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7 Lucky Spells And Rituals To Attract Good Luck
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7 Lucky Spells And Rituals To Attract Good Luck

lucky spell for good luck

Whether you believe in luck or not, a lucky spell can help you focus your energy on a specific intention you want to manifest. Where our attention goes, energy flows, and energy is powerful. Energy + action make shit happen, whether it’s in your business, romantic relationships, or personal goals.

Have you ever blown out the candles on your birthday cake and made a wish? Or turned your back to a fountain and threw a penny in, hoping your wish would come true? What about crossing your fingers, touching wood, or even praying to your spiritual guides to help you manifest your deepest soul desires? If so, you’ve already been casting good luck spells without realizing it!

Even if you don’t believe in rituals like this, I invite you to shift the way you think about luck because it’s no more than energy and attitude. When you believe in your dreams and are committed to achieving your goals, luck will automatically be on your side. This is simply the Law Of Attraction. And working with a lucky spell or ritual for good luck can help you declare to the Universe what you want and channel your energy into making it happen.

What is spellwork?

FYI: you don’t need a book of spells, fancy ingredients, a cauldron, or a million crystals to practice spells and magic!

At its heart, spellwork is simply the art of setting an intention, then raising and directing your energy toward it. A spell is anything you do with a magical purpose behind it. Most importantly, you’re clear on your intention and connected to the action when performing a spell or ritual.

Mini rituals for good luck

There’s a good chance you’ve experienced some of these luck rituals over the years without realizing you were practicing magic:

  • Making a wish before blowing out birthday cake candles
  • Blowing on a dandelion while making a wish
  • Finding a four-leaf clover
  • Wishing on a shooting star
  • Wishing on a rainbow
  • Keeping a specific statue or charm on your desk
  • Hanging a dreamcatcher above your bed
  • Splitting the wishbone after eating dinner and making a wish if you get the largest piece
  • Throwing salt over your shoulder while cooking
  • Avoiding walking under a ladder
  • Not opening an umbrella indoors

lucky spell

7 Lucky spells and rituals for good luck

Here is a range of simple spells for good luck that you can try at home without buying many tools and ingredients.

Use one of these spells next time you want to channel your energy toward a particular intention, like finding an amazing partner, making more sales in your business, or getting that dream job you just applied for!

I’d always recommend cleansing your space at the start of any spell or ritual. You can do this by burning some herbs, using essential oils in an air diffuser, using a room spray, or however you prefer to cleanse.

Good luck spell #1: Lucky charm

You will need:

  • A candle (select your color based on your needs)
  • Any small object that symbolizes luck to you

How to do it:

Choose a green candle if you want more luck with money, abundance, and work. Choose a red candle if you want more luck in the romance department. And if you want help attracting more positive energy and getting rid of negative vibes, choose a black candle for protection. A white one is fine if all else fails, and you can’t find any colored candles!

Try and perform this good luck spell in a room with a door, and make sure the door is closed to start off with. Light your candle, and hold your lucky object in your hand. Visualize good luck and good energy encompassing you and this object. You might want to imagine a specific color of light (that matches your candle). Once you feel good luck energy all around you, open the door. This means that good luck can follow you wherever you go!

Carry your chosen object (or wear it on a necklace if suitable) when you need some extra luck. For example, on a first date, a job interview, etc.

Let your candle burn out.

Good luck spell #2: Cleansing bath ritual

You will need:

  • A candle
  • A mix of herbs and flowers (chamomile flowers, cloves, basil, mint, rosemary, and cinnamon sticks are all great for good luck)
  • Essential oils (optional)
  • A crystal (optional)

How to do it:

You can take a good luck bath ritual any time you like. It is relaxing and will help clear any stagnant energy away and make space for better things to flow in.

Set up your bathroom, so it feels relaxing and nourishing. Light your candle. Gather your herbs and add them to the tub while the water runs. If you add essential oils and/or a crystal, choose the ones that support your intention.

As you soak in the water, focus on your intention and visualize your wish coming true. How do you feel? What can you see? Who is with you?

Let your candle burn out after your good luck spell.

Lucky spell #3: Lady Luck

You will need:

  • A candle
  • A new penny
  • A fireproof bowl or tray
  • A four-leaf clover (a paper one is fine)

How to do it:

Lady Luck (also known as Goddess Fortuna) is the perfect person to pray to when performing a lucky spell.

Light your candles, then flip your penny in the air, letting it land on a surface. The aim is to have it land heads up three times in a row. Keep going until this happens (be patient)!

Next, burn your four-leaf clover using the flame of the candle. Keep it over the fireproof bowl while you do this. Communicate with Lady Luck while you do this. You can say anything that feels right but be specific.

Keep the candle lit until it burns out (but don’t leave it unattended).

penny coins make a wish

Good luck spell #4: Salt & Cinnamon

You will need:

  • A candle
  • Cinnamon powder
  • Salt

How to do it:

Place your candle on your altar, spread a circle of salt around it, and say something like, “negative energy and spirits, be gone!”

Next, light your candle. Visualize any misfortune and struggles melting away and leaving your body and home. You might want to meditate to help you get into the right headspace.

When you’re done with your visualization, sprinkle the cinnamon powder on top of the salt and say a lucky spell incantation (that’s a fancy way of saying, use your words to declare what you desire).

You can use visualization again here (a bright white light) to imagine good luck and amazing new opportunities coming your way.

