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16 Bright & Bold Traits Of The Leo Moon Woman
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16 Bright & Bold Traits Of The Leo Moon Woman

leo moon sign woman

Are you a moon in Leo woman? Leo, the lion, is known for lending his brave, fiery qualities to anyone with this zodiac placement in their birth chart, along with a healthy dose of pride. But what does it mean to have your moon sign in Leo, and how can you harness the unique superpowers you were born with?

What is my moon sign?

Your moon sign is based on whichever zodiac sign the moon was in on the day you were born. The moon rules our emotions, feelings, and subconscious. This aspect represents who you are at a deep level. Most people won’t see this facet of your personality unless they know you intimately.

This is why knowing and familiarizing yourself with your moon sign (and birth chart) can help you better understand yourself and others. You can find your moon sign and view your whole birth chart here.

When someone asks, “what’s your sign?” they are referring to your sun sign. This is wherever the sun was on the day you were born. The sun rules our outward personality, physical appearance and tends to influence what people immediately notice. In contrast, the moon rules who we are on the inside.

Learn more about each of the moon signs:

The Leo moon sign

Leo’s planetary ruler is the sun—the center star of our solar system. This means if you’re a Leo moon woman, your emotions are ruled by the energy and light of this big, beautiful light source. True to any fire sign, this woman has inner warmth, energy, and confidence. She is comfortable taking center stage wherever she goes and brings a cosmic wave of optimism, playfulness, and creativity with her. As a fixed sign, a Leo moon woman is likely to be loyal, persevere in her relationships, and love her tribe loudly.

Although there will be similarities between a Leo sun and a Leo moon sign, a Leo moon will influence your feelings and emotions more than anything else.

16 Bright & bold traits of the Leo moon woman

1. She is the drama Queen of the zodiac & the world is her stage

A Leo moon woman believes she is here in this life to stand out, do great things, and have people take notice of her. The entire world is her stage, and her inner confidence and courage shine brightly whenever she goes. But this may be less obvious to people around her because it’s an inner knowing.

Her love for the spotlight can be both entertaining and overwhelming to those around her. But people can’t help but be drawn to her inner light and warmth.

2. This lioness takes pride in herself

She’s the Queen of the stage and also of the jungle. A Leo moon woman is incredibly proud of herself and aims to do everything to the best of her ability. She’s not one for shortcuts or slacking off. This makes her aim high and follow through with hard work to meet her commitments and accomplish her goals. She’s also proud of her Leo moon sign and wears it like a badge of honor.

Her lioness pride extends to everyone around her: her partner, friends, family, children, co-workers, and even her pets. But hurt her badly enough, and her pride may lead her to cut you off completely.

The potential shadow aspect of her pride is a belief that she is always right, which can rub people up the wrong way over time if left unchecked.

3. She’s a ray of sunshine

The moon in Leo placement adds a healthy dose of positivity and optimism to this woman. She’s likely to always see her glass as half full and find the silver lining in every challenge and failure. She has an emotionally upbeat nature that sees her through incredibly difficult times (breakups, losing a job, or even the death of a loved one).

As a fire sign, she won’t be all sunshine and rainbows, and you can count on her to speak her mind and make it clear when you’ve offended her. But generally, she’s a bright and positive fireball of energy, which is infectious.

4. She’s young & playful at heart

Some might call Leo the child of the zodiac, which leads Leo moon women to understand and relate to children on a deep, emotional level. She innately understands where they’re coming from, their needs, and how to communicate with them. Spending time with younger people can magnify her sense of fun, play, and adventure.

She’s a child at heart, and play, parties, and going on spontaneous adventures help refill her well and nourish her soul.

If any moon sign gets high on life, it’s Leo. She adores it with her whole being, has grand expectations, and is here to soak up an array of wild, juicy experiences.

5. She’s selective about who she spends time with

Although a Leo moon woman loves to be in the spotlight and thrives on attention, she’s selective about who gets a place in her prized inner circle.

She knows what she wants and needs in friendship and partners and what she doesn’t want. Her confidence and directness help her navigate life and weed out toxic people whose dark, rainy clouds don’t vibe well with her sunlight.

6. But if you’re in her circle, she will be your ride or die

A moon in Leo woman has a big heart, and when she’s invested in someone, she will give them her all. She is a true friend and fiercely loyal to the end. When she forms a bond with someone, it’s likely to be forever unless she feels deeply disrespected or betrayed.

Once you’re in her tribe, she will shower you with love, light, and generosity, and she expects the same in return.

