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Full Moon In Scorpio Ritual: Meet Your Truth
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Full Moon In Scorpio Ritual: Meet Your Truth

full moon in scorpio ritual

Scorpio is a catalyst for death and rebirth and encourages deep transformation within us and the wider collective. It forces us to sit with our emotions, confront our shadows, and dissolve anything that no longer aligns with our soul’s truth. And with the Sun in Taurus, there is a grounding, sensual, luxurious wave that wants us to be fully present in the moment and connect with the Earth beneath our feet.

That is the dance of this full moon. Scorpio invites us to connect to ourselves, while Taurus urges us to connect to the Earth. In doing so, we align ourselves with our soul purpose and the natural rhythm of the Universe.

Let’s explore the themes of this full moon in a little more detail + keep reading for some simple but beautiful ways to create your own Scorpio-themed ritual.

What does a full moon symbolize?

A full moon is perhaps the most potent and energetic phase of the entire moon cycle. Every 29 days or so, we are greeted by Grandmamma moon’s radiant sphere of light, illuminating the night sky and bathing us in her feminine frequency.

A full moon is about expanding, celebrating, and letting go of anything that no longer serves you. It’s also about shining a light on your shadows (even more so on a Scorpio full moon) and connecting with your inner feminine.

When is the full moon in scorpio 2024?

LA, United States: 23rd April at 16:48

London, United Kingdom: 24th April at 00:48

Sydney, Australia: 24th April at 09:48

Click here for the exact time of the Scorpio full moon 2024 where you live.

The full moon phase always lasts between 2-3 days, so aim to do your full moon ritual during this window while we are still in the full moon frequency.

What is the full moon in scorpio 2023 about?

Prepare for your world to be rocked

It is common to experience a storm during the full moon in Scorpio. But Scorpio never rocks the boat for the sake of it. It wants everything that no longer serves us to fall apart so that we can make space for the new to flow in.

Prepare for arguments, upsets, and conflict, but practice compassion and awareness in these interactions. Look for what they are pointing you away from and toward. Can you find the deeper message and the silver lining? Ask yourself, “How is what is happening to me serving my highest good?”

The truth will be revealed

A full moon always reveals the truth. Sometimes, this can happen dramatically; other times, it will be quiet and subtle. The aim is to discover or learn whatever you need to pivot the direction of your life.

Remember that regardless of how hard the truth is to accept, once it has been seen, it cannot be unseen. You cannot fight the truth no matter how much you struggle. The Universe gives us what we need, but this will not always be what we want. Know that this divine guidance is always in your highest good and the highest good of all. So be open to receiving the messages that want to come through, and don’t be afraid to make a change in your life.

Be willing to feel your deepest emotions

The full moon in Scorpio is always a time when we are asked to feel our deepest emotions, particularly the most painful ones. Scorpio embodies the archetype of the witch or the sorceress. It reminds us that we all hold the magic and power within to transform our wounds into wisdom and heal. But it begins with feeling everything that arises.

Move out of your head and into your heart because logic won’t work here. To better feel your emotions, create pockets of calm and stillness in your day, where you consciously slow down and unplug from the busyness of life. Whatever has been left unprocessed, unhealed, or unresolved will rise to the surface on this full moon. Meet all of these emotions with compassion, acceptance, and love.

Confront your shadows

Grandmamma moon shines her light on our darkness and encourages us to meet our shadows. Your shadows are all things that linger in your subconscious and are wrapped in layers of pain, shame, guilt, and fear. In our shadows, we find our deepest fears, regrets, and wounds. We all have them, but our resistance is rooted in the belief that we should not. You are imperfectly human, and that is beautiful.

Confronting our shadows is the first step to healing and transforming them into growth. Face your deepest fears, triggers, and limiting beliefs, and they will no longer have a hold on you.

Is it scary? Yes.

Will it be uncomfortable? Absolutely.

But it will also be incredibly healing and wildly empowering. This is the only way to know and accept our whole selves.

Create space for sexual healing & discovery

Every sign rules a specific area of the body, and Scorpio governs the sexual organs. The full moon in Scorpio shines a light on all aspects of our sexuality. Whether there’s trauma we need to heal, a hidden desire we need to explore, or a deeper connection to be made with our bodies and/or sex.

Reflect on your relationship with your yoni and with sex. Do you have any sexual trauma that needs to be met and healed before you can truly enjoy your body and sex? Is the sex you’re having fulfilling and nourishing, or is it disempowering you somehow? Is there something you yearn for that you feel unable to voice? Are you spending enough time enjoying your body and your yoni through self-pleasure sessions?

