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Discover The Spiritual Meaning Of The July Full Buck Moon
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Discover The Spiritual Meaning Of The July Full Buck Moon

july full buck moon spiritual meaning

In ancient times, we lived in moons rather than months. The moon was tracked in the sky, and each full moon indicated one lunar cycle completed, roughly every 29 days. Grandmamma moon served as a guide for women and their menstrual cycle (because these cycles are mirrored) and revealed when to sow and harvest crops, when to slow down and when to speed up.

Over time, we have lost this connection to the moon, our sacred cycles, and the earth. But women everywhere are awakening to this ancient wisdom and knowing in their bodies. Working with the lunar cycle is a simple way to reconnect to your body and the feminine and live in harmony with these natural cycles.

There are 13 moons in each of our modern-day calendar years, which is another clear indication that the 12 months and 365-day-year that we now follow make very little sense and have no bearing on the seasons or cycles of the earth.

Here are the common names for all the full moons throughout the year:

Keep reading to learn more about the May full flower moon and what it symbolizes.

What is the july full buck moon?

The full moon in July is known as the buck moon because male deers (known as bucks) reach the peak of growth at this time of year when their antlers are at their largest. Each year, a buck sheds and regrows its antlers, and each year they will grow bigger than the last.

There are alternative names for this full moon, depending on the region and climate. Some popular ones include the salmon moon (because fish returned to the area and were ready to be harvested), the berry moon (when chokecherries are ripe), the ripe corn moon, the thunder moon, the halfway summer moon, and the feather moon.

When is the july full buck moon in 2024?

LA, United States: 21st July 03:17

London, United Kingdom: 21st July 11:17

Sydney, Australia: 21st July 20:17

Click here for the exact time of the July full buck moon 2024 where you live.

What sign is the july full buck 2024 in?

The July full buck moon 2024 is in the sign of Capricorn, which is opposite where the sun currently sits in Cancer.

This means that this full moon will be infused with both Capricorn and Cancer themes. Both signs have a strong desire for security: for Capricorn, it’s financial, external security, and for Cancer, it’s emotional stability that can only be created within.

The spiritual meaning of the july full buck moon

1. Harness your full potential

Just as the buck’s antlers grow to their fullest point, the spiritual meaning of the July full buck moon is about reaching your fullest potential. In reality, this is not something we can speedily manifest and is truly the work of a lifetime. But during this full moon, think about the small steps you can take over the next few weeks to move closer to your potential.

There may be patterns or beliefs you can release, shadows you can heal, and steps you can take to become more of who you already are on a soul level.

2. Move toward your dream life

In keeping with the Capricorn theme of steadily working toward your goals, dreams, and purpose, think about actionable steps to take this full moon to get you there. Maybe that means applying for that new role you’ve been thinking about forever, buying that domain name for your new business, writing the first page of that book, or enrolling in that course that your soul is crazy-excited about.

We need the right intentions and mindset to help us take action toward our dreams, and Capricorn is all about self-discipline, hard work, and determination. The sea goat keeps going until she reaches the top of that steep mountain. But she’ll need some help to get there. So ask yourself, what will help you take action toward your dream life? Maybe it’s a business coach, a soul-sister virtual circle, a more organized work/home space, or using a digital calendar to make better use of your time.

3. Grounding

Since Capricorn is an earth sign, another spiritual meaning of the July full buck moon is grounding yourself back into the earth.

Being in nature can help a lot with this (walking, hiking, swimming, stargazing) and meditation with your palms face down on your knees/legs. You can also visualize yourself “rooting” into Gaia below you through a pillar of light that runs from your womb space down into the crystal grids below you.

Eating earthy foods like sweet potatoes, mushrooms, beetroots, parsnips, and carrots can also help to nourish and ground you.

4. Growth

The final meaning of this full buck moon is growth in all senses. We just moved through summer solstice, and the energy on earth is at its peak right now, with summer still in full swing. The days are warm and long, flowers are in full bloom, and there is an abundance of fruits and veggies growing in the gardens that we can enjoy. Growth is everywhere we turn.

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But if we want to make space for new growth to happen within us and in our external lives, we have to let go of anything preventing that growth. Whether it’s a person, a relationship, an idea, or a habit. Think about what keeps you from blooming like the roses in your garden. What change do you need to make to experience more growth and prosperity on your soul path?

How to work with the july full buck moon

New and full moon rituals are a fun way to tune into the lunar cycle and harness the unique energy and vibration of each moon (each one is different). Here are some fun, full buck moon ritual ideas to inspire your ceremony. Take and leave what you like, and check out this post for an in-depth guide on creating your own full moon ritual at home.

Here are some July full buck moon rituals to try at home:

Decorate your altar

The colors for the full buck moon are gold, yellow, green, and blue, so think about weaving these into your altar (candles, crystals, ribbons, etc.), as well as seasonal flowers and objects that represent the water and earth elements (for Cancer & Capricorn).

Create a plan to align with your soul purpose

Because it’s a Capricorn full moon, you might want to get super practical with your ritual and use it to help you plan how to reach one of your big goals or dreams. Big goals tend to be intimidating, which can lead to procrastination, so try to break down your goals into smaller, baby steps that feel accessible and manageable. Think about setting intentions that can support you in achieving your goals. And don’t forget to check in with how far you’ve come and celebrate your success (it’s very Capricorn to skip this step!).

Give thanks to mamma nature

The July full buck moon coincides with the height of summer. We’re greeted by beautiful flowers, juicy berries, and those warm, drawn-out nights with the odd thunderstorm here and there. Mamma nature is in full bloom right now, and the evidence is everywhere you look. So as part of your full moon ritual, give thanks for all this beauty and abundance that grows around us year after year. Fill a vase with a bouquet of seasonal flowers, light candles, and collect some spring water from a local source. Give thanks as you do this. You might want to use the water in a spell or to make moon water.

Do a cleansing ritual

Gather a bundle of herbs to burn, pop some essential oils into a diffuser, use a salt and water spray, or even sound chimes to cleanse your space and yourself of anything holding you back from your highest growth and potential. Visualize bad habits and limiting beliefs leaving you as you cleanse.

Have a full moon bath ritual

I love taking a bath anytime, especially as part of a moon ritual. And as it’s Cancer season, being in water is very fitting, and water has a way of cleansing, healing, and nourishing us inside and out. Gather a candle, some Epsom salts, dried lavender or fresh wildflowers, honey, and a moonstone crystal (optional – for manifestation).

Place your candle and crystal around or close to the tub, add salts, flowers, and honey to the water, and play some peaceful, spa-like music. As you soak in the tub, think about what is no longer serving you that you wish to release, and visualize the water cleansing you of this old energy. Next, visualize a big dream as if it has come true, and focus on what you can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch.

Celebrate the july full buck moon

I hope this post has helped you understand the spiritual meaning and frequency of the July full buck moon and how to work with it. How will you celebrate? Share your full moon rituals with me in the comments below.

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