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Venus In Aries Woman: The Independent, Courageous, Adventurer
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Venus In Aries Woman: The Independent, Courageous, Adventurer

venus in aries woman

Are you a woman with the planet Venus in the sign of Aries in your birth chart?

Every planet in our solar system represents a different part of life and brings its own unique energy and lessons to us. Venus rules love, relationships, and the feminine within us all.

For women, your Venus sign shows you the woman you came here to be and offers insight into the kind of relationship and partner you’re likely to be drawn to. In contrast, a man’s Venus placement will show him the type of partner he will likely be attracted to.

Aries is a cardinal fire sign and the first sign of the zodiac, which is why people with a lot of Aries in their chart tend to be natural leaders.

The Venus in Aries placement seems like a clash to some, given the fiery, independent, anti-mushy nature of Aries. But that’s not to say that women with their Venus in Aries are not looking for love and don’t do well in a relationship. It just needs to be a love that is exhilarating, direct, and slightly naughty.

What is my venus sign?

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Everything you need to know about the venus in aries woman

Keywords: Confident, courageous, fiery, independent, assertive, exciting, direct, magnetic, impulsive, mischievous, initiator, huntress.

Compatibility: A Venus in Aries woman would be highly compatible with a man with his Mars in Aries or in other key placements (like the sun, moon, or rising sign). Air signs are also compatible with this placement (Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra). And Leo could be a great match because they will bring the excitement this woman seeks.

1. She needs to put herself first and focus on self-love

The Venus in Aries woman feels a little distant from the theme of love and partnerships that Venus brings. This placement centers on putting yourself first, which is what this woman will do.

She will take the time to really live, explore, and figure out what satisfies and excites her in love. She understands that once we know and love ourselves, we can move from an empowered foundation and attract the right kind of people and relationships into our lives.

The Venus in Aries woman is fiercely independent and focused on herself and her passions and dreams. This might seem selfish, and it can be if it doesn’t change once in a committed relationship. But as a single woman, Venus in Aries does what every woman should do—keep your options open and really take the time to decide what you need and want.

2. She is the anti-romantic of the zodiac

Don’t mistake her intolerance for mushy, corny, over-the-top romantic gestures as a rejection of love. She wants love, maybe harder than the rest of the zodiac wants it. But for her, theatrical displays of attraction are unnecessary and fly over her head.

Desire for a Venus in Aries woman manifests physically. She is deeply connected to her physical body and craves physical affection (even if she doesn’t say it).

3. The venus in aries woman revels in the adrenaline rush of new love

Romance? Hard pass.

The thrill of new love? Hell yes.

A Venus in Aries woman lives for the rush of falling for someone new, hunting them down, and dancing on the knife edge as she makes new memories with a perfect stranger.

Most people enjoy the honeymoon phase of a new relationship because they love the passion, the romance, and the feeling of falling deeper for someone every day. While she loves the can’t keep our hands off each other part, the best part of new love for her is the excitement of not quite knowing where she stands and seeing where it goes. Unlike the rest of us, she’s comfortable in the limbo of the unknown.

4. She is an independent woman who knows what she wants

Aries is known for being a fierce, independent, courageous sign, and a Venus in Aries placement is no different. She knows what she wants when she sees it. This woman radiates confidence and is direct in how she communicates and takes action. It doesn’t matter if everyone around her sweeps issues under the rug or hides their true feelings; she never will.

She does her own thing, especially when it comes to dating and love, and usually, it works out pretty well for her.

5. And she is not afraid to go get it

Once she knows what she wants, it’s difficult for her to wait around for it to happen or come to her. A Venus in Aries woman does not do patience well.

So if she is attracted to someone, she is not afraid to take a risk, put herself out there, and stare rejection in the face. Expect her to make the first move and bluntly declare her feelings for you. She’s a woman who takes a chance and seems fearless where others are timid and afraid.

6. She is very connected to and comfortable with masculine energy

A Venus in Aries woman feels at home with masculine energy and tends to gravitate toward male friendships. It’s not that she’s disconnected from her feminine energy, but her feminine is a fierce, fiery flavor.

She might also have a lot of typically masculine interests, like playing intense, contact-based sports or adrenaline-inducing hobbies like sky diving, kite surfing, or kickboxing. Anything that roots her back into her physical body and gets her blood pumping and her heart racing.

Her perfect match will not feel threatened by her male friends or the extreme activities she engages in (and usually excels at). He will remain quietly confident in his masculinity, and this will help her connect more deeply to her feminine.

