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3 Cord Cutting Spell Rituals To Regather Your Energy & Move On

cord cutting spell ritual

Cord cutting rituals are not just for witches. If you’ve ever struggled to let go of a person, a place, or even a job, energetically cutting the cord with a cord cutting spell can help sever the ties in all of these situations.

Many of us have unhealthy attachments we’re unaware of, whether to an ex, a current family member, or a town where we experienced a lot of trauma. Any time you spend time with someone, in a specific place, or work a job, a part of your energy gets tied up there. And unless you consciously detach, your energy will remain scattered in these people and places. This can make us feel emotionally drained, anxious, lethargic, or even depressed.

It’s challenging (rather impossible) to fully move on and channel your energy and attention into a new person, relationship, or project when it’s not available to you. And that’s why cord cutting can be freeing but also a truly empowering ritual.

What is a cord cutting ritual?

A cord cutting ritual or cord cutting spell are terms for using your magic (your energy, intentions, inner wisdom, and connection to the Universe) to sever energetic and emotional ties with a person, relationship, place, object, or even a belief that no longer serves you. You visualize (or physically use a piece of string or rope) cutting the cord that ties you together, which helps you separate from that person, experience, or place.

One of the most common occasions to perform a cord cutting ritual is when you go through a breakup, and there are still a lot of feelings there (good and/or bad), and you want to move on for good.

We all know that this takes a certain amount of time. It’s not as easy as snapping our fingers or doing a cord cutting ritual the following week and expecting to feel fabulous and ready to date again. But once you have taken the time (and necessary steps) to heal and move on, you might still feel as though you are “tethered” to that person somehow. Because you are.

You want to fully let it all go, move on and have a fresh start, but it feels like the person is still somehow a part of you, and not in a healthy way. A cord cutting ritual can be the final step that removes all your energy from that person.

cord cutting spell ritual

Make sure you’re ready to let go

If you potentially want to get back with your ex or, for whatever reason, aren’t completely ready to let go and move on, then a cord cutting ritual isn’t the right spell to perform.

It’s okay if there is some resistance or fear because this is normal. The same way that it’s normal when thinking about moving countries, breaking up with someone you’ve been with for years, or leaving a job to start a business.

But overall, you want to be ready for this cord to be cut. Even the thought of finally being untethered from this person should fill you with relief.

How to do a cord cutting ritual

There are many different ways to perform a cord cutting ritual. Some include simply visualizing the cord between you and whatever you wish to release. Others involve using a piece of string or twine to represent the cord and symbolically cutting this. I recommend reading through the options below and going for whichever feels right. This could differ depending on the person, place, or object.

Some people say that you can cut multiple cords with multiple people or places during one ritual, but I recommend doing a separate cord cutting ritual for each thing you wish to release. This allows you to channel all your focus, energy, and intentions in a deeper way and create a greater impact.

I also recommend cutting the cord alone and not involving anyone else (physically) in your ritual because it’s a very personal and intimate spell.

#1 Cord cutting visualization ritual

A cord cutting visualization ritual is perfect if you’re not a practicing witch and don’t have many spiritual tools lying around that you can use (like candles and herbs). It’s a simple ritual but just as effective as any others on this list. Remember, you don’t need fancy tools to perform magic; your magic lives inside you.

Cleanse your space

You can do this by burning herbs, diffusing essential oils, or even visualizing a bubble of light surrounding you.

If you have a candle, light it for your ritual (black is best for this spell, but work with what you have).

Close your eyes

Make sure you’re somewhere quiet and comfortable. Sit either on a chair or in a cross-legged position. You might want to meditate for a few minutes before moving on.


When you’re ready, bring the person, place, object, or belief (insert your thing here) you want to cut your cord with to mind.

Visualize the cord that tethers you. What does it look like? How does it feel? What does it mean?

Be mindful not to stir up old wounds from the past while you do this because negative energy can impact the cord cutting ritual.

Next, visualize a tool that you will use to sever the cord. A pair of scissors, a knife, or some shears.

When you’re ready, visualize cutting the cord. You may wish to acknowledge this aloud by saying, “I wholly release you from my life and wish you well.”

Know that you have everything within you to let go of this connection that no longer serves you. Give thanks for the experiences and lessons that have transmuted into wisdom.

Sit in this space for a while. Let yourself receive any messages or divine pieces of wisdom.

Close your ritual

End your visualization in whatever way feels right. Say a prayer, give thanks, think about what you’re grateful for, or use sound to signal the completion. If you did conjure a bubble of light at the start, picture this dissolving.

