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Full Moon In Leo Rituals 2023: Return To Your Heart & Shine
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Full Moon In Leo Rituals 2023: Return To Your Heart & Shine

full moon in leo ritual 2023

The full moon in Leo is right around the corner, and with all the planets finally stationed direct, it feels like a late unofficial start to 2023. But what does the full moon in Leo mean from an energetic lens, and how can you celebrate this full moon with a ritual tailored to the heart and fire of your inner lioness?

The full moon in Leo is also known as the snow moon. With it comes an invitation to heal our inner child, return to our hearts, find the courage to reclaim the fullest expression of who we are, and shine brightly so the world can see us sparkle.

What does a full moon mean?

A full moon occurs roughly every 28-29 days. Each phase of the moon has its own energy and is linked to one of our menstrual cycle phases.

On the full moon, she shines a light on our shadows and invites us to face anything we’ve repressed or hidden in our shadows (our subconscious). It’s also a time to expand, turn your energy outward, and celebrate how far you’ve come this moon, this year, and even this lifetime.

Because the moon’s energy is feminine, the full moon is a time to reconnect and reclaim the divine feminine within you and be around other women doing the same.

When is the full moon in leo 2023?

LA, United States: 5 Feb 2023, 10:28

London, United Kingdom: 5 Feb 2023, 18:28

Sydney, Australia: 6 Feb 2023, 05:28

Click here for the exact time of the Leo full moon 2023 where you live.

The full moon phase lasts between 2-3 days. Do a full moon ritual on any of these days while her energy is still strong.

What is the full moon in leo 2023 about?

While the full moon is in Leo, here’s what the other planets are up to and what this symbolizes.

Excitement & possibility is in the air

All the lovely planets in the solar system are currently stationed direct (that means they’re moving forwards), and there are no retrogrades (backward moving planets) forecast until April this year. So there is a strong, forward momentum on earth right now which is likely to bring new opportunities, connections, ideas, and abundance your way, maybe even faster than you know what to do with it all!

Remember that we have to say no to certain things to say yes to others. Only say yes to things that feel like a full fuck yes and are in alignment with who you are and where you want to grow.

Uranus squares the full moon

While the full moon shines brightly in Leo, the planet Uranus squares the moon in Taurus. Uranus is the rebel planet, the out-of-the-box thinker who brings disruption and major breakthroughs.

Uranus’s energy on this full moon will shake us awake and help us view our lives in ways we never have. This can lead to a desire to make big changes, a sudden decision, or finally take action on something we’ve been mulling over.

You’ll likely become aware of what’s no longer working in your life, and this is an invitation to release or change it.

As Marilyn Monroe famously said, “sometimes good things fall apart so that better things can fall together.” If we resist change and cling to what feels comfortable and familiar, we stunt our growth, and life is all about evolving.

Are you living a life that feels true for you, or are you playing small and living out of alignment and integrity with your heart?

Chiron wants us to examine our past wounds

The moon trines Chiron in Aries (which means it’s 120 degrees apart), adding to the full moon in Leo vibe. Chiron is the wounded healer who calls us to meet and feel our past wounds, understand how they still affect us today (if we haven’t healed from them), and learn to make peace.

Are there any deep or sore old wounds that still haunt you? How do they affect you today? And how can you bring acceptance and love to a past you cannot change?

Mars brings us fire & courage

The moon sextiles (which means it’s 60 degrees apart) Mars in Gemini, and with it comes the fire and courage we sometimes need to be ourselves, especially when society constantly tries to bend and break us.

When we wear a mask to the world and do not honor who we truly are, our heart sinks, and our energy shrinks. Although being authentic requires constant bravery, Leo and Mars are the dream team who can help us rise and meet all of ourselves.

Here are the general themes and lessons the full moon in Leo always brings us each year.

1.Transcend your ego

The shadow side of the full moon in Leo is the ego. The ego is where we obtain our sense of identity and define who we are, which is heavily shaped by our experiences and influences growing up. This is where your inner critic, deepest, darkest fears, and negative thoughts live.

The reality is that you are not your ego, and the ego can get in your way of finding and expressing who you truly are. Sometimes we think, behave, and act in a way we think we should to gain validation and approval from others (family, friends, society).

Take time to acknowledge if and where your ego has grabbed the wheel from you, and return to your highest self. Your highest self has all the answers that you seek.