Let your candle burn out.

Lucky spell #5: Red rose

You will need:

  • A candle
  • 7 red rose petals (fresh or dried)
  • Salt
  • A fireproof dish or tray

How to do it:

Although the rose petals might make you think “love,” this lucky spell will help you attract good luck and abundance in all areas of your life.

Salt cleanses, while the rose is a sacred flower, so the petals make a wonderful offering.

Place your candle in the center of your dish, make a circle of salt around the edge, then place your petals over the salt. Light your candle.

Take some time to get comfortable, sit peacefully, and breathe. Visualize your mind, body, and spirit being cleansed, with new doors opening for you.

Now it’s time to say an affirmation, chant, or mantra that aligns with your intention. Don’t overthink this part. What’s important is that the words feel powerful to you.

Repeat this spell for good luck every day for the next seven days. Blow the candle out every day, apart from the seventh, when you can let it burn down on its own.

good luck spell

Good luck spell #6: A tea ritual

You will need:

  • A beautiful mug
  • Your favorite tea blend (use fresh herbs and flowers for a nourishing herbal tea)
  • A teaspoon

How to do it:

Brewing and drinking tea can be a sacred, magical experience if you treat it this way. And if you’re using natural herbs and flowers in your tea, these can have a healing and energizing effect on the body. The best part about this ritual is it’s so simple to add to your morning or evening routine.

Cinnamon, cloves, mint, and chamomile are all great for good luck spells.

Brew your tea in a teapot, cafetiere, or on the stove. Pour your tea into your mug, take your teaspoon and stir the tea. While you do this, recite a good luck blessing.

As you sip your tea, focus on your intention.

Lucky spell #7: Wish upon a star

You will need:

  • Gold or silver paper or card
  • Scissors
  • String, twine, or ribbon
  • A hole punch
  • Colorful markers, paints, glitter pens (whatever you’ve got to hand!)

How to do it:

Wishing on a star is an ancient tradition that has bled into our present society. Hence, stars are the perfect symbol to weave into a lucky spell!

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Draw out a star on your paper and cut it out. Have fun decorating it. Remember to write your intention or wish on one side. At night, go outside with your star, and repeat the following children’s rhyme:

Star light, star bright,

First star I see tonight.

I wish I may, I wish I might,

Have this wish I wish tonight.

Then, repeat your wish out loud.

Bring your star back indoors and hang it above your bed when you’re done. As you sleep, dream about your wish coming true.

lucky spell

Things to be mindful of when performing lucky spells

1. Perform spells when you’re calm and centered

It’s okay if you’re performing a good luck spell in reaction to something that happens to you, e.g., a new job opportunity, a handsome stranger entering your life, etc. But it’s best practice to avoid spellwork if you’re stressed or highly emotional. The energy that goes into your spells will always impact the outcome. For example, if you’re angry when performing a spell, you can expect this negative energy to affect your results.

The only real rule with spellwork is to make sure you’re not casting a spell to harm yourself or others. Your magic reflects your soul, so fuel your spellwork with love, kindness, and compassion.

2. Set a time & location

Lucky spells work any time of day or night. But doing them at dawn or dusk, during any of the wheel of the year sabbats, or on the new or full moon can strengthen the power of your good luck spell.

Physical entrances can act as cosmic portals, e.g., doors, windows, and even floor or loft hatches. This makes them great places to perform good luck spells or practice any kind of magic.

3. Set an intention

Unless you’re clear on your intention, you’re not ready to perform a good luck spell.


Because how can you direct your energy somewhere when you don’t know exactly where you want to direct it?

So think about where you want luck to work its magic in your life. What would success look like to you?

It’s equally important that your intention is authentic and you feel a burning desire toward it. Your spell will probably have mediocre results if you feel lukewarm about it.

4. Think positive thoughts

What we think about most, we become and draw into our world. This happens at a subconscious level, whether you realize it or not. You are writing your own destiny as you read this. And this shouldn’t frighten you; it should empower you!

For a good luck spell to work, you must believe it will and channel your thoughts and attention toward it.

5. You don’t need to spend a fortune!

As I mentioned, you don’t need to spend a fortune online gathering witchy tools and objects like candles, incense, and sage bundles. In fact, you’ve probably got many things you can use in your house already.

Most people have salt, spices, dried herbs, and candles lying around. You might also have flowers in your garden or herbs you can forage nearby. Pots, pans, and pottery can serve as your cauldron or chalice.

The only must-have ingredient for a lucky spell is your intention. After that, do your best to work with what’s around you.

If you want additional tools, be mindful of who you’re buying them from and how they’ve been produced because this energy will work its way into your spell.

6. Take action

The final thing to remember when performing good luck spells is to combine your spellwork or ritual with physical action in the real world. Without this, nothing will happen.

For example, if you want a sprinkle of luck on your career and hope to land an amazing new job, you’ve got to take action by searching for a new job you might like, speaking to recruiters, networking, etc. Similarly, if you want your lucky spell to help you meet someone special, you can’t sit around at home every night hoping they’ll appear at your door. You’ve got to get out there, speak to new people, join a dating app, and put yourself out there!

Are you ready to change your luck?

I hope these good luck spells have inspired you to channel your energy toward manifesting whatever you truly desire because spellwork is one of the simplest and most effective ways to declare what we want and write our destiny.

Have you ever performed a good luck spell? Tell me all about it in the comments below!

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