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Period Sex, Blood Magic & Manifesting With Your Sacred Cycle
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Period Sex, Blood Magic & Manifesting With Your Sacred Cycle

period sex menstrual blood magic

Before we delve into the juicy topics like answering, “what exactly is period sex magic?” and “is menstrual blood magic a thing?” let’s talk about bleeding.

Although the average woman spends six years of her life menstruating—around 500 times in total—menstruation is still heavily misunderstood, stigmatized, and taboo.

You might be convinced it has always been this way. Women have always been treated as less than men. Periods have always been seen as dirty and gross. But you’d be wrong. Pre-patriarchal times, less than 5000 years ago, modern religion did not exist, and the Great Goddess was worshiped, which meant that women were worshiped.

In certain cultures today, you’ll visit a temple and be met with misogynistic, bullshit signs saying “menstruating women must not enter,” as if there is something wrong with you or that you’ll infect other people or the sacredness of the space. Unfortunately, because this is passed under the guise of “religion,” it is still yet to be challenged.

But what I want you to know is that women’s menstrual blood used to be worshiped in temples during the reign of the Goddess. Women’s blood was used in rituals and rites, and both women and men were aware of the power of this divine elixir.

It’s time to reconnect with the magic of our period blood, and this article will show you how.

Your menstrual cycle is a gift

Maybe you suffer from period pain, fatigue or heavy periods. Maybe you don’t talk about your cycle with your partner or friends. Perhaps a doctor prescribed you the contraceptive pill at the ripe old age of 14 to “regulate” your cycle, and you haven’t experienced a real period in years. Perhaps you grew up in a household or culture that taught you to view your period as a burden and something that makes you unclean.

But I need you to know that if you don’t yet view your cycle as a gift and a blessing, you have been lied to.


Because they don’t want you to know any of what I’m about to share with you.

Because this knowledge is pure feminine power, which is a massive threat to the patriarchy and how our current society operates.

There’s a reason you are pushed into feeling fear, shame, and embarrassment over your period. This disconnects you from your body, your sacred life force, your shakti energy, your womb wisdom, and from your sexual energy too.

When you’re disconnected from your body and intuition, you become much easier to manipulate and control.

When you believe that the blood your uterus produces, which flows out of you through your vagina, is disgusting, you start to think that your body and your sexual organs are something to be ashamed of.

But your menstrual cycle is a beautiful gift, and every girl should be excited to get her first period—this is how magical it is.

Periods & moon magic

moon and menstrual cycle

If you’re new here, you might not know how extensively I speak about the menstrual cycle and how this is a mirror of the moon cycle.

FYI: Many scientists and doctors refute this by saying that most women’s cycles are not 28 days long. But I believe one of the main reasons for this is that those same scientists and doctors are prescribing women too many drugs that have an extreme effect on our health and menstrual cycle. For example, if you take the pill, you do not actually have a period, you’re having a fake period.

Our cycle is linked to the lunar cycle. And you don’t need facts and figures to know this—you can feel it.

You can feel your energy expand around ovulation like Grandmamma moon does at full moon. You can feel your energy plummet on your first day of bleeding, the same way the earth feels quieter and more reflective during the dark and new moon phase.

Her four phases mirror the main four phases of our menstrual cycle, the four seasons, and the four feminine archetypes. When you first read about this, it will make so much sense. And I urge you to trust that feeling, to trust that intuition, and ignore anyone who tells you otherwise.

If you want to learn more, check out these articles:

A word on magic & blood

The thing about magic is that it requires belief and intention. If you’re not open to the possibility of it and willing to engage in the ritual of it, then it probably won’t work!

For example, if you decide to do a cleansing ritual, light up a lavender smudge stick, and waft it around your house and yourself, but you don’t believe it’s doing anything, then it won’t.

Similarly, period sex won’t be magic if you don’t believe it can be. It’s all about how you feel on the inside and your vibration.

It’s worth being mindful of this any time you’re engaging in rituals or spellwork like the ones in this article.

And always be safe when working with your menstrual blood for magic. Don’t share blood with anyone through unprotected sex unless you’re already fluid-bonded with them.

It’s best to always use your own period blood for rituals and magic. And remember, you don’t need to use blood in a ritual! There are so many rituals you can try that don’t involve blood.

Period sex magic in 7 steps

period sex magic

You’ve probably heard of period sex, but period sex magic refers to our ability to manifest anything we desire when engaging in sex while bleeding. It’s about tapping into the power of your blood and using this potent energy to create, move, or release something.

