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Bay Leaf Manifestation: 13 Ways To Make Magic With This Herb

manifestation with bay leaf

You can manifest with many things: crystals, candles, herbs, and even period blood. But have you ever heard of burning bay leaf for manifestation?

Yes, in ancient times, priestesses could be found chewing on bay leaves, burning bay leaves, and inhaling the bay fumes to induce a prophetic state. Bay leaves (also known as bay laurel) have been used by green witches in various protection and manifestation rituals for centuries.

So if you want to know what the bay leaf manifestation trend is all about, or you simply want a new way to manifest your deepest desires, this post is packed with simple tips and ideas you can try at home.

The power of bay leaves

Like so many plants that grow on our beautiful earth, bay leaves are sacred and have long been used to heal, cleanse, protect, and for manifestation and magic.

The bay leaf contains linalool (also found in lavender and mint), which can be used to treat anxiety; it has anti-inflammatory properties and can aid digestion, headaches, and even arthritis.

You can find them in your garden or purchase them in a grocery store or a special herb store.

Spiritual benefits of bay leaves

As I mentioned, bay leaves were known in ancient times for aiding psychic development in people. They were also used by Pagans, Wiccans, and witches in various spells to decorate their altars to welcome healing, strength, and positive energy.

This can be particularly beneficial during the winter since the God Apollo, associated with bay leaves, is also associated with Yule (also known as winter solstice). But bay leaves are good all year round, and you can work with them any time!

What is bay leaf manifestation?

burning bay leaf for manifestation

Manifestation with bay leaf is about using the abundant properties of this herb to manifest your deepest soul desires. It’s believed that working with bay leaves in any ritual, meditation, or altar work and visualizing your dreams can help you turn them into a reality.

Does the bay leaf manifestation work?

Yes, it does!

The most important thing to remember here is that the power of magic is directly related to your belief and intentions. If the idea of manifesting with bay leaves sounds ridiculous, then it’s unlikely you’ll be able to manifest anything with your spells and rituals.

Give these manifestation ideas a go, and have faith that you have the power to manifest anything you can dream of and that you deserve it. The more energy you channel into manifesting what you want (coupled with conscious action in the real world), the more likely it is to happen.

And the Universe will support you every step of the way—as long as it’s what you really want and comes from an authentic place.

How to manifest with bay leaf: 13 ways

When using these herbs for manifestation, give it everything you have. Think about how much you want your dream to be your reality, and channel that energy into it.

Whether you’re new to rituals and spellwork like this or an everyday witch, try out several of the manifesting ideas on this list. You don’t have to do them all, but the more, the better! Plus, this way, you can see which rituals you naturally enjoy and work for you and which ones don’t.

1. Meditate with your bay leaf

I’ve been meditating on and off for over 15 years. Although I don’t see any obvious benefits, it’s a beautiful way to ground and anchor me first thing in the morning or last thing at night. I’m sure it lowers my stress levels!

Meditation is also a powerful tool for manifesting because it allows you to clear your mind, focus, and connect with your higher self. And it’s so simple, especially if you’re already familiar with meditation.

Light a candle. Sit in a comfortable chair or cross-legged on the floor, and hold a bay leaf in your hand. Close your eyes. Take some deep breaths and think about what you want to manifest. Visualize achieving what you want, how you’ll feel, what you can see, who’s with you, and so on. The more detail, the better.

Sit peacefully in this state for as long as you like. When ready, gently bring yourself back into the room and open your eyes.

2. Write on it

One of the most popular forms of bay leaf manifestation is to write your wish on your leaf. This could be a word, sentence, number, or even a symbol that means something to you. Take some time to think about what you want to write.

3. Hold your bay leaf

After you’ve meditated, written on your bay leaf, or thought about what you want to manifest, take some time to hold the leaf consciously in your hands.

4. Burn your bay leaf for manifestation

Burning bay leaf for manifestation is common. In fact, burning, in general, is a common ritual practice. But burning bay leaves has many benefits. Firstly, this herb is associated with the element of fire, which means it’s the perfect thing to use in a burning ritual. And you’ll probably have cooked with bay leaves at some point, which shows that they couple well with heat!

