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Discover The Spiritual Meaning Of The June Full Strawberry Moon
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Discover The Spiritual Meaning Of The June Full Strawberry Moon

june full strawberry moon spiritual meaning

The moon holds a very special connection for women because the moon cycle is a mirror of our menstrual cycle. Each lasts around 29 days, has four distinct “seasons” or “phases,” and follows the same energetic cycle.

In ancient times, humans made sense of time by tracking the moon’s cycle. The full moon is the clearest moon phase to see in the sky, so each full moon became a significant event. To keep track of each of the moons, tribes of people would give each full moon a different name based on something seasonal occurring on the land. And this differed depending on where they lived and the weather, flora, and fauna.

There are 13 moons each year, and the ancient people gave each full moon a different name.

Here are the common names for all the full moons throughout the year:

Keep reading to learn more about the June full strawberry moon and its spiritual meaning + ideas on celebrating with your own at-home full moon ritual.

What is the june full strawberry moon?

The June full strawberry moon got its name because wild strawberries reach their peak ripeness around this time each year in North America (as well as Europe). It’s one of the earliest berries to ripen and be harvested and served as a summer fruit staple (and still is here in the UK!).

Other tribes from different parts of the world have different names for this full moon depending on the berries of the season, including “blackberry moon,” “raspberry moon,” and “berries ripen moon.”

But berries are not the only things growing in June, and other tribes have completely different names for this full moon, depending on the plants and climate around them. This includes the “flowering moon,” the “green corn moon,” the “mead moon,” and the “rose moon.”

In Europe, the June full moon was sometimes called the “honey moon” because June was traditionally named after the Roman Goddess of marriage, Juno, which could be where the term “honeymoon” originated from.

When is the june full strawberry moon in 2024?

LA, United States: 21st June 18:07

London, United Kingdom: 22nd June 02:07

Sydney, Australia: 22nd June 11:07

Click here for the exact time of the full strawberry moon 2024 where you live.

What sign is the june full strawberry moon in?

The June full strawberry moon 2024 is in the sign of Capricorn, opposite where the sun sits in Cancer. This means that the key themes for this full moon will be influenced by the energies of Capricorn and Cancer and any other key planetary movement happening at this time.

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The spiritual meaning of the june full strawberry moon

1. Romance and sensuality are in the air

The first spiritual meaning of the June full strawberry moon is sensual, sexy vibes. Energy is always high and joyous around the full moon, but especially this one. If you’re single, it’s the perfect time to head on a date or explore your sexuality solo. And if you’re coupled up, whisk your beau away on a spontaneous romantic weekend and enjoy reconnecting and immersing yourself in your partnership.

2. Expand

Open yourself to new ideas, knowledge, connections, perspectives, and experiences on this full moon. Give yourself permission to explore for no other reason than the joy of the journey. Let go of an end goal or result you want to reverse engineer and immerse yourself fully in every experience because this leads to expansion.

3. Acknowledge the fruits of your labor

The final spiritual meaning of the June full strawberry moon is to pause and acknowledge how far you’ve come since the start of the year. What are you grateful for? What have you accomplished, both internally and externally?

If you haven’t already, make sure you celebrate it all. Throw yourself an impromptu full moon party because why not?

How to work with the june full strawberry moon

There are many ways to celebrate the unique energy of the June full strawberry moon, whether you’re doing it solo or with a group of soul sisters in sacred circle. Pick one of them, do them all, or get creative and weave in your own rituals.

Here are some June full strawberry moon rituals to try at home:

  • Decorate your altar – Let the energy of the strawberry full moon inspire you and incorporate this theme into your altar. Red, pink, white, and green are the perfect colors for this moon, while fire (i.e., embodied by a candle) is a wonderful element to weave in as we edge close to summer solstice.
  • Connect to your body – Summer is a time of high energy, where we spend more time outdoors, engaging in activities, and being in nature. Make your body the focus by heading outside and tuning in to how the sun kisses your skin, and the wind flows through your hair. Allow yourself to be fully in your body and appreciate the magic of it.
  • Go fruit picking – A traditional way to celebrate and honor the full strawberry moon is to go berry picking at a local farm. Plan something delicious to make with your fruit, or enjoy it as it is.
  • Indulge in pleasure – Choose something to do that will fill your entire being with pleasure, whether it’s taking a bath, devouring a slice of triple chocolate fudge cake, swimming in the ocean, or treating yourself to a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers.
  • Check in with yourself and your intentions – Reflect on where (and what) you’ve been going and growing through since the start of the year. Are you embodying the intentions you set? What progress have you made toward your goals? How in alignment do you feel with your soul? What’s one thing you could do to feel more connected to yourself and your soul path?

Celebrate the june full strawberry moon

How will you celebrate the June full strawberry moon with ritual? Share your rituals, thoughts, and questions with me in the comments below!

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