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The Power Of Balance: Masculine vs Feminine Energy
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The Power Of Balance: Masculine vs Feminine Energy

masculine vs feminine energy

I’ve written a lot about feminine energy vs. masculine energy separately, but have you ever wondered how to balance your inner feminine and masculine energy? Ideally, we would all have an equal balance of masculine and feminine energy all the time, but in reality, it’s not the norm.

We live in a masculine-dominated society where masculine traits are celebrated while feminine traits are considered lesser and casually dismissed. It often feels like it’s the masculine vs the feminine. This has led both women and men to discard the feminine and lean heavily into their masculine.

But both have unique strengths, and we need both for balance. Like day and night, yin and yang, fire and water, black and white—the masculine and feminine are two halves of a whole. That’s why the world feels so off-kilter and disharmonious right now.

At my core, I am very feminine. I am creative, intuitive, sensitive, and empathetic, and I always feel a lot of feelings. But as a Capricorn rising (along with many other planets in Capricorn), there’s this other side to me that is very masculine, notably regarding my work. I work a lot, set goals, and am driven to achieve them. I lead my business forward and take action in the physical world. Because my work is so important to me, I often struggle to lean back into my feminine. I wonder if that resonates with you?

What do we mean by “energy”?

Energy, also known as prana or life force, is the basis of everything here on Earth. It resides beneath the physical and what we can see with our eyes.

You know how sometimes you get a good feeling about someone or a bad feeling about a place? What you’re picking up on there is energy. Your aura or vibe comes from the energy within you, which is always changing based on what you learn and the experiences you have.

Masculine vs. feminine energy

Masculine and feminine energy has nothing to do with gender. However, societal stereotypes and pressures do affect our relationship with both. But we all have a mix of both masculine and feminine energy, and we need both.

What is feminine energy?

woman in nature

In its healthy, balanced form, feminine energy looks like this:

  • Being
  • Life
  • Intuition
  • Empathy
  • Nurture
  • Creative
  • Fluidity
  • Softness
  • Emotion
  • Reception
  • Openness
  • Compassion
  • Support
  • Community

Feminine energy allows us to:

  • Connect with our inner wisdom and use it as a guide
  • Magnetize what you desire toward you
  • Hold space for projects and people
  • Feel into divine timing and instinctively know when the time is right
  • Enjoy creating something from nothing without being tied to the result
  • See the big picture
  • Collaborate with others and build a community
  • Relate to others by listening, sharing, supporting, and nurturing

One of the most important things we can do in balancing our inner feminine and masculine is to reframe how we view feminine energy. It is not weak; it is potent and powerful. Feminine energy creates life.

What is masculine energy?

how to balance feminine and masculine energy

In its healthy, balanced form, masculine energy looks like this:

  • Doing
  • Logic
  • Giver
  • Leadership
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Structure
  • Strength
  • Power
  • Loyalty
  • Survival
  • Confidence
  • Focus
  • Pride
  • Efficiency

Masculine energy allows us to:

  • Pursue what we desire most
  • Take action in the physical world
  • Move from the start to completion of a project
  • Focus on one thing at a time
  • Gain confidence and strength through our individual achievements
  • Relate to others through camaraderie, entertainment, and problem-solving

Our society runs on a toxic masculine and oppressed feminine

In society today, masculine traits (logic, action, strength) are honored and elevated, while feminine traits (intuition, emotions, nurturing) are undervalued and perceived as weak. This creates an unhealthy, uneven dynamic between the two.

Boys are taught to be physically strong and assertive and distance themselves from anything “feminine,” i.e., talking about their feelings, showing emotions, and being soft and sensitive. This has led to emotionally stunted men with waves of trauma, pain, and shame bottled up inside.

In contrast, girls are taught that their value lies in their appearance, youth, and sexuality (but only through the male gaze). They can be nurturing, emotional, and receptive, but only on a man’s terms. At the same time, they are shamed by society for these traits (crazy, emotional, PMSing women) and are often viewed as the “lesser” sex.

