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How To Take A Spiritual Cleansing Bath Tonight

spiritual cleansing bath

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a regular bath and a spiritual cleansing bath?

Baths are divine, and I love nothing more than immersing myself in water as part of my evening or moon ritual. And because I have a lot of water signs in my birth chart, I find myself drawn to water more than perhaps most people are. Depending on your chart, you might find you’re drawn to another element in this way.

But since ancient times, the element of water has always been considered sacred and used in various rituals worldwide.

Don’t feel intimidated by the term “spiritual bath.” This is just a fancy way of saying that you’re taking a bath with meaning. And it’s so simple (and fun) to do this. Let me show you how.

What is a spiritual bath?

A spiritual bath (sometimes known as a spiritual cleansing bath) centers on physically and energetically cleansing your body. It’s about submerging your body in water, feeling held and revitalized, and carrying an intention with you the entire time.

What makes something sacred is our relationship to it and how we see it and treat it. You can make anything sacred: a moon ritual, sex, blood magic, eating, practicing yoga, getting ready for bed, painting…

You can take a spiritual bath at home, visit a healing spring or a holy well, or even dip into a lake or ocean. In this post, I’ll show you how to make a spiritual bath at home (even if you don’t have a tub!).

woman bathing in nature

Why take a spiritual cleansing bath?

Because water is magic and has the power to hold your intention and heal you.

You might know that your body is made up of around 60% water, while the blood running through you is 90% water. Water does so much for us; it transforms, soothes, and nourishes us in ways we are often unaware of.

You’ll step into the bath as one woman and step out of it renewed. You’ll feel cleansed on all levels, grounded, and inspired. And taking a spiritual bath is a beautiful act of self-care to gift yourself, especially if you’re feeling tired, stressed, or anxious.

Do you really need me to sell you on relaxing in a tub of warm water filled with sweet aromas, rose petals, salts, and spa-like music?

Baths feel so good.

The benefits of taking a spiritual bath:

  • It cleanses your physical and etheric body (also known as your aura)
  • It helps you relax and melts away stress
  • You will feel peaceful and taken care of
  • It will detoxify your body
  • It will help you connect with your intuition
  • And if you use natural ingredients, it will leave your skin feeling super soft!

What’s the difference between a regular bath and a spiritual bath?

It’s all about your intention and shifting your perspective.

The moment you decide to turn your bath into a spiritual experience is the moment the experience transforms from a regular bath to something more.

So if you want to take a spiritual bath, be intentional about it. Declare it to yourself. Then treat every step (cleansing your space, running the water, choosing your ingredients, sitting in the tub, etc.) as a sacred moment.

candle and rose petals

How to take a spiritual bath

1. Choose a time

You can take a spiritual bath whenever you like when you need it most.

I especially love to take a bath ritual on the new moon or full moon because I live in flow with the lunar cycle, and there’s a lot of energy to work with during these phases. This will often become part of my new moon or full moon ritual.

For example, on the new moon, I’ll visualize the water washing away the past cycle and welcoming a new one. I’ll also consider the new intentions I want to set for the moon ahead.

I’d recommend allowing yourself between 30-60 minutes for your spiritual bath ritual. Don’t rush it—you want this to feel yummy and spacious!

2. Gather your spiritual bath ingredients

spiritual bath ingredients

Here are some ingredients you might want to use to make your spiritual bath. Follow your intuition as you gather.

  • Moon water
  • Essential oils
  • Candles
  • Incense
  • Fresh or dried flowers and herbs
  • Crystals
  • Salts (sea salt, Epsom salt, Himalayan salt)
  • Homemade bath teas
  • A plant-based drink (water, cacao, matcha, a herbal tea)
  • A white towel and/or robe

If there’s a specific intention you want to focus on, you might also want to select ingredients for your spiritual bath that support that.

For example, add a rose quartz crystal and some Himalayan salt into the tub if you want to boost your self-love. To increase your energy, add a couple of drops of lemon oil and some fresh basil into the water.

If you’re unsure, just select things you like that make the experience feel luxurious and inviting.

3. Create a relaxing atmosphere

Give your tub a good clean, and clear away anything that does not need to be in the room.

When you’re done, turn off artificial lights, and light some candles. Now is also the perfect time to burn some herbs or incense if you want to.

Pop your towel, robe, and slippers somewhere you can easily reach them when you step out of the bath. Have all your bath ingredients nearby on a tray.

You might want to play some soft, relaxing music in the background. Spotify is amazing for ready-made playlists. My favorites include spa sounds, ocean waves, and rain sounds.

4. Cleanse yourself before you take a spiritual bath

This might sound strange, but I always take a quick shower before I take a bath.


Because to feel physically clean before getting into the tub. This can also act as a reset and bring you more in the moment. By the time you get into the bath, you’ll be in the right headspace to relax, clear away any energetic blockages and channel your intention.

5. Run the water

Now you can start running the water and adding in your chosen ingredients. Do this with care and attention.

6. Set an intention for your spiritual bath

One of the most important things when taking a spiritual bath is to set an intention.

What would you like to get out of this bath ritual?

What do your mind, body, and soul need most?

Here are some examples:

  • “I let go of my past relationship so I can welcome in something better.”
  • “I give my body the rest and recharge that it needs.”
  • “I will start that business I’ve been dreaming of forever, and be courageous and take the first step this week!”

Carry your intention with you throughout your spiritual bath ritual.

7. Get in the bath

Check the water temperature with the back of your hand before you take the full plunge! If it’s uncomfortable for your hand, it will be too hot for the rest of you.

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When you’re happy, it’s time to dip into the bath and enjoy the magic moment you have just made for yourself!

woman soaking in tub

8. Focus on healing

Close your eyes and slip into a meditative state while you’re soaking in this spiritual cleansing bath.

Allow whatever comes up to flow through you, resisting the urge to judge. Notice where some healing is needed, and let the water work its magic on these wounds.

Visualize all that’s heavy being washed away, and fill up that newfound space with light, bright, positive energy.

Bring attention to your breath and take some deep inhales and exhales, going as slowly as possible (this helps to calm you down).

You could also do some chakra cleansing and choose a specific chakra to work with that feels blocked.

9. Recite a mantra or affirmation

In addition to your intention, you might want to work with an affirmation or mantra that supports your intention. This can be anything you want. Repeat it silently or out loud to yourself several times.

10. Close your spiritual bath ritual

Stay in your spiritual bath for as long as you like. I usually stay until the water starts cooling down to the point where it forces me out!

Before you get out, you might want to give thanks for this beautiful moment, for the water holding you, and for the wonderful ingredients surrounding you. Say a little prayer if it feels right, or thank the universe. This can be a lovely way to close your ritual.

spiritual cleansing bath

11. Reflect

When you’re out of the bath and all cozy and dry, grab a journal and take some time to reflect.

How did you feel before taking your spiritual bath?

What came up for you during your bath?

How do you feel now?

Can I still take a spiritual bath if I don’t have a bathtub?

Absolutely. Spiritual baths are not just for those lucky enough to have a bathtub. Remember, water has been sacred for a lot longer than we’ve had bathtubs!

Follow all the same steps in the guide above. The only difference is instead of running the water in a bathtub, fill a large bowl or pitcher with your water, and pop your spiritual bath ingredients into it. Give it a little stir.

Take a shower, bring your bowl with you, and gently pour it over yourself when ready. Think of your intention as you do this.


I hope this post has inspired you to take a spiritual cleansing bath tonight and transform bathtime into a magical ritual. Once I did this, I never went back.

Got a question about spiritual bathing? Drop it in the comments below!

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