Revoloon Loves

On this page, you’ll find a specially curated selection of products that the Revoloon team love. From period pants to smudge bundles to moon time tea blends, we strive to showcase brands that align with our mission, and think you’ll be just as excited about as we are!

Keep checking back, as we’ll be updating this page every moon with more juicy finds!

Gentle reminder: At no additional cost to you, we will earn a small commission on the links below.

Altar Items

Candles, crystals, sage bundles, trays, chalices, brooms, and lots of other witchy things for your sacred altar.

Sacred Cycle

Moon cups, organic pads & tampons, period underwear, PMS teas, and natural forms of birth control that are kind to your body & the planet, and help you celebrate and get back in sync with your sacred cycle.

Sex & Magic

Everything you need to explore your body & yoni, unleash your sexuality, and indulge in self-pleasure sessions and spiritual sex.

Body & Wellness

A range of vegan, organic, cruelty-free products to nourish, energize and balance your beautiful body.


Stunning pieces of jewlery woven with gold & silver, precious stones, and the moon & the stars to adorn your body with—a walking reminder that you are a cosmic woman made of stardust.


A curated collection of beautiful journals to record your most intimate thoughts and inspired ideas. Write affirmations, journal on the new or full moon, keep a menstrual cycle diary or a recording of your dreams.