It can be nice to take a shower or salt bath straight after performing your cord cutting spell to physically cleanse, ground your energy, and symbolize a refresh.

#2 Cord cutting spell ritual

Gather your tools

  • A black candle (and something to light it with)
  • Something to cleanse your space (herbs, essential oils, etc.)
  • A piece of black string, twine, or yarn
  • Scissors
  • Optional: a fireproof bowl

cutting the cord

Cleanse your space

Same process as before. Be sure to physically and energetically clean your space.

Sit down with your cord

Light your candle. Get comfortable somewhere you won’t be disturbed.

Hold your cord in your hands and think about everything you need to release to fully let go of your attachment to this person, place, or object. For each of these things, tie a knot in your cord. As you do this, visualize your feelings pouring into the knots and the cord so that everything is now attached to it rather than you. Don’t hold back here; let it all out. You may feel tears or the need to scream. Allow it all

Make sure that you have an odd number of knots. If you only have one, that’s okay.

Recenter yourself

Take some time to ground back into yourself, having released all of those pent-up feelings and emotions. Take as long as you need

Untie the knots & cut the cord

The next step in the cord cutting ritual is to sit with the cord and begin to untie each knot. As you do, imagine all the pain, suffering, and tension released from the cord.

Sit with the cord again. You may wish to repeat an affirmation or prayer, such as “I am free.” Feel an opening and a lightness in your heart.

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Now, cut the cord. As an optional extra, you can burn the cord in a fireproof container or bury it somewhere.

Close your ritual

Close your ritual in any way that feels right. Repeat your affirmation once more. Meditate for a few minutes. Take some deep breaths. Give thanks for this moment, and all that has led you here.

#3 Cord cutting candle spell ritual

Gather your tools

  • Two black pillar or birthday candles (and something to light them with)
  • Two candle holders
  • Something to cleanse your space (herbs, essential oils, etc.)
  • A piece of black string, twine, or yarn

Cleanse your space

Always cleanse your space before performing any magic ritual or spell because it helps clear away negative energy and reset the field so that your energy can be directed where you want it to go.

cord cutting spell ritual

Set up your candle loop

Place each candle in a candle holder (on a flat surface), and position them opposite each other with some space in between.

Tie your string into a loop (with a simple knot), then place it around both candles.

Gently move the candles away from each other to create some tension so that the string is taught and held in place.

Set an intention

The next step in the cord cutting candle spell ritual is to set your intention. Bring to mind whatever it is you wish to cut cords with and the emotions tied to this. Channel all these feelings into the cord around your candles.

Light the flame

The final step is to light both candles and watch them burn. So if you’re in a hurry, opt for the birthday-sized candles rather than taller pillar ones. As they burn, they will likely burn through the string too. But if not, you can cut the string with some scissors.

Leave the candles to burn all the way down (but make sure you don’t leave them unattended!). Keep a small bowl of water close by in case of emergency.

Close your ritual

Once the candles have completely burned down, and your cord is either burned or severed, close your ritual. Repeat an affirmation to yourself like, “I am free.” Close your eyes and meditate for a while or take some deep breaths. Give thanks to the Universe and/or your guides.

cord cutting ritual

Continue to do the work after your ritual

Although your cutting cord ritual might be complete, the work is not completely over. Now that you have energetically released this person, place, or object, it’s important to match it in your physical, day-to-day life. For example, you might still live in the same city as your ex or even work in the same office, so avoiding them in real life becomes a real challenge.

When you cut the energetic cord, opportunities, and situations will appear in your life that enable you to release this person or thing on a physical level too. Like an opportunity to sit down with this person and make it clear that you want to fully end your connection and let them go. A dream job offer in a new city. An online course that shifts your perspective. An incredible therapist or healer who helps you fully recover from your past wounds.

Say yes to these opportunities and invitations to heal and grow. Otherwise, this cord may rebuild itself and establish that toxic connection.

Are you ready to cut that cord?

If you found your way to this article, there’s a good chance there is a person, job, or place weighing you down, and you’re ready to finally let it go and move forward. If you feel willing and open to sharing your story, I’d love to hear it in the comments below. And if you have any questions about cord cutting spells and rituals, post them there too.

Are you ready to cut the cord?

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  • I don’t know of you will ever see this, but thank you for your article. It does help. I just wish I was actually ready to release, untether myself. Realistically not today but soon. My heart aches at every breath and I struggles deeply. Inside I know I am smart and strong and I will figure things out. I have to…

    • Hi Lala,

      Thanks for reading and sharing where you’re at right now in the process of letting go. I hope you find the strength to release, in your own time 🙂

      Shani x

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