To burn your bay leaf, you’ll need a pair of tweezers or small tongs to hold it so you don’t burn yourself. Use a match, lighter, or candle flame to set light to the leaf. Take care here and be patient. This is all part of your ritual. Place a fireproof dish underneath to catch the ashes (don’t throw them away!).

Give thanks for this moment and all that’s good in your life today, and think about your wish again.

When you’re done, scatter your ashes on the earth outside, bury them in your garden, or let the wind blow them away (if it’s windy enough!).

5. Anoint a candle

If you want to perform a simple candle spell, choose the color that correlates to what you wish to manifest. For example, if your intention is related to money, go for a green candle. If your intention is focused on love, go for a red candle.

You’ll need ground bay leaves for this burning ritual rather than a whole one and some bay leaf essential oil, if possible.

Bring your intention to mind as you anoint your candle with the oil and ground leaves.

6. Manifest with a bay leaf in a moon ritual

herbs for manifestation

If you’re looking for more ideas for moon rituals, why not do a bay leaf manifestation ritual?

The lunar cycle has different phases. Selecting the right phase to do your bay leaf ritual can magnify your results and help you manifest what you want more easily.

New moon bay leaf spell ritual

The new moon is about starting afresh and setting new intentions you wish to manifest. So the good news is, you won’t need to alter your bay leaf ritual much to fit with the new moon. Choose one of the ritual ideas above, and plan to do it on the night of the next new moon (there’s usually a 2-3 day window).

Full moon bay leaf spell ritual

The full moon is a time for celebrating, expanding, and shining a light on your shadows so that you can work through and let go of anything holding you back.

Instead of writing a wish on your bay leaf, you could write down something you wish to release and then follow the steps above.

Do this on the night of the full moon (there’s usually a 2-3 day window).

7. Carry your bay leaf with you

Another great idea for bay leaf manifestation is to carry your leaf with you after you’ve written your wish on it. You might place it in a coat pocket or your handbag, or even fold it up and place it inside a locket.

Throughout your days, bring attention to your desire. You can take the leaf out and hold it to deepen your focus.

8. Sleep with it

Working with bay leaves can also boost your psychic gifts and connection to the astral plane, give you more vivid dreams, and help you recall your dreams.

Pop a bay leaf under your pillow at night, or create your own spell jar using a bay leaf and place it on your bedside table.

9. Place it on your vision board

There’s something powerful about collating beautiful, inspiring images that mean something to you or represent your deepest desires and spending time with them each day. That’s why so many people (including me) love vision boards.

To take your bay leaf manifestation ritual to the next level, place it at the center of your vision board after you’ve written your wish on it!

10. Drink bay leaf tea

If you’re a bit of a kitchen witch like me, you might want to brew a pot of homemade bay leaf tea. All you need is some fresh bay leaves, some boiling water, and something to steep them in like a covered pot, cafetiere, or teapot.

11. Work with bay leaf essential oil

moon bath ritual

If you want a ritual idea that’s a little more hands-off, I’d recommend investing in a small bottle of bay leaf essential oil. Add a couple of drops to your next bath ritual. As you relax in the tub, focus on your desire and visualize it coming true.

The new moon phase is also a wonderful time to take a bath, so you might want to combine your bay leaf manifestation ritual with a moon ritual.

12. Bay leaf manifestation for love

If you’re specifically trying to attract love into your world, you’ll want to alter your ritual slightly.

Write down what you seek on your bay leaf. This could be the qualities you’re looking for in a partner, how you want to feel in a relationship, or something else.

Then you can follow any of the steps above to complete your ritual. If you decide to anoint a candle or burn your bay leaves, opt for a red candle because this represents romantic love and passion.

13. Bay leaf manifestation for money

One of the most common aims for manifestation and ritual is abundance. If you’re hoping to attract more money with bay leaf manifestation, focus on writing down words that symbolize abundance to you or a specific figure you want to manifest.

As you write this on your leaf, think positive thoughts, believe that you have the power to manifest anything your desire and imagine how you’ll feel when you have it.

