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22 Magical Gifts Of The Scorpio Moon Woman

22 Magical Gifts Of The Scorpio Moon Woman

moon in Scorpio woman

In 2018 while living in Bali, I first set eyes on my full birth chart and realized that I am a Scorpio moon woman. Until then, I would only read the “Cancer” horoscope in magazines and online because this is my sun sign. Although I knew of Scorpio as a mysterious and passionate sign, I knew very little about the depths and gifts that are unique to it.

Since then, I’ve been ferociously exploring the Scorpio sign. I find it fascinating that one of the deepest, most complex zodiac signs is also the most feared and misunderstood. It’s time to banish those fears and embrace Scorpio’s intensity, passion, and depth.

In this post, I’ll briefly explain what a moon sign is (in case you’re unsure) and the magical gifts that every Scorpio moon woman is born with.

What is a moon sign?

Your birth chart is a full map of where the sun, moon, and all the planets in our solar system were in the sky the exact minute you were born, in whichever location that happened to be.

Your moon sign symbolizes the hidden aspects of your personality, your deepest feelings, emotions, and mood, and your shadow self. Essentially, your moon sign is who you are on a deep, intrinsic level.

It’s likely that parts of your personality, behaviors, and motivations don’t quite align with your sun sign, and this is why. There’s so much more to you than just your sun sign!

The Scorpio moon sign

Scorpio is a fixed water sign doused in mystery, shame, and intrigue for as long as you and I can remember. A woman with her moon sign in Scorpio will have similar traits to a woman with her sun sign in Scorpio. The key difference is that the energy of Scorpio will more likely affect your emotions, fears, deepest desires, intuition, and shadows.

22 Gifts of the Scorpio moon woman personality

1. The Scorpio moon woman is the witch archetype

One of the main reasons the Scorpio sign has an undeserved bad reputation is that it has always been linked to the archetype of the witch, the sorceress, or the shaman.

What we know now about witches is they are powerful, sovereign women connected to mamma nature and the earth’s natural cycles. This made them a severe threat to the patriarchy and modern religion, which is why they were eventually hunted and persecuted in what can only be described as a gendercide. Fortunately, we are slowly reclaiming the word witch along with our power.

Back to Scorpio—women with this moon sign are deeply spiritual and likely to be drawn to magic, alchemy, and all things occult. Think moon rituals, spellwork, tarot & oracle cards, crystals, reiki, chakras, auras, psychic readings, and more. They are intrigued by the unfamiliar, the unseen, and the unsolved mysteries of the world.

2. She stands out from the crowd

A moon in Scorpio woman can often be easily spotted by astrologers because something about her is noticeably different from all the other lunar signs. It’s difficult to pinpoint just one thing. It’s everything. The way she carries herself, the energy she brings into a room, the way she converses, the depth of her intuition, her intensity and passion, and so much more. She is a complex soul, to say the least.

3. Her intuition is off the charts

All water signs are intuitive (Cancer, Pisces & Scorpio), but there’s something about Scorpio’s sixth sense that goes even deeper. She’s always tuning into her womb wisdom and using this to guide her. Plus, she can usually sense if something’s off with someone just by being near them.

4. She can’t do shallowness & small talk

If there’s one thing a Scorpio moon woman can’t stand, it’s small talk. Conversations about the weather, celebrity gossip and shallow, narrow-minded chit-chat turn her off quickly. Even if she just met you ten minutes ago, she won’t be afraid to meet you on a soul level and speak to you from her heart rather than her head.

If she encounters anyone being shallow or manipulative, she will immediately distance herself from them and be direct in calling them out on their bullshit. She does this without ego or malice, with the intention of presencing the truth.

5. She’s intimidating

Because Scorpio moon women are so direct, intense with their feelings, and passionate, many people are naturally intimidated by them. Many of us find the unknown and unfamiliar uncomfortable.

A Scorpio moon knows she can be a lot, which leads to her self-censoring and bottling up her feelings (I have definitely been there). But of course, when we do this, it only harms us. We have to let it all pour out.

6. She is highly sensitive to energy

All water signs are sensitive, empathic, and feeling people. But while Cancer and Pisces are super sensitive, Scorpio moons are extra vulnerable to darkness. Anything heavy, stagnant, toxic, or shady, and a Scorpio moon will instantly feel it.

While this helps her make good judgments and decisions, often at face value, she also picks up many bad vibes. We must realize that it’s essential to regularly cleanse ourselves of this negative energy. If we don’t, it will quickly bring us down with it and feel overwhelming.