In witchcraft, it was natural for women to celebrate their cycle, look skyward to the moon, and engage in period sex as part of a sacred ritual. This was yet another facet of witches that made them incredibly wise and powerful women, which is why they were so harshly persecuted and almost entirely eradicated by the patriarchy during the witch hunts. But luckily, women all over the world are reclaiming the word “witch” and these ancient ways and crafts.

I also want to note that magic is possible any time you have sex, whether it’s a solo pleasure session, with a partner, when you’re on your period and when you’re not.

There is also a belief that when you’re bleeding, the natural flow of energy in your body is downward. This is why the yogis will say to refrain from doing inverted postures in your yoga practice and engaging in sex. However, from a health perspective, having sex on your period is completely okay. It’s probably best to avoid particularly heavy days as this might be uncomfortable. But there’s no medical reason to abstain from sex.

Having an orgasm can actually ease period pain. Endorphins are released in the body which kills pain and makes you feel yummy and mellow. Plus, having sex while bleeding can also shorten your period by increasing the speed at which your uterus blood and tissue sheds.

Here’s how to dip your toes into period sex and experience the magic of it.

1. Honor your boundaries

Most women will have low energy and feel tired and drained while menstruating. This is completely normal. It goes without saying that you might not be turned on or in the mood for sex. That’s totally okay. Other women will find this is the point of their cycle where they feel the most turned on. And that’s okay too.

Honor how you feel. Don’t feel pressured to do or not do anything.

However, if you’re hesitant or resistant to experimenting with period sex because you believe on some level that it’s dirty or gross, then I’d encourage you to address where that limiting belief originates.

If your partner doesn’t want to try it with you because they think it’s gross, I’d encourage you to ask them where that comes from. There’s so much taboo still around menstruation, and men are even more in the dark than we women are.

2. Set up your space

The thought of getting blood all over my beautiful white bedsheets and towels is enough to put me off period sex! But It usually doesn’t end up being as messy as you think it will be, especially if you’re not doing it on your heaviest bleeding day.

Seeing your blood around you might affect you differently than you think it will. Some women find this very grounding and earthing and powerful. But if you’re adamant not to ruin your best sheets, buy a special set of red sheets just for period sex, pop an old towel down underneath you.

Some women prefer to have period sex in the shower or bath, but this is your choice. See what works for you.

Click here for tips on how to create a sacred space.

3. Be open to the magic of your menstrual blood

It’s important to be open to the idea and possibility of making and manifesting magic during period sex if that’s your intention. And it’s equally okay to enjoy period sex purely for pleasure and skip the manifesting part.

4. Connect with yourself

period sex witchcraft

Before you get started, take some time to connect with yourself, your heart space, and your womb. You might sit and meditate for a few minutes, say a prayer, or take a few deep breaths while placing one hand over your heart and one over your womb. Channel the erotic archetypes.

5. Set an intention

You can either set a solo intention, and your partner can do the same, or if there’s something you want to manifest together (like a dream house, money, or even a baby), then you can set a shared intention. But make sure you take time to set one so you’re clear on what you want to manifest.

6. Explore different positions

Experiment with different positions and see what works for you. Remember that a woman’s body changes throughout her cycle, so the position that felt amazing one week might not necessarily feel great the next week.

7. Surrender & enjoy

The only thing left to do is let yourself relax, be present, and enjoy the magic of period sex!

What is the spiritual effect of having sex during menstruation?

The spiritual effect is pure fucking magic. Don’t let anyone (especially misogynistic religious texts and groups) tell you otherwise.

Period blood is a powerful, magical substance—it is literally what creates life, so how could it not be?

Likewise, semen is a life-creating substance too. So if you’re having unprotected sex, the two mixing together create an incredible energy force. This is why manifesting on your period or during period sex is so juicy.

How to work with period blood magic

You might have heard of this thing called blood magic. It centers on using the energy and power of your menstrual blood to manifest what you desire, which is pure witchcraft.

The menstruation phase of your cycle is linked to the new moon phase and the wise woman (or crone) archetype. Otherwise known as the wise woman phase, this is a time in your sacred cycle when your intuition is heightened, which is why you’re in the perfect zone to make magic and manifest.

FYI: Don’t worry if your bleeding phase is not synched up with the new moon phase—this doesn’t matter, and there is no wrong cycle.

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Here’s how to get started working with menstrual blood magic.

1. Reconnect with your sacred cycle

Before you try to work with period blood (or sex) magic, take some time to tune back into your cycle, especially if it’s something you dread or feel disconnected from.

