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I am an Aries and I Am Proud of My Horns

I am an Aries, and it is near impossible to know when is the best time to display my horns.

Although many admire the fierceness of my spirit, I can’t escape the judgement for being too fearless and honest.

Do you ever worry about others viewing your natural boldness and impulsiveness as intimidating or unnecessary?

There is no perfect representation of the Aries personality other than the ram.

Rams have the courage to face any opponent and obstacle with everything they have. Aries natives approach life with such force and passion. We are fearless, creative pioneers who are the first to take big risks and break new ground. Our hearts are full of optimism and unbridled hope.

We are always eager to help those in need because we genuinely enjoy putting a smile on people’s faces. Our zest for life is limitless and we are prominent leaders. We thrive on intense challenges, competition, and new adventures. We have incredible strength and resilience and can bounce back quickly when things get rough.

But throughout my life, I have felt like many of my actions have caused me to be labelled as a ruthless bitch.

For example, I am highly opinionated and I am not afraid to speak my mind. Though it is true most Aries individuals don’t think before they act. We forget about the consequences of our actions. We often end up feeling overwhelmed and learning lessons the hard way when things don’t go as expected.

When I strongly believe in something, I don’t hold my tongue, supposedly as a “lady” should. It doesn’t matter what the topic is, I’ll always have an answer. I hardly sugarcoat my feelings. I am very direct and my honesty can seem borderline rude.

However, the plus side is that every person knows where I stand, and can be confident that I won’t be a backstabber.

In true Aries female form, I focus on the happy things.

Endless negativity easily irritates me. I can’t stand being around negative people. All they do is complain and criticise. And I will quickly call somebody out if I feel they are being ridiculous or whiny. If there is a conflict between friends or family members, I jump in as the referee or peacemaker.

Although, I sometimes contemplate whether it is better to voice my opinion or to stay silent.

Even though I believe that honesty is the best policy, I don’t want to be the reason for somebody’s frown. Like many Aries women, I struggle to go a day without expressing a bit of compassion and generosity.

So I do my best to get people out under the dark clouds. I do everything and anything to brighten their day.

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And when I can’t?

I feel like a failure. My short temper explodes. I become very judgemental when I feel my positive energy is not affecting a person the way I expected or wished. And I would often then say something hurtful to push the person away, and have burned beautiful bridges without meaning to.

I have learned that I don’t have to be always aggressive with my horns.

Not everything is a battle.

The world will see my strength and passion no matter what.

So let the world see your beautiful horns.