Some people think this woman is being dramatic or even attention-seeking, but she can’t help but have a strong reaction to everything because she feels everything as if it’s happening to her, even if it isn’t.

7. Because of this, she likes to be alone

Being around people, whether good or poisonous, can be emotionally and energetically draining to your life force. You take on other people’s thoughts, feelings, and burdens as your own.

This is why a Scorpio moon woman must give herself the solitude she needs to recover from particularly heavy emotional wounds. Plan nights in, spend time soaking up the tranquility in nature, light candles, meditate, practice yoga, sip on herbal teas, and do whatever makes you feel zen.

8. The Scorpio moon woman is a deep thinker

Scorpio moon women process information at a deep level. They’re intelligent, both logically and emotionally. Couple this with their intuitive superpower; they can calculate, strategize, and uncover solutions to most problems.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that Scorpios are pure emotion. Far more is going on underneath than most people think. And despite this, they’ll keep a cool, calm, and collected exterior—most of the time, you won’t know what they’re thinking.

9. She is a private person

The Scorpio moon woman tends to keep her cards close to her chest. Most people, even those closest to you, haven’t the faintest idea of the depth and breadth of emotional tidal waves you ride almost daily.

Out of fear of being “too much” or vulnerable, you may hide what you truly feel or distance yourself from others.

If a Scorpio Moon lets you all the way in and gives you her heart, you’ve come further than most people ever have.

10. She is a loyal and devoted friend

If you get past her concrete wall, she will be a loyal, devoted friend who will give 100% of herself to you and your friendship.

Because she’s so intuitive and emotionally sensitive, she’s the friend who will often know what you’re thinking and feeling without you even saying a word. This also means that if you’re lying to her or keeping something from her, she will probably find out!

Watch out for a Scorpio woman’s shadow side: jealousy and possessiveness are all common negative personality traits of this moon sign. But like all negative shadow aspects, these can be worked through with shadow work and commitment to spiritual and emotional growth.

11. She seeks authentic connections & emotional intimacy

A Scorpio moon woman is a truth seeker, so it makes sense that she is only interested in creating authentic, meaningful, and deep relationships with people. Her passion and emotional intelligence make it easy for her to connect, not on a surface level, but on a deep, intimate, soul level. These are the kind of connections that have the power to move people and last forever.

The thing about us Scorpio moons is that although it’s scary for us to bear our full emotional sea to others, exposing ourselves in this way deepens our power, gets us a little closer to our truth and helps us evolve into our highest selves. Connecting with others and forming genuine relationships like these is actually how we make sense of the world and find inner peace.

12. She can be moody

Because Scorpio moons pick up on pretty much everything in every room (energy-wise), this leaves them highly susceptible to mood swings. They’re up, then down, and every shade in between. One small thing is enough to ruin their whole day. Someone might look at me the wrong way or say something totally off-the-cuff, and sometimes (if I haven’t got my “let this shit go” game face on), it can piss me off or linger on my mind for weeks.

This can quickly alienate and rub people up the wrong way. Those closest to you will usually bear the brunt of this baggage. And this will lead to Scorpio moons feeling incredibly alone with all their feelings.

The other side of this is that because we are afraid to be vulnerable and “too much,” we keep everything in, leading to loneliness.

A woman with her moon in Scorpio starts out like an unpolished diamond buried deep in the earth, with rough edges that take years of mistakes, lessons, and growth to smooth out.

13. The Scorpio moon woman has a depth of nature

Although Cancer and Pisces are emotionally deep signs, they are much gentler than Scorpio.

Not only does a Scorpio moon woman feel deeply, but she enjoys feeling deeply. This is part of the Scorpio archetype. She’s the woman who will walk all the way to the edge just to see how far she can go and constantly push past her own self-imposed limitations. This is how we grow; if there’s a moon sign hungry for spiritual growth, it’s Scorpio.

Are you the kind of woman who loves a sad song? More than that, when a song resonates deeply with you, you can listen to it on repeat for days? I’ve done this consistently in my life. I believe this is linked to my innate desire to feel and make sense of other people’s emotions and my own.

14. She dares to face the truth

At heart, the Scorpio moon woman is a truth seeker. Ruled by the planet Pluto, this zodiac sign is deeply in tune with the eternal life, death, and rebirth cycle. She recognizes that growth only happens when we move out of our comfort zone, meet our truth and shadows, feel our pain, learn the lessons, and transmute this into wisdom.