Any woman who displays more masculine traits is labeled a bossy bitch, so many of us don’t embrace the full power and beauty of masculine energy. But if we want to gain a seat at the table with the boys, we learn that we have to ditch our feminine energy and act like a man.

This leads to a world of unbalanced people. It’s why there’s so much violence against women in our world, never-ending wars, and disrespect for animals and mother earth. We don’t value the fierce feminine; she has been oppressed since the rise of patriarchy because men are afraid of her true power. This is why they give us a narrow, shallow definition of femininity that we are often forced to bend and break ourselves into. And this doesn’t serve any of us, not women and not men.

How an imbalance in feminine and masculine energy can affect your wellbeing

You can think of masculine and feminine energy like this: the masculine is the container, and the feminine is the water.

The masculine without the feminine feels unvalued, unnurtured, and unappreciated. If this is you, you’re likely to feel overworked, tired, and stressed.

On the flip side, the feminine without the masculine feels unsupported, scattered, and unfocused. If this is you, you will lack purpose and direction, feel ungrounded, and struggle to succeed.

It’s clear that it shouldn’t be masculine vs. feminine energy because the masculine needs the feminine, and vice versa. The feminine dreams, creates, and nurtures, while the masculine focuses, plans, and pursues.

Seeking balance in your feminine and masculine

masculine vs feminine energy

While the world may be out of our control, we can learn to balance these energies within ourselves. When our inner masculine and feminine are in balance, we will feel harmony, fulfillment, and peace.

Learning to balance these two energies will be a daily spiritual practice. Check in with yourself regularly and notice whether you’re moving from your masculine or feminine. This will likely change depending on where you are and who you’re with.

In the workplace, it’s common to be more in your masculine, particularly if you work in a cooperative environment or male-dominated industry. When you spend time with your partner or children, you may drift back into your feminine or struggle to do so even when you want to. It’s a challenging balance to strike, especially with so much external pressure to do more and have more.

Even though I’ve done so much learning and practice in this energy work, I still struggle to balance my inner feminine and masculine. In a battle where my inner masculine vs. my feminine energy, the masculine often wins out.

I derive a lot of pride and a sense of accomplishment from achieving things and checking things off my endless to-do lists. And I have to constantly remind myself that there is value in being, too. There is value in switching off your devices, unplugging for an evening or a weekend, and just being in nature or baking an apple pie for the sheer joy of it, or breaking out into dance on the spot.

The four archetypes of masculine and feminine energy

  • Greater yin
  • Lesser yin
  • Lesser yang
  • Greater yang

As you read through these archetypes, you’ll get a sense of where you sit with your inner feminine and masculine. I’ve included practices within each to help you strive for a healthier balance in your daily life.

Greater yin

Greater yin is when you’re primarily operating on feminine energy. You feel all the feels, are super sensitive, and tend to wear your heart on your sleeve. There’s a good chance you might also be an introvert.

Your greatest strengths are your ability to be open and vulnerable, even with strangers, and how you live an unapologetically authentic life. You are deeply thoughtful, a wise witch, and have this incredible ability to make people feel seen and heard in your presence.

The downside to this archetype is that you take on others’ emotions as your own, which can leave you feeling drained and disempowered. You may also tend to isolate yourself or stay in toxic relationships (personal or professional) even though they do not serve you. And you might feel so overwhelmed by your feelings that you find yourself in this eternal stillness where you don’t do the things you truly want to.

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How to balance your masculine and feminine energy

  • Engage in high-energy, active exercise to get your inner fire going (kickboxing, HIIT, running, and dancing are ideal)
  • Set a goal for yourself, break it down into smaller steps, and make a plan to achieve it
  • Start using a calendar (digital or physical) to schedule your day and time block, so you have more focus and structure to your days
  • Be very selective with who you spend time with because their energy affects you more than it does others
  • Plan a get-together with a group of people you love, let your hair down and have fun!

