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What Is Feminine Energy & 16 Tips To Channel It

what is feminine energy

For most of my early life, I thought that being “feminine” meant that you wore pretty dresses and flowers in your hair, spoke softly, giggled at a high pitch, and didn’t drop f-bombs. Oh, how wrong I was. The feminine is strong, far stronger than most of us realize. Just as strong as the masculine, but in different ways. If you’re wondering what exactly feminine energy is and how to embrace it more in your life, this article is for you.

What is feminine energy?

It’s important to mention that we’re talking about energy here and qualities as opposed to gender. If we strive to be balanced, thriving, whole people, then we all need a healthy combination of both feminine and masculine energy.

So, what is feminine energy, or divine feminine energy as it’s sometimes known?

Feminine energy embodies the natural rhythm of life and nature. It’s about moving in a state of flow rather than pushing and pulling. Sometimes she must be still and patient, and other times she must move quickly with grace and passion.

Instead of viewing life as linear, she sees it as a spiral because she knows everything is interconnected and has its own cycle. So rather than trying to move from one place to another, she learns how to go anywhere she desires, even if she can’t see a route yet.

The feminine works with the continuous life, death, and rebirth cycle. She knows that certain things have to end and be cleared away so that better things can be welcomed in.

She is the Creatrix, creating something new out of nothing, and creative expression feeds her soul.

Instead of logic, she connects to her intuition and wisdom from her higher self and uses this to guide her.

Feminine energy is soft, nurturing, and grounded, but don’t mistake this for being a pushover. She is soft on the outside, but strong on the inside and exercises her boundaries. This strength comes from knowing who she is, what she wants, and not being afraid to meet her shadows. She feels the wide spectrum of all her emotions and looks for the lessons underneath. And this soul work allows her to rise, each time, stronger than before.

Feminine energy vs. masculine energy

Unfortunately, being feminine or channeling feminine energy is still seen as a weakness, and there seem to be ingrained stereotypes regarding feminine and masculine energy.

Boys and men are pressured to lean far more into their masculine. On the other hand, girls and women are often pushed into their feminine while still being forced to live in a masculine-dominated society.

As we grow up, we learn as women that if we want to be “successful” like men are, we must ditch all our feminine traits, which leads to us running heavily, if not solely, on our inner masculine. And I was a victim of this too.

The result?

A deep imbalance in ourselves and the planet. Because we need both. Feminine and masculine energy are literally yin (feminine) and yang (masculine). They are the North and South poles. They are fire and water. Separately, they both have their own gifts, but together they complete each other and create a beautiful sense of harmony.

what is divine feminine energy

Unfortunately, at this time, our world holds masculine traits in higher regard than feminine ones. Logic, doing, and structure are valued, while creativity, being, and fluidity are often deemed weak or less desirable.

This has caused us to live in a constant, high-energy state of doing, achieving, and building until we burn out. But success is not just material. Success is about feeling at peace within, tending to all areas of your life rather than just work, and doing whatever is most important to you—this will be different for everyone.

The feminine is rising

Undoubtedly, the divine feminine is slowly rising on our planet. We can see this in how women now speak out about how they have been affected by the toxic masculine in the way of sexism, harassment, and abuse. We can see it in the rise and reclamation of spiritual practices such as meditation and yoga, and remembrance of the Venus path. And we can see it in a deep desire to unplug from technology, immerse ourselves back into nature, and live and eat more seasonally by following the wheel rather than man-made holidays.

She is rising despite those who try to push back and pull her down, and she invites you to rise with her.

16 tips to embrace and channel divine feminine energy in your world

Now that you understand what feminine energy is, here are some simple tips to help you embrace your inner feminine and work with her strengths and gifts.

1. Let go of the negative connotations you have about the feminine

One of the main reasons why women (and men) are hesitant or resistant to embrace feminine energy is because we are taught to believe it’s a weakness. But as you can see, the feminine is strong, wild, and sovereign. So if you’re still holding on to negative ideas and beliefs surrounding the feminine, take some time to explore where these come from and decide whether they are serving you. If they’re not, then release them.

2. Cultivate a morning ritual

Because the feminine is all about being rather than doing, creating a slow, nourishing morning ritual can help you ground, still your mind, reflect, and connect to yourself and your intuition. You’ll notice over time that this puts you into a state of receiving and helps you hear the whispers of your heart and soul. You’ll feel centered and ready to move into your day with clarity and calm.

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3. Set up a sacred altar in your home

This is primarily about creating a sacred space in your home that feels calming and grounding. Create a sacred altar that looks and feels beautiful to you and makes you want to spend time with it. Build it with crystals, pieces of nature, the elements, candles, and anything else that feels good to you. This will encourage you to engage in feminine practices like meditation, yoga, tarot, and moon rituals.

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4. Connect with the elements

Nature is pure feminine energy, which is why spending more time with nature and the elements can help us embody the divine feminine. It’s no coincidence that we are tired of urban sprawl, the hustle and bustle of city life, constantly being plugged into technology, and are craving a deeper connection with mamma nature that we once had.

There are so many things you can do to connect with her. Go for a walk outdoors. Sit in your garden or plant things. You can also bring the elements indoors by decorating your sacred space with living plants and blooms, lighting candles or a fire, and soaking in a blissful bath.

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5. Unleash your Creatrix

It’s no surprise that creativity is not valued by most people in our current society. This is a blatant devaluing of feminine energy. But the act of creating something out of nothing, whether it’s an apple pie, a knitted blanket, a painting, or even a new business venture, is innately feminine and relies on the feminine to be conceived.