7. A venus in aries woman needs to be kept interested

A Venus in Aries woman is the thrill-seeker of the zodiac and lives for the excitement, adventure, and spontaneity of a new romance.

She needs a mate who isn’t afraid to take charge, bring fresh ideas, and plan fun new dates for them to enjoy together. If she has to choose between a night in watching a movie or a day out rock climbing, she will always choose the more physically engaging activity.

It’s easy to keep things interesting in the early stages of getting to know each other. The real test will come months or years into the relationship when a Venus in Aries woman still wants to be entertained and whisked away on her next great adventure.

Anyone thinking about dating this woman for the long term had better be ready to bring the fun and not take their foot off the accelerator.

8. She seeks a mischievous partner in crime

A Venus in Aries woman does before she thinks. And this is why she’ll be attracted to someone with a cheeky glint in their eye or a mischievous streak. This allows her to embrace that part of herself that wants to act first and think about the consequences later.

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Yes, her impulsive nature will sometimes lead her into challenging situations. But if a relationship becomes too much like a routine, she will easily grow bored and frustrated. So if you can match her childish enthusiasm for life and new adventures and aren’t afraid to dabble in a little bit of mischief, it won’t be long before you win her respect and heart.

9. She loves the chase

This woman has an invisible magnetic center that captivates people’s attention and draws people to her. It’s common for her to have several people pursuing her at any given time.

But equally, she loves the thrill of the chase. She enjoys pursuing the person she feels the strongest pull of desire toward in her body. For her, it’s not a game or a competition to see how many fish she can reel in. She will only chase someone if she genuinely wants them.

10. The venus in aries woman is the huntress of the venus signs

The Venus in Aries woman is the archetype of the warrioress or the huntress. However, a typical hunter who knows what she’s doing will lurk in the shadows, observe her prey, calculate and strategize then pounce at the opportune moment.

Venus in Aries doesn’t tend to follow those rules.

She will walk up to the person she desires most and peacock in front of them, revealing the full rainbow of colors that lives inside her. She won’t drag things out, flirt, or play games. And she will be direct to the point where it’s a little scary to be on the receiving end.

Her mission is to get from where you both are now to you falling in love with her as quickly as possible. Time is precious to her, and she would rather dive straight in and bare her heart than sit around and play it cool.

11. She is looking for a confident & courageous partner

Unsurprisingly, the Venus in Aries woman is attracted to the courage, confidence, and ambition of the Aries sign. She is looking for a mate who embodies the warrior archetype, takes charge, can give as good as he gets, and is willing to fight for his beliefs. Someone confident (but not cocky) and not afraid to take a risk in life or love. Someone who will push her out of her comfort zone and help her take more risks and evolve.

She does not expect you to be fearless because she understands there is no such thing. What she does expect is someone brave enough to face their fears and take action anyway. She also values action. Don’t tell her about all the brilliant things you’re going to do; just do.

12. She is not afraid of friction or confrontation

Aries women are fiery, and this Venus placement brings the fire with them into their relationship. She is not afraid of conflict, disagreements, or debates. In fact, she thrives on them; they bring out the fighter spirit in her, especially as she loathes being told what to do.

The last thing she wants is a partner who avoids confrontation and is afraid to speak their mind with her. Be direct and sincere, and stand up for what you believe in, and she will respect you for it. Lying or hiding things from her will erode the trust and loyalty she has built with you.

13. She loves and accepts difference

The final thing to know about the Venus in Aries woman is that differences don’t bother her; rather, she loves them. If you worship peanut butter jelly sandwiches and even the thought of them makes her queasy, she will find it hilarious and another reason to love you. She’s aware of the importance of sharing significant values if things are going to work out long-term, but the small differences don’t phase her. If anything, she enjoys a challenge.

For her, acceptance is not nearly as important when you’re on the same page as when you’re a world apart. So when a Venus in Aries woman loves you, you can bet she truly loves all of you and expects you to love yourself this hard too.

Are you a venus in aries woman?

Are you a woman with your Venus in Aries? Does this list of gifts and quirks resonate with you when it comes to dating, love, and relationships? And what kind of person are you usually attracted to?

Share your thoughts, stories, and questions in the comments below!

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  • FINALLY An article on Venus in Aries that doesn’t make us just sound like we are heartless and competitive and after your man haha!
    I am a triple water sign with Venus in Aries and have hunted high and low for information on it that resonates, thank you for your article!
    I resonate and appreciate all you’ve shared here, very insightful and truthful <3

    • Aw I’m glad this resonates with you ✨ There is light and shadow in all signs, so any article or astrologer that suggests otherwise is not relaying the full picture.

      Shani x

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