The best place to put your leaf is in your purse. If you want to do a burning ritual, use a green candle because this is linked to money. Alternatively, make a spell jar for abundance and add your bay leaf to this.

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Other uses for bay leaf in manifestation: protect and cleanse your home

Sage and palo santo are the most common herbs when you think of cleansing a space before doing any kind of ritual. But burning bay leaves can also help to protect and cleanse your space. Plus, the aroma is incredibly relaxing and the perfect way to prepare for manifesting!

Alternatively, place a bay leaf at the front of your home or near your doors and windows to ward off negative energy.

9 manifestation tips with bay leaf

Here are a few handy tips to help you with your bay leaf manifestation rituals.

1. Choose the right time

When is the best time to perform bay leaf manifestation?

The new moon, full moon, and winter solstice are great times to work with bay leaves. The best way to keep track of the lunar cycle where you live is by using time and date.

You could also work with bay leaf manifestation on one of the other wheel of the year festival days.

2. Gain clarity on what you want

If you don’t know what you want, you won’t be able to manifest it! This is rule 101 of manifestation.

So get clear on what you truly want. Not what you think you want, what someone else wants for you, or what you think will impress other people, but what your heart and soul desire.

The more specific you can be, the better.

Connecting to your intuition and higher self through meditation, working with oracle and tarot cards, and journaling can help you gain more clarity.

3. Focus your attention on the bay leaf

When doing your ritual, focus all your energy and attention on the bay leaf. Be fully present in the moment. If your mind wanders, gently draw it back. Your energy plays a big role in ritual and spellwork like this—don’t underestimate the power of paying attention!

4. Repeat affirmations

An affirmation is a positive, present tense statement (similar to a mantra) that you repeat to yourself to help you create what you want.

Here are some example affirmations you might work with while you do your bay leaf manifestation ritual:

  • All my dreams are coming true
  • The Universe supports me as I walk this path
  • I am worthy of everything I desire
  • I am capable of manifesting everything I desire
  • Everything I need, I attract with ease
  • I trust in the divine timing of my life

Affirmations are best worked with daily. Write them down on scraps of paper, place them on your altar or desk at work, or even stick them onto a mirror.

5. Visualize your wish coming true

One of the best tips when doing any manifestation ritual is to visualize your dreams as though they are already your reality. See yourself achieving them. Notice how you feel, what you can see, and the positive emotions of making your desires a reality. The more detailed you can be, the better. This is you declaring to the Universe what you want.

From a logical perspective, when we do this, we help our brain see that what we want is possible, which allows us to move toward it.

6. Believe that it’s possible

bay leaves spiritual benefits

The thing about magic is it only works for those who believe in it. If you have faith in what you’re doing, it doesn’t matter how “crazy” anyone else thinks it is. If you believe you can manifest what you want, then you will.

So release any doubts that you have. I know that’s easier said than done. Something as simple as replacing a negative thought with a positive, empowering one can be effective. So next time a doubt does creep in, bring awareness to it and correct it in the moment. Keep doing this until positive thoughts become your default.

7. Take action!

A bay leaf manifestation ritual is the first part of making your dreams come true. Once you’ve declared to the Universe what you want, you’ve got to take action in the physical world to make it happen.

Avoid sitting around waiting for things to land in your lap. Channel your energy towards what you want, and you’re infinitely more likely to manifest it.

8. Listen to your intuition

After you’ve completed your bay leaf ritual, pay attention to any whispers or symbols that find you, whether in the day or in your dreams. The Universe always sends us signals and signs, if only we are tuned in and ready to receive them.

9. Be patient

The final tip I’d like to offer you when doing a bay leaf manifestation ritual is to have patience. You might have heard of stories of people manifesting things overnight. While this is possible, there’s a good chance it will take a little longer to work, especially if you’re new to this practice.

Don’t lose hope over the coming weeks and months. Believe in what you want and know that if it’s for you, it shall not pass you by.


I hope this post has given you a solid intro to working with and burning bay leaves for manifestation. These are just one of many herbs that you can weave into rituals and spellwork as you make magic.

Have you tried doing a bay leaf ritual? Tell me what you did and what happened in the comments below!

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