Lesser yin

Lesser yin has a healthier balance between feminine and masculine energy but still leans more heavily toward the feminine. Generally, you’re well-balanced. You’re sensitive and probably more introverted than extroverted, but perhaps you wouldn’t identify as an empath. Although you’re great at tuning into others’ feelings and emotions, you don’t take them on as your own.

You’re self-aware, curious, and likely to be more creative than analytical, but you can put your logical hat on when pushed to. You are on a lifelong journey of self-discovery and enjoy every step of the process. You probably won’t assume a leadership role in a group setting and are content going with the flow while someone else takes the reigns.

The lesser yin archetype is also likely to be an advocate for other people, especially those who struggle to advocate for themselves. You’ve just got to remember to do it for yourself!

One of the primary challenges for this archetype is getting swept up by the wave and allowing it to push and pull you where it chooses. Remember that this is your life, and although a certain degree of life is out of your control, it’s important to take control of what is in your control. You are also likely to sacrifice your dreams and needs for others which can lead to resentment.

How to balance your masculine and feminine energy

  • Make you a priority in your life – you cannot give to others when you’re half full
  • Create a self-care practice that nourishes you
  • Take charge of something – a project at work, a community initiative, or even an at-home DIY project

Lesser yang

The lesser yang has a good balance between the two but leans towards the masculine/yang energy. Women with this archetype tend to be more extroverted and active than the lesser yin archetype.

You dream big and harness your creative energy to bring your ideas to life. You’re great at setting goals and achieving them while taking it all in your stride. If something doesn’t quite go your way or the universe throws a curveball at you (which it’s infamous for doing), it doesn’t phase you.

You’re the kind of woman who truly knows how to strike a healthy work-life balance, work hard and play hard. For this reason, people are drawn to you.

The challenge with this archetype is knowing how to harness the extra masculine energy available to you and not let it overshadow your feminine. Otherwise, when everything in your world seems to be going great, you might self-sabotage due to a lack of gratitude or boredom.

How to balance your masculine and feminine energy

  • Let yourself be in relationship – this is a wonderful way to practice being open and surrendering
  • Make sure you plan enough adventure into your days, weeks, and months so that you don’t get bored – you should have something that you’re excited about each week
  • Practice gratitude for all that’s good in your world – maybe even start a gratitude journal

Greater yang

The greater yang archetype is as masculine as you can get. This is the alpha, type-A boss woman who is a born leader. You’re assertive, highly driven to achieve your goals, and tend to dominate in any friendship group or relationship. Not only do you dream big, you think big, and you act BIG. You’re an empress when it comes to shifting energy.

A hustler at heart, you have a resilience and work ethic that lets you move mountains daily without burning out. You thrive on accomplishment and external success and never let your eyes stray from the prize. You’re a quick thinker, learner, and doer, which means people expect a lot from you and count on you to deliver. For some people, this pressure would be overwhelming, but you thrive on it.

What are the struggles of women who resonate with the greater yang archetype?

Because you do and give so much, it’s easy to feel disappointed or let down by others. They have total confidence in you, which is why they often leave you to do your thing and don’t offer to lend a hand. Many people are likely to feel intimidated by you too, which can lead them to not be fully open and honest with you out of fear of judgment.

It’s also very common for you to forget everything you have achieved. Remember to give yourself credit where credit is due and celebrate your successes. Know when to slow down, regroup, and let yourself receive.

How to balance your masculine and feminine energy

  • Meditate – this can be incredibly soothing and help you enjoy some stillness in your day amongst the busyness
  • Let yourself receive – whether it’s a compliment, an offer of help, or something else
  • Start a creative project that has no end goal – learn to enjoy the process and allow yourself to be fully in the moment
  • Create space to get outside and be in nature
  • Celebrate your wins – seriously, do this!

day and night

Feminine vs. masculine energy: where do you sit?

Having read through the qualities and archetypes of both, where on the spectrum do you find yourself with masculine vs. feminine energy? Are you more in your masculine or feminine? What do you struggle with most when it comes to balancing the two?

Drop all your thoughts, comments, and questions in the comments below!

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