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17 Earthy Qualities Of The Taurus Moon Woman
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17 Earthy Qualities Of The Taurus Moon Woman

taurus moon sign woman

Are you a woman with a Taurus moon sign? Have you ever wondered what this means, what your unique gifts are, and how this affects how you see the world? In this post, I’ll explain what your moon sign symbolizes and the strengths and shadows of the Taurus moon sign.

What is a moon sign?

Whichever zodiac sign the moon was in the moment you were born is your moon sign. It’s one of the most important and intimate aspects of your birth chart. The moon governs our emotions, our deepest needs, and who we truly are at heart. People will only begin to see your moon sign traits when they know you well. Strangers, however, are likely to see your sun sign traits more than anything else.

The Taurus moon sign

Taurus is a fixed earth sign. Venus is its ruling planet, and its spirit animal is the bull. Feeling grounded, connected to the physical realm, and surrounded by beauty are key traits of the Taurus sign.

A Taurus sun sign will have many similar traits to a Taurus moon sign. The key difference is that these Taurean qualities will affect your feelings, emotions, and inner desires.

17 Earthy qualities of the Taurus moon woman

1. She needs to feel stable & secure

One of the most basic needs for a Taurus moon woman is material security. She wants to feel financially secure, safe in her home, and at peace in all areas of her life. It’s not that she’s materialistic or greedy. Rather, she needs a strong and stable foundation in her home, health, and wealth to be happy and operate at her highest level in the world.

2. She’s the most sensual woman of the zodiac

Sensuality is often confused with romance and sex, but it’s simply about engaging our five senses. This can be done with or without a partner!

For a moon in Taurus woman to feel most alive and inspired, she needs her five senses to be stimulated.

You’re likely to find her wearing clothes made from soft silks and cashmere, enjoying massages, eating delicious food, listening to music that transports her into a different world, filling her home with sweet-scented candles and diffusers, and visiting beautiful flower gardens and galleries.

3. The Taurus moon woman is a master manifester

A moon in Taurus woman believes she deserves to live a beautiful, comfortable, luxurious life. She has the innate power to manifest everything she desires simply by her unwavering self-belief. She does it with ease and creates a wonderful life for herself and those around her.

As long as she doesn’t move from a place of fear or cling on to what she has, abundance will flow freely through her and help her generate even more.

If you need tips on manifesting your most abundant dream life, spend more time with a Taurus moon woman.

4. She surrounds herself with beauty & comfort

A Taurus moon woman loves to surround herself with lavish, opulent, often expensive things. Whether it’s art, sculpture, gorgeous furniture, fine jewelry, or designer pieces, she loves adorning herself and her home with extravagant things. For her, life feels fuller and more nourishing when it’s filled with material objects that make her feel like a Goddess.

For example, if she purchases a new bedspread, she won’t look for a bargain or the cheapest set; far from it. She will look for high-quality fabrics that feel divine against her skin and are inviting to sink into at night. Colors, prints, and textures that are beautiful to look at. And silk pillows that make her feel like she’s sleeping on a cotton cloud.

But she must be careful not to hoard and accumulate clutter and learn to let go of things that no longer serve her.

5. She embraces her feminine energy

Taurus is a feminine sign, and the moon also radiates feminine energy. This leads to a Taurus moon woman’s femininity being magnified and accentuated.

Even if she has a lot of masculine energy in the rest of her chart, it will be difficult not to notice the feminine within her.

This will shine through in how she carries herself, how she interacts with others, the clothes she wears, and how she decorates her home.

6. She’s down to earth

Taurus is an earth sign, which means anyone with this moon sign will have a grounded aura. They also feel soothed and recharge their batteries by immersing themselves in nature: drinking in the fresh air, walking barefoot on a sandy beach, and hiking through a forest.

A moon in Taurus woman is likely to have a beautiful garden that she tends to regularly with love and to fill her home with an array of plants and beautiful blooms.

7. A moon in Taurus woman exudes calm

For her to feel well, the Taurus moon woman needs to be in an environment that is calm and peaceful. She has no interest in arguments or conflicts. She will do everything in her power to maintain harmony in her job, home, and relationships.