This is why a Scorpio moon woman prefers to see things for what they are rather than sugar coating. And this is true whether it involves her or those around her.

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No stranger to confronting the darkness that lurks within, she has a better idea than most people of the kind of shadows others are dealing with. By shining a light on your own darkness and truth, you give people permission and courage to do the same.

15. She is sensual & seductive

Moon in Scorpio women radiate seductive, sensual, passionate vibes. This is another reason this zodiac sign is shrouded in shame and repression. The world today is deeply uncomfortable with sexuality, particularly women’s sexuality. It never used to be this way, but fast forward through the rise of patriarchy and modern religion, and this is the result.

If you haven’t yet explored and embraced your sexual nature, this can be one of the best ways to harness the gifts of a Scorpio moon sign. You don’t need to have sex to do this. Rewriting your beliefs around sex and sexuality, indulging in self-pleasure sessions, and doing the work to unblock and balance your sacral chakra is more than enough.

16. She prefers intense relationships over casual flings

The Scorpio moon woman is searching for the love of her life. Although she struggles to be vulnerable, she craves deep intimacy in all her relationships. Her depth of emotions and passion, coupled with commitment and loyalty, is something most people have never experienced all at once.

This usually leads to her lovers being in awe of her and seeing the world differently after she enters their life. It can take years to fully get over a woman like this. The good news is, once she has found her person, she is unlikely to ever let go. She’s a monogamist to the end.

17. She is not afraid to let people go

If someone is being fake, shallow, or disloyal towards her, she is not afraid to wave goodbye to them. Other people struggle with this lesson and will sometimes keep people in their lives for years after realizing they’re not good for them or deserve to be treated better. But not her.

Remember, she’s not afraid to face the truth and be direct. Although she’ll feel deeply hurt and betrayed by disloyalty, it won’t be hard for her to walk away because the bond has already been severed in her mind.

18. The moon in Scorpio woman is on a constant journey of growth & transformation

The Scorpio moon woman is here to grow and evolve into her highest self. She recognizes the deep emotional and spiritual work involved in this task but is not intimidated by it. Dealing with repression and regeneration is the mission Pluto has given her.

She is on a constant path of transformation and has the power to be a catalyst of change and growth for others. By transforming her own life, she encourages those around her to do the same.

19. She seeks greater purpose in her work

Superficial, repetitive, and shallow jobs will make a Scorpio moon woman recoil. She is searching for work that fills her with purpose, helps her grow, and helps to transform others and/or the world somehow.

Scorpio moons also tend to be highly creative, so a career in the arts would fit her well, but only if she can be vulnerable in sharing her craft.

20. She won’t quit until she has reached her goal

Scorpio is a fixed sign, ruled by Pluto (the planet of transformation) and known for its passion and intensity. This means that if this woman takes on a task or challenge, she will not quit until it’s completed. She will focus, plan, strategize, and work hard until she achieves what she wants, even if it takes years.

She feels a duty to herself and society to enact great change and leave the world a better place than how she found it. This means she can often be hard on herself and anyone who dares to stand in her way!

Scorpios also make great leaders, so she is confident navigating the way forward, even if traveling through the dark.

21. She stands firm in her beliefs

Because you have a bullshit detector like no one else, you can see the truth in situations, and people, like others can’t. But ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether you’re right or wrong. Often, nothing is ever quite this black and white anyway.

However, you will always remain rooted in your beliefs and stand up for what you believe to be right. You’re not the kind of woman who is easily swayed. You’d rather stand alone than be out of integrity with your values.

22. Wounded souls are drawn to the Scorpio moon woman

Because Scorpio moon women are so skilled at dealing with pain, trauma, and truth and are fiercely loyal, those who have endured a lot of trauma and are wounded tend to be drawn to them.

People will spill their deepest, darkest secrets to you even if they barely know you. They come to you to be heard and understood, and you excel in these arenas. People subconsciously recognize that you have a deep understanding of emotional pain, and they will seek you out for your ability to accept the truth, heal and help them transmute their pain into growth.

Are you a woman with a Scorpio moon sign?

I’d love to hear from all my Scorpio moon sisters or anyone with a lot of Scorpio in their birth chart. Do these magical gifts feel familiar to you? Have you reclaimed this zodiac sign, despite the darkness society has surrounded it with?

Tell me all in the comments below!

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