Giving ourselves permission to be creative is vital to our overall health and wellness as women. And remember, there are so many ways to create. You can write, draw, sing, make, build, plant, cook, stitch—trust whatever wants to flow through you.

6. Journal

I cannot recommend journaling enough, especially to women. There is something so liberating and vulnerable about pouring your heart onto the page, stirring up and confronting your deepest feelings, and connecting to your highest self.

Make yourself a cup of tea, and find somewhere comfortable and quiet to journal in a fresh notebook.

If you’re not sure where to begin, use these prompts as inspiration: 74 Self-Love Journal Prompts For The Awakening Woman

7. Let yourself receive

Too many of us are guilty of putting everyone’s needs ahead of our own and failing to pour back into our cups. But when we don’t make ourselves a priority, we are not able to show up as our best selves and truly support the people around us.

If you know, it’s your default setting to give give give, practice receiving more. Accept a compliment without returning it, let a guy hold a door open for you or treat you to dinner, arrange a pamper session at home or the spa, and if you’re in a romantic relationship, make your desires and needs in bed a priority.

8. Go with the flow

Sometimes it’s important to have structure and a solid plan, so you know how to get from point A to point B. Still, it’s equally important to give ourselves pockets of space to just go with the flow. Feminine energy is about being fluid and free, playing, having fun, resting, dreaming, and seeing what happens. There are no expectations and no end goal. And it’s more than okay to do something or do nothing for no other reason than because you want to.

9. Connect with the moon & your sacred cycle

One of the simplest and most transformational ways to connect with divine feminine energy is by tuning into your menstrual cycle. Your sacred cycle mirrors the moon cycle and mamma nature’s seasons. And when you start to see your cycle as less of a burden and purely a physical experience, you begin to awaken to its many gifts.

Try anchoring your weeks with a new and full moon ritual, or plan your calendar in accordance with when your energy will naturally be high and low. This is what it means to live in flow.

10. Be with other women

But not just any women. As you walk this path to reclaim the feminine, you will likely cross paths with other women on a similar journey. Women who are shunning the should dos and have tos society rolls out for them, paving their own way and beating to the rhythm of their internal drum. The women who are opening their hearts and connecting back to their sacred cycle and with nature.

The people we surround ourselves with play a huge role in how we think and feel, so be with women who vibrate on the same level as you. Don’t be afraid to distance yourself from anyone exhibiting a toxic version of the feminine.

11. Tune into your emotions

When women display emotions, they are often labeled “crazy,” “too much,” or hear others chime in with, “it must be that time of the month.”


And this is why some of us learn to cut all ties with our emotions, repress them, and suffer in silence. But we don’t realize that anything we choose not to feel or confront does not disappear. It lingers in the shadows, swells, and will continue to weigh us down until we address it.

The premenstrual phase of our cycle is associated with the wild woman archetype. Connecting with her can help us accept and feel through a rainbow of emotions and transmute these experiences into wisdom.

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12. Embrace & explore your sexuality

There’s so much pressure on girls and women to be what the patriarchy wants us to be, and this seeps into everything we do, particularly our relationship with our bodies and sexuality.

If you want to channel a healthy version of feminine energy, it’s time to step out of the box they try to place you in and reclaim your authentic self.

When it comes to sex, think about the acts you engage in and whether you’re doing them because you want to or think you should.

What is your relationship like with your body and your sex? If you have a partner, are they fulfilling your sexual needs?

13. Design a nourishing self-care routine

One of the best ways to practice receiving and giving yourself permission to be rather than do is to fill your days and weeks with little acts of self-care.

Maybe you go to a yoga class, get your nails done, cook a delicious meal from scratch, go for a walk by the ocean, moon bathe, get a facial, go to lunch with a friend, declutter your home, or curl up on the sofa with a nourishing magazine.

Commit to doing one small thing just for you every day. When you do this, you reaffirm to yourself that you are a priority and that there are other things just as important as work or parenting.

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14. Do things that make you feel feminine

This will be different for every woman.

What makes me feel feminine is wearing silky soft fabrics and delicate gold jewelry, spending time doing my makeup for me, hugging someone I love, having beautiful fresh flowers in my house, letting myself go on solo artist dates, creating or making anything, decorating, cooking, walking outdoors, practicing yoga (especially yin yoga), meditating, having a moon ritual, taking a bath, going to the spa or salon.

15. Meditate

Meditation is not only a powerful tool for being more present and slowing down, but it’s also a great way to awaken your feminine power and channel divine feminine energy. The more you meditate, the more you connect to your heart and inner wisdom—this is the feminine.

If life feels chaotic, carving out five minutes of meditation first thing in the morning will help you feel calmer and clearer.

16. Let your intuition guide you

When you’re channeling the masculine, you’re likely to look at facts and figures and apply logic when making a decision. But when you channel the feminine, you’re more likely to connect to your intuition and let your feelings guide you.

Think about a time in your life when you made a decision, and you don’t exactly know why, but somehow you just knew it was the right decision. This is your intuition at work. So the next time you’re faced with a dilemma, obstacle, or big decision, look inward for the answers. The more you do this, the stronger that voice will become.

The future is feminine

I wholeheartedly believe that the future is not female but feminine. A reclamation of the divine feminine and feminine energy is what we need to restore balance and harmony to ourselves and to our Earth.

And, of course, this is easier said than done because we have shunned her for so long. Running on masculine energy has become a default setting for many of us, and changing that will require great awareness and the willingness to try a new way.

But if you feel like something is off-kilter, or you’re experiencing great disconnection, stress, or sickness, there’s a high chance that channeling more feminine energy can help heal you.

I’d love to know which of the tips on this list you’re most drawn to? Are there any other ways that you channel the divine feminine?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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