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Venus In Pisces Woman: The Romantic, Empath, Dreamer

venus in pisces woman

Are you a woman with the planet Venus in the sign of Pisces in your birth chart?

Venus is the planet of love, the divine feminine, and relationships. If you’re a woman, your Venus sign will give you great insight into how you flirt, your love language and sexual blueprint, the kind of relationship you’re looking for (or not), and the woman you are here to be.

A man’s Venus sign will typically point to the kind of woman he will be attracted to and the qualities and relationship he’s looking for.

Pisces is a mutable water sign ruled by the planet Neptune. If you’re born with your Sun, Moon, or rising sign in Pisces, you’re likely to be a highly creative, intuitive dreamer who feels things deeply (like all water signs do) and is a born romantic.

But what does it mean if your Venus placement falls in Pisces? Read on to discover more.

What is my venus sign?

If you’re unsure of your Venus placement, you can view your birth chart here.

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Everything you need to know about the venus in pisces woman

Keywords: Romantic, sensitive, creative, empathetic, compassionate, spiritual, mystical, generous, artistic, escapist, daydreamer.

Compatibility: A Venus in Pisces woman will be compatible with someone who is grounded and can offer stability and a healthy dose of realism where she may lack this.

Those with Mars, Sun, Moon, or rising placements in earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) could be a good match. Also, a man with his Venus in Pisces (because he’s looking for a woman like this).

1. She is the whimsical daydreamer of the zodiac

Venus in Pisces is an ethereal placement. This woman will likely find herself frequently eloping into daydreams and indulging in fiction books, movies, plays, and art—anything that stimulates her colorful imagination and transports her somewhere else. It makes sense that many talented artists have a Venus in Pisces placement.

This whimsical, dreamy nature will often seep into the way she dresses. Think pastel shades, pretty floral patterns, feminine silhouettes, soft beachy waves, braids, ribbons, and floaty, sheer fabrics.

The wrong partner will try to snap her out of this dream-like state and see it as a negative trait, but the right one will encourage her to find and pursue creative outlets that bring joy to her heart and soul.

2. She will find beauty in anything

The Venus in Pisces woman is on a lifelong quest for beauty. At a deep level, she recognizes that beauty is not power but rather magic, and she can find it almost anywhere. In the bareness and harshness of the earth in the middle of winter, the vast darkness when the power unexpectedly cuts out, and the bumpy, bruised scar that runs through the middle of her belly.

She doesn’t need to understand or reason it out in her mind; it’s simply an extension of her and the unique way she views the world.

You can count on Venus in Pisces to find beauty in the unsexiest places, and yes, this extends to her romantic interests, too.

3. The venus in pisces woman is made of pure magic

The Venus in Pisces woman is pure magic. It’s common for her to have guardian angels, spirit guides, and fairy friends. She may consider herself a witch, live and lead with the moon cycles, and enjoy casting a spell or working with tarot cards.

She feels at home in the spirit realm and believes in signs, symbols, and divine messages. And this is important because those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.

This woman is on a lifelong journey to find something. And while she may not be able to articulate or name it, this desire to seek is enough. She trusts that whatever she pursues will find her when it’s meant to.

4. She loves love

Yes, the Venus in Pisces woman is the one who lives for Valentine’s day, watches rom-coms on repeat, and crashes random people’s weddings, all because she cannot get enough of love.

She’s the kind of woman who can find romance and a love story in anything; a miserable rainy day, being stood up, a traffic jam… where most people see lemons, she sees a cool, refreshing glass of the sweetest lemonade.

And in a world of negativity and pessimists, a Venus in Pisces woman is the breath of fresh air we all need. She finds beauty, joy, and pleasure practically everywhere, even if it’s not remotely connected to love.

She falls in love over and over again every day with people, places, and details because she’s fully present and open as she walks through the world.

5. She will try everything once

A Venus in Pisces woman is not selective.

Her outlook is, why limit yourself in this life by sticking to mint chocolate chip every time you go out for ice cream just because you know you like it? Who knows what other flavors you like that you might be missing out on? What if you like mint chocolate chip, but you actually LOVE salted caramel but don’t realize it until you’re 75 and only because the gelato place is all out of mint choc chip? #Disaster.

She has an open mind and heart and will give everything a go at least once. She tries everything on, sees how it fits, and then decides whether to make it a part of her future or let it go.

This woman will often have multiple crushes on people who are polar opposites. There’s a guy at work, that cute guy who makes her coffee each morning, and the guy who cleans her windows once a month.

If it works, great. And if it doesn’t? No love lost. She moves on without giving it a second glance.

6. She is deeply empathetic & compassionate

Pisces is a water sign; anyone with water in their chart will have a sensitive, empathetic, and feeling essence. Venus in Pisces instinctively feels other people’s pain, which is how she can deeply empathize with it. This can be a blessing and a curse.

She is a generous woman with no limit to her compassion and loves to offer a shoulder to cry on or help those in need. She is a friend and family member who is incredibly caring and adored by all because of her sweet, kind nature.

However, there’s only so long she will give and care for without reciprocation. If it’s one-sided, it will emotionally drain her over time, and she will be forced to retreat.

7. She fantasizes about romance & sex but can get stuck in her head

No one loves old-school romance like a Venus in Pisces woman does. She believes in love, she believes there are still modern gentlemen in this world, and her wild imagination won’t let her settle for anything less than a real-life fairytale romance.

