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It’s Time To Make Yourself & Your Needs A Priority
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It’s Time To Make Yourself & Your Needs A Priority

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Society has always told us ladies, that we should be giving.

We should always be looking after the people that we love. That’s what women are expected to do. It runs in our blood. It’s a feminine trait to care and to nurture the people in our circle.

But the saddest part is, it has come to the extent that we often forget to look after ourselves.

We always put everyone else before us. We always do things for other people. And we compromise. We sacrifice our own damn self for everyone else who’s important to us.

Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, that’s a beautiful thing. It means you have a heart of gold and there’s much goodness that lives within you.

But please know that you have to think about yourself, too.

You have to think about what you want. The things that make you feel alive. The things that you have been wanting to pursue for yourself. And go chase them.

Even if it means leaving some relationships and friendships behind that don’t really serve our purpose. Those who don’t help us grow and become better. Those who aren’t there to support us but to drag us down.

Ladies, it’s time to level up.

Learn to prioritise both your mental and emotional health. Get rid of toxicity. Get rid of negativity. Instead, learn to welcome self-love, inner peace, and happiness to your life by putting yourself first for a change. Do things that will actually benefit you in all aspects of your life. Join the gym. Eat healthy. Do your skin care. Be out in the nature. Learn something new. Travel. Build your dream business.

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Do it all, and do it all for you.

Remember, there is nothing sexier than a woman who is unstoppable. A woman who is so dedicated to loving herself, and creating the life she wants. A woman who is fiercely driven in pursuing her passion. And who isn’t scared about being alone. A woman who refuses to settle for second best. And is secure and confident about what she brings to the table.

It’s never too late to focus on yourself and chase after your dreams. So go out there and start doing the things that actually make you feel happy.

Set goals and reach them. Step by step. One by one. There’s no timetable for success. It’s gonna happen for you for as long as you keep showing up every single day; as long as you refuse to give up.