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Discover The Spiritual Meaning Of The February Full Snow Moon
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Discover The Spiritual Meaning Of The February Full Snow Moon

february full snow moon spiritual meaning

In ancient times, the natives lived on a lunar calendar rather than a solar one, i.e., they lived in moons rather than months. On the new moon, the moon is not visible in the sky, whereas, on a full moon, she illuminates like a big sphere of light that ignites the entire night sky. This is why the full moons became a way of tracking time, and each full moon was given a different name depending on the season and what was occurring in the native’s world.

The term “snow moon”—and all the other terms below—apply to the entire moon cycle (this full moon to the next one), which lasts around 29 days.

Keep reading to learn more about the February full snow moon and what it symbolizes.

What is a full snow moon?

The February full snow moon got its name because of the heavy snowfall that would typically occur at this time of year in the colder parts of North America and Northern Europe. It was a tough, dark time of year with bitter conditions that made it challenging for hunters to find food.

It’s also sometimes known as the Hungry moon (because the food was scarce), the Bear moon (because bear cubs were born around this time), or even the Groundhog moon (which is where the term “Groundhog day” originates from).

When is the full snow moon in 2025?

LA, United States: 12th Feb 2025, 05:53

London, United Kingdom: 12th Feb 2025, 13:53

Sydney, Australia: 13th Feb 2025, 00:53

Click here to find the exact time of the full snow moon where you live.

What sign is the full snow moon in?

The February full snow moon is in the sign of Leo the lion, which is opposite where the sun currently is in Aquarius.

The energy that the moon is in will always affect the energy of the full moon, which is why it’s a great idea to use the sign as inspiration for the work, practices, and rituals you engage in. And the energy of the sun and the other planets in the solar system will also affect the energy (more on that later).

So the full snow moon will be infused with Leo and Aquarius dynamics.

The spiritual meaning of a snow moon

1. The light is returning

Although February can be a very cold and barren time of year, Spring is right around the corner. With it comes new hope and possibilities.

Since the Winter Solstice, the sun has been returning, and the days are lengthening. We won’t notice the longer days until we head fully into Spring, but it’s within sight.

Imbolc (1 Feb) celebrates the first signs of Spring and new beginnings. This is when seeds start to sprout, the first flowers bloom, and birds begin to sing again. It’s as if the entire earth is waking up energized from its Winter slumber, ready to seize the new year.

2. A gentle awakening

Another spiritual meaning of the full snow moon is one of awakening. Something is stirring beneath the soil, and something is stirring deep within us too. As we move out of the dark time of the year and into the light phase, we transition from more inward, reflective energy to outward, expansive energy.

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Slowness is key. Resist the urge to speed into action and overdo it. There is peace and stillness to the snow moon.

3. Be present and surrender

The final spiritual meaning of the full snow moon is an invitation to surrender. It’s natural to want to control everything, but the truth is we cannot. You do your part, let the Universe do hers, and enter into a beautiful partnership of co-creation. Trust in divine timing, and what is meant for you shall not pass you by.

There’s a significant amount of change going on in the world at this time of year, but most of it we cannot see. This is a reminder that change, transformation, and growth does not have to be loud. It can be quiet and still be seismic and meaningful.

How to work with the full snow moon

The full moon is always a great time to make moon water, charge your crystals, or do a tarot reading, but here are some specific ways to honor and embody the energy of the full snow moon this February.

  • Light an abundance of candles around your home (focus on the light and warmth in your life)
  • Choose where you want to focus your energy and resources between now and Summer Solstice
  • Adorn yourself like the sun (in shades of yellow, orange, and gold)
  • Do a heart-opening meditation
  • Rediscover your inner sparkle
  • Take a cleansing bath (with sunflowers for Leo)
  • Create a sigil (to release what no longer feels authentic to you)

Celebrate the full snow moon

How will you celebrate the February snow wolf moon? Can you feel yourself awakening after the Winter? Does your world feel ripe with hope and new possibilities?

Have you got a question about the snow moon and its spiritual meaning or something else? Drop it in the comments below!

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