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I Want To Love Somebody Who Loves Me Back
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I Want To Love Somebody Who Loves Me Back

I Want To Love Somebody Who Loves Me Back - She Rose Revolution

I just want to love someone.

I want my heart to swell again at the simple thought of someone. I want to miss someone during a long work week. I want to look forward to hearing from one person consistently; to not have to give a second thought to whether or not I will hear from them the next day. I want to not get anxious on a long or bad day trying to decide if I can tell them what happened that day.

I want to be comfortable with someone. On days I want to be quiet, I need someone who can respect that and simply be quiet with me. Other days I want to be loud, with excitement or frustration, and I want them to be my safe spot and supportive. Like I always am with anyone else. I don’t want to spend my time altering my energy when I am acceptive of everyone else’s energies.

I want someone who wants to laugh with me and enjoy life. In as many ways as possible, just enjoy life. Movie nights at home, drinks at a restaurant while watching sports, game nights with friends, in or outdoors. I want 1A.M. baking sessions because the brownie craving HAD to be satisfied. I want dancing in the kitchen while making dinner.

I want someone to pick me up. Lord knows I spend so much time picking others up that sometimes I don’t even realize I’m down myself. I want someone who sees through my strength and picks my soul up without me asking. I want someone who enjoys making me feel good and wholesome, the same way I do them.

I want to look over during a show, at dinner, while out shopping, and catch them staring at me. I want to witness their soft smile when I catch them. I want someone who pays attention to me. Someone who hears me the first time! Someone who, if they don’t understand or has the slightest doubt, will ask me immediately; instead of just assuming. I need someone whose efforts show that they mean well. Intentions that are pure and clear are a must. I have no time for guessing or excuses.

I want communication. I need communication, in every aspect. Arguing doesn’t cut it. Tell me what you want and need. Tell me how you feel. And for FUCKS SAKE mean what you say! When I reciprocate, and I tell you what I want, need, or feel… listen. I will not repeat myself. I will remove myself.

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Any request that I make, I can provide whether it’s to myself or to my partner. I will never make a request I’m not willing to do or compromise with. It really is that simple.

As much as I want to love someone, purely and wholeheartedly, I also want someone to love me back.