A full moon in scorpio ritual

With the moon in Scorpio and the Sun in Taurus, now is the time to infuse some luxury into your full moon ritual, whatever that means to you.

Maybe you have a full moon bath ritual and go to town with candles, rose petals, salts, and essential oils, then lather your body with a massage oil afterward and wrap yourself in a snuggly soft towel robe and slippers. You could plan a decadent self-pleasure session where you light a candle, put on some sensual music, slip into a silky robe, and enjoy playing with coconut oil and your favorite crystal wand. Trust and honor whatever you feel drawn to.

Below, I’ve collated some beautiful ways to celebrate this full moon in Scorpio 2023. You can choose just one thing, which can be your entire ritual, or do everything on the list. Maybe there’s something else you feel called to do, and you weave that into your ritual too.

1. Set up your space

Set up your space at the start of your full moon ritual. Give it a physical clean by clearing any clutter and wiping down any surfaces. Then do an energetic cleanse by burning some herbs, using an essential oil spray, or simply visualizing the space (and yourself) being cleansed.

I love to light a candle and sometimes put on some peaceful instrumental music in the background for my ritual.

2. Ground & connect to Earth

With the Sun in Taurus, we are being called to connect more deeply with nature and root ourselves into the physical Earth. And because Scorpio brings such intense emotional energy, making time to ground and calm ourselves is vital.

So whether you step into your garden, take a walk on the beach, or lay down and star gaze, get into nature and allow yourself to be present in the moment. Connect to all five of your senses. Take some deep breaths. Spend as long as you like here.

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3. Indulge in a cacao ceremony

Keeping with the pleasure-seeking theme of Taurus, brewing yourself a cup of cacao can be a wonderful way to add some luxe to your full moon in Scorpio ritual. Cacao is a wonderful plant medicine that can help open your heart and allow you to feel the rainbow of emotions that this full moon invites you to feel.

Choose your favorite cup, an ethically and sustainably produced cacao product, and make a sacred ceremony for yourself.

4. Meditate with black obsidian

Black Obsidian is a stone of protection and healing that has long been used by witches, alchemists, and shamans. It can shine a light on darkness and emit a powerful, high-vibe frequency that dissolves any lower or negative vibrations.

You could place it on your altar during the full moon in Scorpio or hold it to your heart space while you meditate and allow the frequencies of strength, courage, and light to fill the depths of you.

5. Shadow work & deep reflection

Shadow work is powerful anytime, but the Scorpio full moon is ripe for meeting our shadows and harnessing healing and transformational energies.

Open your journal and free write on anything that is stirring within you. What have you buried deep within out of fear, pain, guilt, or shame? Is there anything you feel called to release?

Allow the light of the full moon to wash away anything that no longer serves you, heal your wounds, and lead you to growth.

6. Connect with your sacral chakra

We’re awash with sensual, sexy vibes from Taurus and Scorpio on this full moon. There’s no better way to tap into your sexual energy than by connecting to and healing your sacral chakra.

There are many ways to do this. Let yourself do something creative. Dance. Play. Indulge your inner child. Recite affirmations. Move in front of the mirror. Practice deep hip openers in yoga, like pigeon and goddess pose. Place your hands on your sacral chakra center and breathe into this area, imagining bright orange light filling your entire body.

7. Do a yoni steam

Yoni steams are a wonderful thing to do for yourself whenever you want to cleanse your yoni and practice self-care. It also helps increase blood flow to your pelvic area, and you’ll reap the medicinal benefits of whichever herbs you use. Just make sure you don’t yoni steam if you’re bleeding, pregnant, or have an infection.

Choose your herbs, set up a relaxing space where you won’t be disturbed, and enjoy. Check out our complete guide on how to do a yoni steam at home.

8. Indulge in a self-pleasure sesh

There’s no better way to honor the sexiness of the full moon in Scorpio than by indulging in a self-pleasure ritual. Block out at least an hour for your self-pleasure ritual. Make sure you’re somewhere that feels safe and inviting and that you won’t be disturbed; otherwise, you won’t be able to fully relax and let go. Maybe you whisk yourself away for a night in a hotel to make it even more special and sacred.

You might want to begin by taking a bath to really relax. Light some candles, put on a sensual playlist, and slip into something that makes you feel sexy. Have some coconut oil nearby and any pleasure tools and toys you’d like to experiment with. Spend plenty of time touching every inch of your body, lingering whenever it feels good. Go slower than you usually would and really savor every moment.

Ready to celebrate the full moon in scorpio?

How will you work with the energy of this full moon? Share your Scorpio full moon rituals with me in the comments below!

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