She probably has endless vivid fantasies that play out in her mind but may struggle to find the courage to act on them in real life. She’s not the kind of woman who will usually make the first move, which is why she might be attracted to more dominant, alpha-type men.

In her head, she is super sexual. But she can get so wrapped up in her fantasies that she struggles to be fully present in the moment and enjoy physical intimacy. She is eager to please but may be shy when acting out her fantasies in bed and might prefer her lover to take the lead.

What she needs is someone who is patient, will listen, and will help her make sense of her desires so that she can enjoy fulfilling, soulful sex.

8. The venus in pisces woman is wild & untamed (at heart)

At her core, a Venus in Pisces woman is a messy lover. She makes love to everything: the ocean, the trees, and the stars. She indulges in steamy self-pleasure sessions that last for hours and gets wet in a heartbeat.

Once she feels comfortable, this is the woman who will lick hot fudge off you in bed and make love in a solitary forest in the rain.

She does things because she wants to and doesn’t need to justify or reason her way into anything. She grants herself permission with enviable ease that is empowering to watch from the sidelines.

9. She craves a deep, soulmate connection

The Venus in Pisces woman is on the search for “the one,” and she will not stop until she finds her perfect match. But she must be careful not to hold out for a fantasy idea of a relationship that doesn’t exist. While she waits for her lobster, it can feel like a significant part of her is missing.

Because of her idealism, non-judgemental nature, and yearning for her soulmate, she will often be oblivious to red flags early on in potential partners. She creates a fantasy of what she wants someone to be like, then winds up deeply disappointed when the reality is far from the image she conjured in her mind.

10. She is a cheerleader for the underdogs

She has an innate ability to see into the depths of even a stranger’s soul, which leads her to believe there is good in all of us. Even if it’s deep, deep down where nobody else can remotely see it! This can get real shadowy, real quick.

See Also

A Venus in Pisces woman might be drawn to someone with childhood trauma, attachment issues, or even alcohol or drug problems. She wants to save everyone, but unless she sets up clear boundaries and remembers to put herself first, she can get seriously hurt later down the road.

There is a clear difference between intuition and fantasy. Her lesson is to understand this difference and learn to follow her intuition and not let her fantasies lead.

11. But a venus in pisces woman is vulnerable to losing herself in love

A Venus in Pisces woman might struggle with her own addictions: escapism, fantasies, self-sacrifice, and over-giving her energy. All of these can lead her to lose herself in love.

Because she cares so much and feels deeply, she wants to take care of everybody, even if they aren’t ready to receive that love. She can also be taken advantage of, which eventually leads to her river drying up and depletion.

She must remember to prioritize her needs, even when infatuated with a new crush.

12. In a relationship, she has extremely high expectations

Because she’s a dreamer, a Venus in Pisces woman has lofty expectations about love.

Her idea of a relationship might be wildly unrealistic, and she won’t realize this until she has experienced being in relationship (several times) and become aware of this potential flaw. That’s one of the beautiful things about relationships—they help us become more aware of our strengths and weaknesses.

It’s a delicate balance to find. To keep your bar high, but also ground your expectations and check in to make sure you’re not expecting daily life to look like a rom-com.

True love is not the fantasy that this woman might believe it to be. It is not instant or something out of a fairytale. It takes time to see the full colors of someone’s soul. And it requires constant effort and commitment to grow.

13. She intuitively knows what her lover needs

Neptune (Pisces’ planetary ruler) governs all things psychic. Meanwhile, Venus is the planet of love and relationships. So a Venus in Pisces woman will likely have a sixth sense that enables her to predict her partner’s needs and desires before they presence them.

Yes, this can be an amazing gift, and the right partner will see this beauty and magic. But it can also lead her to become totally consumed by catering to her partner’s needs that she neglects herself. We don’t realize that we are no good to our loved ones when we are not operating at our highest vibration.

Making time for self-care will be a game changer for a Venus in Pisces woman.

14. A venus in pisces woman needs plenty of solitude to recharge

A Venus in Pisces woman will do well with a partner who encourages her independence and gives her enough time and space to be on her own and recharge. Alone time is a form of self-care, but it also makes many of us deeply uncomfortable.

“Be alone with my thoughts? Hell no.”

But this space will allow her to reflect, dream, and self-discover. And she might not even recognize that she needs it until she feels herself being filled up.

15. She will love and accept all of you

Isn’t that what we’re all ultimately searching for? Someone who will love and accept us, flaws and all?

Yes, but it’s also terrifying, right? To have someone know you to your deepest, darkest depths, to know your fears and your dreams, the shame and trauma you still carry, and the wounds you’re in the middle of healing.

To have someone love and accept all of us, we have to be fully available emotionally, be willing to be vulnerable, and risk getting hurt. This is what it means to love a Venus in Pisces woman. She will see you, and she will accept all of you.

Are you a venus in pisces woman?

Is your Venus in Pisces? Do you resonate with the gifts and flaws above? Do these sound familiar to how you navigate love, sex, and relationships? And what do you love most about being a Venus in Pisces woman?

Share your thoughts, stories, and questions with me in the comments below!

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  • You’re totally spot on, it took some time for me to realize my strengths and weaknesses in love. But, the journey is so worth it.

    • I’m happy to hear this feels true for you as a Venus in Pisces ✨ That’s our life mission – to understand our unique gifts and soul makeup!

      Shani x

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