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Things You Should Do For Yourself, Because Nobody Else Will

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Think for yourself in a world that is saturated by external messages.

Breath for yourself. Sometimes we forget to exhale, waiting for validation and acceptance. Breathwork is now often a commodity.

Love for yourself, especially when you feel you might have to prove you are worthy of love.

Love thyself more than ever, so others can love themselves too.

Run for yourself and not from yourself.

Walk or skip or hop or dance for pleasure, not for struggle.

Read for yourself in a system that often kills the love of words.

Write for yourself in that same system that might set fire to your individual voice.

Scream for yourself so you can hear, not just so others can hear you.

Go on a date with yourself, so you can cherish your own company and some deep moments of realisation.

Hug yourself, now more than ever in a time when we are told to limit human touch.

Protect yourself; know your boundaries so you can live your life, not so you can hide from life.

Be true and wild for yourself, not for the eyes of others but for your soul; to touch base with who you really are.

Get lost by yourself so you can find yourself again.

Eat for yourself and your body, not just to follow someone else’s rules and lists.

Try to listen to yourself in a world full of noise, turn down the music, mute the chatter, and see what is in the silence.

Heal yourself for you, not for anyone else’s benefit; so you can laugh again with others and then maybe help others laugh too.

Walk strong and tall for yourself, not for the ego or “likes” but for empowerment and universal love.

Hug a tree in times when you feel lost or out of perspective, not just for you but for Mother Earth, nature and peace.

Try to be compassionate to yourself first before you go try to save the world.

Go see the world as much as you can, when you can, so you can exchange compassion with other cultures too.

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Be wise, not beyond your years, but so you will have wisdom in the years to come.

Play, mess, fail, fools, folly, fun with lightness, so you will have stories to tell your niece, children and grandchildren, and that wisdom to share.

Learn for yourself, something that you want to know, even though we often have to learn and work for the gains of others.

Try to be independent but accept that dependency is part of life, because we are interdependent and co-exist.

Tread lightly, for the earth’s sake, and for your heart and the hearts of the future.

Use your gut feelings and intuition so you can wander on the path that you yourself have created, without regret and what ifs.

Try to be yourself, in all situations, everywhere in the world, with everyone you meet; unless pretending is needed as a survival or coping mechanism for a period of time until you can come into your own again.

Smile at yourself, within yourself, for yourself and the other people who are blessed to walk with and by you.

Remember that your self and all living beings on the earth have a purpose; everyone of equal importance and worthy of self love and love from others.

Most importantly, be yourself, and that in itself is the best you can be.