I use Natural Cycles to track my cycle (and as a natural form of contraception). Over the past five years, this has greatly deepened my awareness and relationship with my cycle. What I also love about tracking it is I’m now able to plan my calendar in sync with my natural rhythm. When I know I’m going to be bleeding, I don’t schedule meetings or social events, and I try to pencil in plenty of pockets of rest.

Use the code REVOLOON15 for 15% off an annual subscription today.

2. Collect your blood

Period blood magic

The best way to collect your menstrual blood is by using a menstrual cup, also known as a moon cup. Menstrual cups are reusable, which means they’re better for the planet. Make sure you purchase yours from a trusted company and that it’s free from BPA, latex, and phthalates.

A menstrual cup is also a wonderful way to connect on a deeper level to your blood because you will see it in its pure form rather than soaked into a pad or tampon. Wearing your cup for a few hours should be sufficient to collect enough blood to work with.

3. Place it on your altar

Place your blood in a special bowl or chalice. You might want to place this bowl on your altar or wherever you do your ritual work.

Take some time to think about what you wish to manifest with it and let it sit here overnight.

4. Meditate with it

You can place your chalice of period blood in your hands or in front of you as you sit and meditate. Magic happens when you think about what you want to manifest over the moon cycle. Visualize what it will look like to have your dream come true. Imagine how it will feel, how you will feel.

Doing this makes your brain think it’s possible, which is one of the keys to manifesting anything.

5. Heal your chakras

Some women like to anoint themselves with their blood by dabbing it onto the third eye chakra, the heart space, and the womb or sacral chakra. As you do this, imagine a circle of energy flowing freely up through the center of the earth into your root chakra, rising up through the center of your body to your crown chakra and back around again.

This can help alleviate any tension and blockages there. As women, we tend to have a lot of jams in our sacral chakra because of how we’re raised to think about (or not think about) menstruation, sex, and female pleasure. Doing this healing work will really help you enjoy the magic of period sex, too.

6. Sign a soul contract

Before there were blood brothers, there were blood sisters.

Use your period blood to physically or energetically make a promise to yourself. Your blood will create a sacred, binding agreement that will strengthen the contract and your commitment to making it happen.

7. Do a blood ritual with your daughter

One of the best ways to end period stigma and this generational trauma is to invite your daughter to do a blood ritual with you. This is a wonderful way to educate and empower her and get her excited for her first period.

Teach her the witchy, feminine ways of manifesting what she wants using this sacred elixir.

8. Nourish your plants with it

nourish plants with blood

If you struggle to keep even the most hands-off plant alive, it’s time to put the chemical-loaded fertilizers down and feed your plants with a small amount of period blood and see what happens. After trying this out, many women have witnessed significant bloom and vitality in their plants and gardens. There’s something magical about our blood that plants can’t get enough of!

9. Use it in spells

If you’re a practicing witch, using your period blood to make magic in your spellwork is a wonderful option. You might already be doing this.

Blood works particularly well for empowerment spells and also protection spells. Use it in a protection spell jar recipe and bury it near your home to ward off negative energy and spirits.

10. Cut an energetic cord

The final way to work with period blood magic is to use it when cutting an energetic tie with a person who is bringing you pain and weighing you down.

Hold your cup of blood in your hands as you meditate and imagine yourself physically cutting a cord of rope that binds you to this person. Alternatively, mix your blood with some water to use it as ink. Write a list of everything (including the people) you want to release from your life, then burn it. Visualize the negative energy dissipating.

And so it is.

Open to the magic of period sex & blood rituals

As I mentioned earlier, magic is about your intention, connecting to the power of your menstrual blood and the divine feminine, and believing you can manifest anything—because you can.

If there’s anything you take away from this article, I hope it’s a new appreciation and deeper connection to your sacred cycle. Bleeding is not a burden, it’s a miracle. This simple shift will transform your relationship with your body and your blood.

If you have a question about period sex magic or menstrual blood rituals, please drop a comment below. I read every single one and will always reply to you.

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  • Hello! So I have had a sort of awakening to do sex magic in general and was wondering if there are any books you might recommend that I should look into maybe? Thank you!

  • I used my bleed mixed with moon water to fertilize my plants a few weeks ago and all of them suddenly had an explosion of blooms unlike they normally do. I think I’ll keep doing that instead of the store-bought stuff. Unbelievable.

    • Hey Stacey!

      Wow – amazing! You are not the first woman I have heard say this – our blood is a sacred elixir that is bursting with magic and the potential to create and grow life ✨

      Shani x

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