But in life, disagreements are inevitable. When they arise, she will always assume the role of the mediator and try to diffuse the situation as quickly and quietly as possible.

When she is at her best, she will exude a tranquil, kind, and peaceful vibe that instantly calms those around her and makes everyone feel safe.

8. She is determined & hardworking

Like a bull, a moon in Taurus woman is driven, persistent, and hardworking. She isn’t likely to quit something until it’s complete unless she experiences a great deal of stress or conflict that threatens her deep need for peace.

9. She lives life in the slow lane

Her earthy, grounded nature means that she likes to live at a slow, relaxed pace. Not one to rush or push, she takes her time, connects to her intuition, and notices and appreciates all of the small things around her that many of us take for granted.

Things like the first flowers blooming in spring. The warmth and sweetness of a cup of tea in her hands. The beautiful sound of birdsong as she wakes in the morning.

10. She’s rational & cautious

A Taurus moon woman lives in a cautious, practical, safe way. She is not likely to take a risk or react quickly to something or someone. She will only take a leap of faith if she knows exactly what’s waiting for her on the other side. And she does not live with her head in the clouds but with her feet firmly on the ground.

This means she often avoids potentially dangerous situations, but it also means she may miss out on incredible opportunities.

11. She likes what’s predictable and familiar

As a fixed sign, the Taurus moon woman enjoys a predictable and familiar life. She likes having a stable routine and isn’t likely to welcome change. If a friend or partner does try and shake up her routine, she may react stubbornly and be difficult to convince.

This is why things like the breakdown of a relationship, changing jobs or careers, or moving house or city are likely to throw her world upside down. Remember, she values stability and security, and it’s difficult to maintain these during periods of great uncertainty, change, and transformation like these.

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12. She’s drawn to the arts

Because she loves beauty and material things, a Taurus moon woman will gravitate towards the arts and find a beautiful resonance here. She might have a career as a painter, a florist, a fashion or interior designer.

She will fill her home with incredible art and one-off pieces that turn her home into a haven of beauty. You’ll likely find her visiting art galleries and museums, high-end vintage furniture shops, and elaborate events like the ballet or opera.

13. The Taurus moon woman is warm & nurturing

Taurus moon women are kind, generous, warm, and loyal friends. They can always be counted on for encouragement and support. With their love of material beauty and financial security, they are often found nurturing and treating friends with these finer things.

She desires to take care of those around her and wants them to enjoy the beauty of life and experience as much joy from the physical world as she does.

14. She’s protective of herself & her loved ones

Bulls are fiercely protective of their herd, and Taurus moon women are the same. But instead of the aggression and violence that you may find in a bull, these women will remain calm in most situations. They have a gift for knowing exactly what to say and do to diffuse a situation and keep their loved ones out of harm’s way.

People feel this protective energy from her, which is one of the reasons she’s such a great friend, partner, and mother.

15. She prefers intimate gatherings over large crowds

A Taurus moon woman will likely have a small, solid group of friends she has known for years. Large crowds are not her thing, and she doesn’t tend to have multiple social circles. In fact, she has to be mindful not to close herself off from new connections.

You’ll often find this woman hosting intimate dinners and gatherings in her beautiful home or garden. And it will be a true delight for all the senses! Think twinkling fairy lights, candles, music, a delicious feast, a beautifully laid table, and the coziest spots to lounge and chat in.

16. She’s a born romantic

These women love love. They are romantic, sentimental, and nurturing in relationships, protective and committed for the long haul. She doesn’t trust or fall in love easily, but when she does open her heart, she gives her all.

A Taurus moon woman is most compatible with other earthy moon signs like Virgo and Capricorn, as well as a nurturing and homely sign like Cancer.

17. She finds it hard to let go

Once she commits to someone, chooses a career path, or decides on a place to live, it can be difficult for her to break away, even when she knows it’s time to walk away and welcome change. Her need for security and familiarity may hold her back in all areas of life.

Loving advice and support from a trusted friend, therapist, or coach may give her the strength and nudge to close the door to a chapter of her life and embrace a new adventure.

Are you a woman with a Taurus moon sign?

Calling all my earthy, grounded, sensual Taurus moon women! What do you love most about your moon sign, and what do you think your greatest gift is?

Tell me in the comments below!

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