friend first, above all else.

Because she’s so independent and values freedom, pushiness, clinginess, and possessiveness will send her running fast. Remember, this woman has a lot of friends, including guy friends. So she needs to be with a man who is not threatened by these relationships.

14. The Aquarius moon woman is not a fan of PDA

Although they are super social and have a wide circle of friends, these women will only allow a select few people to get really close to them.

Sometimes they will refrain from establishing a deep emotional connection out of fear of being rejected (which we talked about) or having their personal space compromised.

But even if she lets you all the way in, she’s not the kind of woman that enjoys public displays of affection. This can lead to some people thinking she’s aloof or detached, but this is not the case. It’s not her style to share something so personal and intimate with the world.

15. She is the queen of peaceful goodbyes

Because she places her head higher than her heart and values logic over emotion, she’s better than most people at dealing with breakups and goodbyes. If someone cheats on her or says they want to break up, she’ll quietly hand them their suitcase. No drama. No screaming match.

Will she be sad?


But she’s not about to settle for less than she deserves or beg someone to stay when they’ve decided they want to go.

She’s totally content being on her own and has many friends, so she’ll never be lonely.

16. She enjoys work that requires deep thought

Aquarius moon women will do well in so many different fields of work because they have a wide set of traits and strengths.

They make stellar creatives (think musicians, artists, actresses), business owners (they have great ideas, vision, and focus), as well as activists and politicians (they’re willing to fight for what they believe is right and lean on facts to help them tell a story and inspire others).

17. Nothing seems to phase her

The final thing you need to know about an Aquarius moon woman is that she takes almost everything in her stride. It doesn’t matter if there’s a problem at work or something in her personal life; she will keep going and make it look like she really is fine, even when she’s in pieces beneath the surface.

She’s that person who’s able to stay strong for everyone around her, even when everyone else has lost hope or given up. Even if it feels like her world is falling apart, from a logical standpoint, she knows she will be okay, and this is enough to carry her through.

Are you a woman with an Aquarius moon sign?

Are you a woman with her moon sign in Aquarius? Which one of these Aquarius moon traits resonates with you the most? What do you believe is your greatest gift as an Aquarius moon?

Tell me all in the comments below!

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  • This is brilliant and so well written. I truly believe the Moon is the truth and soothsayer for all astrology. This rocks with it. Cheers and many thanks.🌕🌜🌝

  • I’m an Aquarius moon and I am all that is mentioned above. You described me to a T. I am also a loner, but I got many friends and I’m kinda Bold and popular since high school. But I prefer solitude. I also love change in my life, I travel a lot, I frequently change cities. I also don’t cling to anything or anyone, but I cry good with goodbyes.

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