2. Tune into & follow your heart

The sign of Leo represents who we are at our center and encourages us to reconnect with our hearts and feel our truth. The positive energies of Leo—courage, strength, leadership, vulnerability—all help us make this journey inward and acknowledge what we find there.

If you’re someone who is ruled by your mind (a lot of us are, particularly air signs), Leo gently reminds you that while the mind may convince you it’s running the show, it’s the heart that is in sync with your wisdom and the wisdom of the universe and guides us forward. Now is the time to open your heart and sit with whatever you find there.

3. Shine bright like a diamond

The full moon in Leo can help shine a spotlight on you and pierce through anything dulling your sparkle. It’s time to find your light and love yourself unapologetically despite your fear of rejection.

Leo is a sign of confidence and glamor. Let your inner lioness shine and take center stage in your life again. Plan to do something that lights you up within and makes you feel special. It’s this light that will change the world.

It’s easy to let the waves of life throw us around and get caught up in adulting, so on this full moon, cast off the weight on your shoulders and let yourself have fun.

4. Own who you are & what you want

Leo brings regal energy to our lives and helps us channel our inner Queen archetype.

This is not a time to shrink but to step up and own who you are, where you are, and what you want. To truly be ourselves, we must risk exposure, taking up space, and being fully seen.

Find something to be proud of and to love about you, even while you’re still on a journey of growth and becoming. Nobody else is you; you have a unique energy, a set of gifts, and a message to share with the world. Now is the time to take center stage and share your heartbeats.

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5. Keep it simple

Although Leo’s energy can seem very OTT on the surface, it is rooted in simplicity (shocking, I know).

On this full moon, let yourself reconnect with your heart and the few things that are truly meaningful to you. Actions and changes do not always have to be loud and dramatic; sometimes, the simplest and smallest steps can be the most profound.

A full moon in leo ritual for 2023

There are many ways to celebrate the full moon in Leo 2023 with ritual. Make your ritual as simple or elaborate as you like. If you feel comfortable creating a ritual at home, do that, and if you prefer to attend a local women’s moon ritual, follow that desire.

I find that dimming the lights and lighting candles, putting on some soft music, burning incense, and meditating for a few minutes is always enough to create a sacred space for myself that feels ready for ritual and magic. And make sure you cleanse your space and yourself before you start by burning some herbs or using a diffuser.

1. Adorn yourself like the sun

The sign of Leo is associated with the sun, so there’s no better way to celebrate the full moon in Leo than by bringing the energy of this bright ball of fire into it.

Decorate your altar in shades of yellow and gold, wear your sunniest or sparkliest robe, and even weave yellows, oranges, and bronzes into your beauty ritual.

2. Do a heart-opening meditation

This full moon in Leo calls us to return to the heart, and a heart-opening meditation is a beautiful, accessible way to do this.

I love Alo Moves for their wonderful guided meditations and amazing teachers. Alternatively, use Spotify to find a peaceful meditation track, place your hands on your heart, and breathe. Sit here in a relaxed state of bliss as long as you like and see what stirs within your soul.

3. Have a day where you shine like a star

To help you rediscover your inner sparkle, dedicate an entire day to yourself this full moon in Leo, where you treat yourself like a total Queen.

Wear your blingiest dress (maybe add a crown or tiara, because why not?!). Do things that make you feel luxurious. That could be treating yourself to a small box of handmade truffles (for me, it’s a punnet of raspberries or avocados) or sipping on a glass of champagne at a swanky hotel. Do things that inspire and excite you.

4. Take a cleansing bath with sunflowers

I love taking a bath on the new or full moon. For this full moon in Leo 2023, add some lioness energy to your bath ritual by making it an opulent experience.

Create a milky bath tea using coconut milk powder or ground oats. Add sunflowers to symbolize the sun and drops of your favorite essential oils. You can even do your heart meditation in the bath.

Make sure you have a fluffy bathrobe and slippers to pop on once you step out of the tub.

5. Create a sigil

When you want to release something, creating a sigil is a brilliant way to do so. A sigil is a unique symbol that represents whatever it is you want to let go of (read more about the process here).

First, design your sigil on a piece of paper. Next, hold it to your heart and imagine releasing this weight from your life, whatever it is. You can then pop your piece of paper somewhere under the full moonlight for one night (on a windowsill is perfect). In the morning, burn your piece of paper, or tear it up and throw the pieces away.

Ready to celebrate the full moon in leo 2023?

How will you work with the energy of the Leo full moon and celebrate with ritual? Share your lessons from Leo and rituals with me in the comments below!

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