7. Being close to her is thrilling

Leo moon women love to live a beautiful, plentiful life of opulence and abundance. And if she welcomes you into her world, it’s a divine place to be. She enjoys the finer things in life—top restaurants, elaborate dinner parties, theater, the ballet, designer clothes, works of art—and being such a generous soul means you will get more than a taste of the high life with her.

It may just feel like you’re friends with a movie star!

8. She loves to be adored

At her heart, a Leo moon woman wants to be admired and adored, especially by those closest to her. She thrives on compliments (as long as they’re genuine) and wants to feel appreciated.

This can lead to some people viewing her as needy or clingy, but she doesn’t need other people’s validation. She’s self-assured, confident, and secure in who she is, but external praise does make her feel good.

9. She revels in romance

The Leo moon lady loves romance. Through these thoughtful, affectionate acts, she feels special and cared for, which is deeply important to her on an emotional level. When a partner meets these needs, she will reciprocate by sharing her warmth, affection, and generosity.

Being such a romantic at heart, a Leo moon woman must be careful not to let her heart run away with her and romanticize a person too early before she really knows them.

10. And she knows how to love

Because she’s so affectionate, warm, considerate, and direct, she makes an amazing friend and partner. If she’s into you, you’ll know all about it. Being such a fun, playful, bright light, it’s hard not to fall for this woman and adore her to the bones.

11. She will never settle

Although she loves love and does well in a relationship, she won’t settle for someone who doesn’t treat her like a Queen and isn’t vibrating on her level.

When she feels a strong connection with someone, she’ll pursue it and do her best to turn it into an amazing, life-long relationship. But she does have high standards. She probably won’t be drawn to your energy if you’re insecure, still trying to figure out what you want, or not living your best life.

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12. She has a fiery nature

A person’s moon sign speaks to their feelings and emotional temperament. As a fire sign, A Leo moon woman will, without a doubt, have a fiery nature and temper that leads to an explosion now and then. But because she’s so optimistic, it takes a lot for her to blow a fuse. Something is usually seriously wrong when she does.

13. Her feelings run deep

Typically, water moon signs feel all the feels and are the more emotional and sensitive zodiac signs. But a Leo moon woman can feel deeply wounded at times, too.

Although she is direct most of the time, her pride may get in the way on these occasions and lead her to withdraw rather than show and express her pain. She’ll lie low until she’s healed.

If you’re someone who helps her through a dark, difficult period like this, she will be eternally grateful and will likely be friends with you forever.

14. Creativity is one of her gifts

Leo moon women are highly creative, so she must have an outlet for all this creative energy that’s always rising within her. There’s a high chance she will fall into a creative field of work—painting, making, dancing, acting, designing, or building something—but if not, this will bleed into her personal life and hobbies.

Life feels vibrant, and she feels energized when she’s channeling her inner radiance into something creative, spontaneous, and interesting.

15. She loves to lead

Her confidence, light, and sense of fun are perfect for rallying the troops and bringing people together for a cause, a team project, or a new business venture. Count on this woman to plan and execute an incredible event that people talk about for weeks.

Leo’s are natural leaders and comfortable standing on a stage and being admired for their talent and value. This makes it a perfect match. People are drawn to her warmth, courage, and adventurous spirit, and she is energized by their desire to unite and be with her on the journey.

She must be careful not to be blindsided by her own needs and become demanding or push to get her own way. True leaders know that it takes a village to make anything big happen, even if they’re the ones steering the ship forward.

16. She’s incredibly generous

I’ve already touched on this, but it does deserve its own mention because a moon in Leo woman is perhaps the most generous of the entire zodiac. For her, life is here to be enjoyed, and every day should celebrate this amazing gift.

She’s happy to spend her money on things that make her feel good: memorable nights out, luxurious vacations, exquisite chocolate truffles, bottles of champagne, beautiful clothes, fine jewelry, and indulgent spa days. She is drawn to shiny, extravagant things—this is the royal side of the lioness rearing her head.

Better still, she’ll lavish her loved ones with generous gifts like these, too. Naturally, she cannot stand anyone who is mean with money.

Not only is she generous with her purse, but she’s also generous with her love, time, and advice. If you’re looking to air and share or for someone to lift your spirits, she’s a great woman to go to.

Are you a Leo moon woman?

I hope this post has given you a deeper understanding of the Leo moon sign placement!

If you’re a Leo moon woman, tell me what you love most about your moon sign and what you believe your greatest gift is?

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